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TRJF t1_it6rwx7 wrote

Am I correct that we're looking northward here, Broad Street just to the left, so basically the Wells Fargo Center is where JFK used to be, the Linc is off the right bottom of the screen, and CBP is off the right top of the screen (because the Vet home plate is in the parking lot)?


themanpotato t1_it6sx3t wrote

That seems right. It looks like FDR park is on the bottom left so that is Pattinson Ave between The Spectrum and The Vet.


hockeystuff77 t1_it6xhax wrote

Yup. That’s 11th running to the east of JFK, and Pattison to the north of the spectrum, so that intersection would have xfinity on the southwest corner and CBP on the northeast.