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[deleted] t1_jctwcsm wrote

I am intimately familiar with every nook and cranny of Philadelphia. Whether it’s on campus or just next to it, it is my opinion that this type of business should not be there.


cerialthriller t1_jctyz1a wrote

Wait they opened this place without your approval? What the fuck how can the city let this happen


[deleted] t1_jcu1jdr wrote

Oh that is totally my point spot on. You’re so wise and smart.


the_hoagie t1_jctxurl wrote

Your issue is with the hookah lounge?


[deleted] t1_jcty6m6 wrote



the_hoagie t1_jctzdru wrote

seems misguided to target the establishment as opposed to the people committing the crime. they have a right to be open and do business. hookah's popularity is wider than folks who shoot each other.


[deleted] t1_jcu04r5 wrote



the_hoagie t1_jcu07sd wrote

Why? Private clubs are open later than 2am all the time in this city. This place doesn't even serve alcohol.


thereisnodevil666 t1_jctzlqd wrote

Shootings can occur anywhere people have guns. This includes any business at any time of day.


RufusLaButte t1_jcu0fwb wrote

Or even places where businesses aren't open, dare I say


thereisnodevil666 t1_jcu1mo9 wrote

But that kind of shooting doesn't count according to this gentleman. Clearly it is the opportunity to pay for goods and services after 2 am that creates these shootings according to him.


tiswapb t1_jcu48qd wrote

Unfortunately, I can’t find a provision in the zoning code that says businesses can only operate where SpauldingSmails18 allows it. Can you show me where that is? I’ll pass it along to the property owner and we’ll get this all sorted right away.