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ContractTrue6613 t1_ith9w9m wrote

I don’t know who you’re buying weed from but most weed is not connected to violence in anyway. This is a silly post.


rovinchick t1_ithe6dl wrote

Gonna disagree with you on this one. Violent Mexican cartels are turning to marijuana. In Philly, dealers use violence against each other to protect their turf. A 14 year old was murdered in Mayfair a few years ago over a weed deal. And we can't forget about Cosmo Dinardo.


Tarantinotwin t1_ithwp7j wrote

These stories are rare and usually about more than just weed.

The cartel isn’t sending a assassins over an 8th of weed


rovinchick t1_iti6kp8 wrote

This study shows that legal marijuana "led to a sharp reduction in violent crime in US states that border Mexico. While the Mexican cartels smuggle other drugs such as cocaine, heroin and metamphetamine across the border, the market for marijuana is the largest drug market in the US and the one from which the cartels can make the fattest profit. It costs around $75 to produce a pound of marijuana in Mexico, which can then be sold on for $6,000 depending on the quality."

Unless you're buying that 8th from a grower directly, it is likely linked to violence somewhere along the line.