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Robert_A_Bouie t1_itzk5yt wrote

I was actually expecting WIP to anoint John Johnsen as the successor with Morganti, Hughes and Keith Jones.

I'll expect to see lots of Cataldi hate here but for me he has been entertaining for the past 30 years and his ratings really can't be argued with. Yes, he's a loudmouth who gets people riled-up over BS sports stuff but that's his job. It keeps people listening.

Him leaving WIP is both a blessing and a curse for Audacy, whose stock is in the shitter and under threat of being delisted. He's paid well over $1Million a year and Richie and DeCamara's salaries together are probably less than half of Cataldi's, but I'd expect a somewhat significant ratings drop after he's gone. People have way too many other audible entertainment options these days.

I suspect that Morganti will be slowly shown the door. He's got his other Hockey analyst jobs and well, let's face it, adds about 5% of content to the morning show as it is.


amatom27 t1_iu165v0 wrote

Nice assessment. The issue is Audacy is in bad shape, and I guess they're trying to sustain w this move since they know Decamara and Ritchie get solid ratings too.

For me, Decamara is annoying but not annoying enough to not listen to. Now if they made Joe Giglio the morning show I would never listen again lol


SpawnOfGoats t1_itz6o9z wrote

I'd rather have had Jon Johnson move into Angelo's seat and keep the morning team together. Without Jonesys wit....


skip_tracer t1_iu2bfrf wrote

see I'd rather have Jon keep the overnights, he brings the right conversation style and fun that's needed in that spot with the massive shoes he had to fill.


TheGambit t1_itz7bk4 wrote

Bring back Kidd Chris


ADR36 t1_iu1gpap wrote

I used to love the Kidd Chris show. When they were on afternoons I’d come home after school (I’m 31 now) and play Madden or whatever on the PS2 with it muted and Kidd Chris playing on the radio. Great times


snorlaxthelorax t1_iu1qfvz wrote

I used to come home after school and do my homework listening to kidd Chris.


DTDePalma t1_itz82q2 wrote

Always thought it should've been Rhea but doesn't sound like she wanted it. The story missed is Al leaving. That made me sad.


_token_black t1_itzd0cz wrote

To be fair it's honestly sounded like he hated the hours for a while. Maybe he'll have an Eskin like role at the station, where he can call in whenever and can host a short show once or twice a week too.


Tetsuo-Kaneda t1_itzofhs wrote

The morning shows hours suck. I have no idea how they do it for decades. You’re basically in the office around 3 am and work 24/7. It’s not like some cushy gig despite the pay and whatever else comes with it.


Onefotccn t1_itzpdul wrote

Not sure how I feel about the move. Love the mid day show guys but their energy matched that time frame more. Al and John Johnson would've been perfect for morning show. Soothing/calm voices but still energy to them. Cataldi was fun to listen to but sometimes just too much for how early it was. Really wonder who will now take the mid day show. Hope they keep Beat The Hammer!


brk1 t1_iu14yad wrote

Angelo created a great radio character—the hokey, dimwitted, yet passionate sports fan. He played the role perfectly and I loved it. He was like stern in a way, appealing to a very broad demographic.

He was also a pioneer in the sports talk radio format.


Robert_A_Bouie t1_iu187zb wrote

Yes, his transition from a Pulitzer-finalist sportswriter at the Inky (back when it was a real newspaper) to radio is pretty admirable.


No_Wolf3071 t1_itzqf0m wrote

Still better than anything on the other station


brk1 t1_iu17kbg wrote

Wasn’t mike missanele supposed to take over?


MammothSufficient601 t1_iu08e24 wrote

Does DeCamara have pictures of someone? He's awful and annoying. A bad combination. Richie overall is good though. Rhea is the star.


brk1 t1_iu13leu wrote

I wouldn’t say he’s awful but he doesn’t really seem like morning show material, he’s kind of just regular.


Weinertabogon t1_itz5yoj wrote

Joe is ok. Can’t stand Ritchie. Not sure which station morning show will be worse. Who is taking over Joe and Ritchie’s show though?


Justprocess1 t1_itz6t0p wrote

Love Joe and Ritchie is fine for me. What don't you like bout him?


Weinertabogon t1_itz7j4e wrote

He can come of like a prick sometimes. He’s not funny. Overall just boring. Music tastes are terrible.


Apollo85 OP t1_itz980l wrote

I couldn’t agree more. I love Joe, but Jon comes off prick-ish, boring, and even sounds sleepy on air? I dunno, he’s just never been my cup of tea.