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beeps-n-boops t1_it71w07 wrote

As far as indoor arenas, the Spectrum was always considered one of the better ones to see a concert. (Edit: nationwide)

WF was designed to be loud and reverberant for sports, and as a result it's fucking AWFUL for concerts.


deltavim t1_it76gpp wrote

I wish they could have kept the Spectrum for concerts and Phantoms hockey.


adamv2 t1_it927s3 wrote

Still annoyed by the fact Ed Snider said it couldn’t be saved because Xfinity live was gonna be built on its location, and then they ended up building the place on the corner and just making the spectrum a parking lot.


oliver_babish t1_it78nwg wrote

And, obviously, they had overlap for about 13 years; it was great seeing Springsteen there one last time as a special treat.


vectorizer99 t1_it9d8bq wrote

The last two concerts we saw there were so loud and unintelligible we stopped going. OTOH, Stevie Wonder several years ago was presented at a reasonable loudness level and was pleasurable...but most tours insist on blowing the roof off. We'll see smaller acts in smaller venues from now on.


kcvngs76131 t1_it9zz0t wrote

Honestly, the Keswick is probably my favourite venue to see acts in the Philly area. And they get a lot of amazing tours. Saw Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz a few years ago, and just earlier this year, Celtic Thunder was there.


vectorizer99 t1_ita2oof wrote

Agreed, I was going to mention the Keswick. Consistently good sound, never too loud and no bad seat locations (the actual seats could be better though).