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Key_Text_169 t1_itf5yuf wrote

So so many concerts at the Spectrum loved that place for concerts. Whatever bank name the new place is called now sucks for concerts. Had season tix for Birds sec629 I think. We were under the 700 level so stayed dry. Yet still towards the front even though we had to stand to see the plays in that end zone. I hate the Linc compared to Vett. Finally sold my tix in like 09. Still went to almost every game though I was in charge of cooking for the tailgates. I would stay outside watch the game on the rabbit ears and Guard our camp on Laurence St. the last game I attended at the lync was the Giants where we retired Dawkins number and won the game at the end with a long Field Goal. Akers I think. Also discovered that when they took the taps off the kegs in the big area they still worked. Free beer for drunken me.

I also attended Live Aid as a 15 year old. One of the greatest experiences of my life! God bless Philly.