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pm_your_masterpiece t1_it7t2rj wrote

when they built the new stadium and were assigning season ticket holders their seats, they purposefully redistributed the 700 level season ticket holders so that they were no longer a single group. They were spread all over the place so they would no longer identify as a group. They also really pushed the family friendly environment. The 700 level was a filthy, foul mouthed, and occasionally violent place. They didn't want any of that in the new stadium.


a-german-muffin t1_it8jehz wrote

> occasionally violent place

When I was in college, one of the orgs I was in did some fundraising by working crowd control at Eagles and college football games—the yellow jacket crew. They threw us wherever when we worked the Army-Navy game (which almost ended with two of us getting trampled by an Army horseman), but for Eagles games, they didn't even like putting us in the 600 level and wouldn't let us anywhere near the 700 level.

That's where they put the legit trained guys/off-duty cops/etc. You did not fuck around with the 700 level crew.