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dissolutewastrel OP t1_itepgv6 wrote

Here's a salient detail that appears in another version of the article

> Kelly, a Philadelphia man, is wanted on two counts of first-degree murder in connection to this shooting. However, officials say he is has eight other outstanding warrants and a bench warrant for aggravated assault, robbery, terroristic threats and related charges in several nearby cities.


CaptainObvious110 t1_itexebv wrote

Wow! Ok, so what's his story? Why is he like this?

Also, why wasn't he already in prison?


rovinchick t1_itgivn1 wrote

2 teenagers selling weed get murdered because someone wanted it and maybe some money without paying. So utterly sad and a reminder that even if weed itself isn't all that dangerous, the street sale of it is. Please don't support the criminals out there that make it unsafe. Just get a dispensary card.


rovinchick t1_iti6kp8 wrote

This study shows that legal marijuana "led to a sharp reduction in violent crime in US states that border Mexico. While the Mexican cartels smuggle other drugs such as cocaine, heroin and metamphetamine across the border, the market for marijuana is the largest drug market in the US and the one from which the cartels can make the fattest profit. It costs around $75 to produce a pound of marijuana in Mexico, which can then be sold on for $6,000 depending on the quality."

Unless you're buying that 8th from a grower directly, it is likely linked to violence somewhere along the line.