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SpauldingSmails18 t1_it6v12t wrote

This is 1971ish. You can tell because the Vet is under construction/new. Xfinity live is exactly where the Spectrum sat so you can orient from that. This is shot looking north.


XSC t1_it6zxnl wrote

Not to be all “well actually “ but xfinity is on the right of spectrum by the corner.


SpauldingSmails18 t1_it70ha2 wrote

The Xfinity parcel does extend to where the Spectrum was. We’re talking a 100 or so yards big dog. You’re not wrong though.


XSC t1_it72iiq wrote

I wish down the road the build something by it because it looks so random.


SpauldingSmails18 t1_it75iy6 wrote

The plan was for it to be much larger. Cordish developed the Holiday Inn instead, but I envision additional development there at some point soon.