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Batman413 t1_it6yiuy wrote

I really wish we had a dense community there instead of the sea of parking lots to go with the stadiums.


XSC t1_it705gj wrote

I think we can have some nice buildings mixed with garages at top. It’s wasted space for sure.


oliver_babish t1_it78y9t wrote

Except it makes sense, given the 95/76 intersection as well as proximity to the port and airport, that this is where you'd put a lot of commercial space.


Proper-Code7794 t1_ita5b1h wrote

Stadiums are the worst neighbors they sit empty for long periods and then cause crippling traffic and thousands of drunk people pissing on everything


dwntwnleroybrwn t1_itghcp1 wrote

That's how Hard Rock Stadium (Miami) is setup. Built right in the middle of low income suburb housing. It's awful.