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vodkaismywater t1_jdl7lin wrote

>The ACLU complaint was filed on behalf of seven students whose names and personal stories are redacted from the 72-page document; attorneys have said the redactions are to protect the students. The district, which has called on the ACLU and U.S. Department of Education to release the names, said in December that the refusal to do so was “increasing the complexity of the Duane Morris investigation and forcing additional legal costs.”

Translation: tell us who the LGBT troublemakers are so we can harass them, and then we'll stop pissing taxpayer money into Bill McSwain's future campaign warchest.

This is truly one of the most cynical political statements I've ever read.


no483828 t1_jdkfwjf wrote

Here is the ACLU press release from when they filed the suit. As far as I can tell they are not even seeking $ just asking Central Bucks to knock off the bs. The board wants to pay Duane Morris and McSwain $1 million instead.


oliver_babish t1_jdn6qb1 wrote

Here's the complaint. Remedy sought is not in any way seeking money damages:

>The students and families who are submitting this complaint would like USDOJ and/or U.S. Department of Education OCR to investigate the hostile environment at CBSD and the recent overtly discriminatory actions by the school board and upper administration, assert jurisdiction, order CBSD to take the measures recommended by the U.S. Department of Education for supporting transgender and other gender-nonconforming youth in school,, order CBSD to implement mandatory training for staff, administration, and the school board on supporting LGBTQ+ youth, order CBSD to take any other actions necessary to eliminate the hostile environment for LGBTQ+ students, and order CBSD to rescind its discriminatory policies and directives.


Professor_Casserole t1_jdmqltl wrote

How much more evidence do you need that this culture war shit is nothing but a hustle? I actually thought McSwain was a little smarter than this and was trying to fit into the old school establishment Republican mold - but I guess when he realized he wasn't going anywhere politically he decided to simply join in on the nakedly obvious grift.


oliver_babish t1_jdrs4bw wrote

Even after Trump decried him as "a coward, who let our Country down," McSwain still campaigned as being the most MAGA and refused to endorse Lou Barletta as the final "gotta stop Mastriano" option. It was all ego, and still is.


DonovanMcLoughlin t1_jdm9ote wrote

Can someone dumb this down for me. I don't think I'm fully understanding what they are doing and what they are trying to affect here. I'm more confused than a fart in a fan factory.


oliver_babish t1_jdrsazt wrote

Central Bucks School District has been sued for being hostile to LGBTQ+ students. Rather than accommodate students and make everyone feel welcome, the Republican school board is spending $1M+ on lawyers to defend their policies.


Lawmonger t1_jdoyqqc wrote

The cost of playing politics.


LP788 t1_jdknhfq wrote

God. I’m an attorney and would have billed them at half that rate and I guarantee my work would be just as thorough and good. Stupid District.


rovinchick t1_jdmgdlh wrote

It's two attorneys working it (and I'm sure a bunch of support staff in the background), so it makes sense that you as a single attorney would be half. The district claims that insurance will be covering the bill, which is why they probably didn't shop around all that much. And, maybe the insurance company even dictated which firm they use, because they could be on the hook for a much larger payout if they lose.