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oliver_babish t1_jdn53kl wrote

So if a public school (a governmental body) invites a drag performance, that's bad, but if parents bring their kids, that's also bad, so if neither government nor parents can make that decision, who can?


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diatriose OP t1_jdncqe5 wrote

So it's neither up to parents or schools but rather mayors and governors?


ell0bo t1_jdo0lpz wrote

That's republican 'small' government for ya. The only good government is the one that they agree with, if they don't then it's personal rights, unless they disagree with that too.

Basically, they were all the kid that took their ball and went home when they were losing. I'd call it hypocrisy if they ever actually stood one way or the other, lol.


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BigShawn424 t1_jdnp76u wrote

Here we go. Can you really not have a disagreement without insulting someone?


electric_ranger t1_jdo0g35 wrote

You’re gonna have to take the L on this one, BigShawn. People get understandably riled up when there’s a concentrated campaign to eliminate their way of life.

It’s okay if drag isn’t for you, it’s not my cup of tea either. But the way you handle that is… not going to drag shows. Not banning them.


Indiana_Jawns t1_jdo1h4g wrote

Is this the best you’re going to do? You’re leaving the bigotry up but removing comments calling it bigotry?

At least tell me he’s getting a ban for this bullshit


sugr_magnolia t1_jdo3ku3 wrote

Please report content. We will gladly review user reports and remove/leave up content or ban users accordingly.