Submitted by am_pomegranate t3_yfotwd in philadelphia

I take El to school every morning. When I got on this morning, everyone was sandwiched together in the back and middle segments of the car while the front had a man who was either on drugs or not taking the ones he was prescribed banging against the tran walls, smearing chocolate bars everywhere, and spitting on the glass/plastic plane dividing the seating area from the front doorway. These two kids, a younger boy and a teen girl, were the only people to stay in the doorway, and the man frequently screamed the f-slur at them and shouted things like "are you scared? Are you fucking scared, f****ts?! Not gonna come at me you f****ts?!". He never attacked or touched the kids and they were both unharmed when they got off, but next time something like this happens on the train, is there something different I should do? Is there a way the kids could've been helped if he did try to attack them? Thanks.



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mikeygaw t1_iu4gk88 wrote

SEPTA Transit Watch App lets you report stuff more discretely.


LurkersWillLurk t1_iu4ob3a wrote

Definitely the best option. You can also call Transit Police at 215-580-8111 or text them at 215-234-1911. I would highly recommend saving both of these to your contacts.

Every subway car has a number somewhere within it. Try to find that number and make sure you tell it to Transit Police whenever you contact them.


mklinger23 t1_iu5cdkw wrote

These numbers are usually on the ends toward the ceiling. They're also on the outside of the cars.


mklinger23 t1_iu5c9uo wrote

This is what I do and am told to do as a septa employee.


goosebusiness t1_iu4ibzi wrote

I've been verbally harassed on public transit before and what I would've appreciated most is some type of acknowledgment from other people. Everyone ignoring me or avoiding eye contact with me made the harassment feel even more humiliating. I'm not suggesting one should put themselves in harm's way but even making eye contact with the kids, asking them if they're ok, gesturing them to come over to you, or even speaking to them after the attack might be a helpful thing to do.


DayDreamer2040 t1_iu4zumy wrote

This. I was born and raised in a third world country, and the one thing you learn above everything else in places like that is the power of community. If you ever see someone harassing an innocent bystander, the whole crowd comes to their defense. I'm surprised at the general apathy in this country. It always starts with one though, all it takes is one person to verbally defend the victim, the crowd will spring into action after that.

I'm sorry you felt alone and abandoned. I hope you don't ever feel like that again.


IKillZombies4Cash t1_iu536gz wrote

In this country there is a solid non-zero chance the lunatic has a gun.


[deleted] t1_iu5bdwa wrote



nrobi t1_iu5o5ay wrote

A shootout on a crowded subway car is not a win for anyone.


ConglomerateCousin t1_iu5dbxa wrote

I wouldn’t say it’s okay 100%, but probably above 50%. Would you be willing to bet with those odds? I would not


ForkBombGoBoom t1_iu5eswu wrote

I'd be the one making it a certainty if I was there xD

I'd step in against the crazies, they are usually drug addicts or mentally ill, and I expect most junkies have already sold guns for drugs. It's the teenagers I worry about in this city. They'd have more guns than me and they don't think about their futures.


patrick9921 t1_iu68m25 wrote

So who wins a gun fight? Is it good guy with gun, or does number of guns trump that? Does good guy with gun that turns into bad guy with gun beat the current good guy with a gun? Would good guy turned bad guy trump a permanent bad guy with a gun or is it a tie because in the moment they are both bad? Does caliber win over all else? Just asking because i want to be clear before i get in a gunfight that i have the upper hand. Dont want to chance my life to random bullets aimed at me.


ominousQuacking t1_iu5mc6t wrote

yeah but if the perp is dropped after you're already dead, you're already dead. also, cross fire.


philadelphia-ModTeam t1_iub2cx8 wrote

Rule 6: This comment was removed for advocating, threatening, or promoting actions likely to lead to violence or physical harm.


Keinichn t1_iu58jji wrote

> I'm surprised at the general apathy in this country

It's what happens when you're raised from birth on individualism and looking out for only yourself. It's cultural. There's no "it takes a village" here. It's "if you can't do it yourself, help isn't free."


colefly t1_iu62fy9 wrote

>There's no "it takes a village"

Also because there is "that guy may be packing enough heat to take out a village"


LL_is_a_Cool_J t1_iu76dnu wrote

There's been no "individualism" taught in this nation for decades.
What are you even talking about?

Maybe you don't remember the last president who believes "you didn't build that" telling people that they were scum for thinking they should be sucessful on their own.

People for at least a couple generations now have been told they cannot do anything on their own, that they need others and especially the government to help them.

You are deranged if you truly believe that is why people sit around watching crime happen.


ominousQuacking t1_iu5modc wrote

i hope you're right. i've been warned about the bystander effect time and time again and often feel like i'm the only person who acts, and i only act because my initial apathetic response reminds me of that time i heard of the bystander effect.


goosebusiness t1_iu5einq wrote

You are a very sweet person. Thank you for such kind words!


LL_is_a_Cool_J t1_iu75wfn wrote

Look at the comments below yours, indoctrination and propagandizing are why all you see here are pussies.

"Ohh, someone beating the fuck out of that woman might have a gun so I'm just going to watch and record it on my phone while I avoid eye contact"
"Ohh, there's a 50%+ chance they have a gun..."
"Ohh, not my fight..."

You're in a subway, 6 people bumrushing a deranged fuck in an enclosed space have little to worry about as far as a gun or knife or whatever goes. But they have been trained by the media and government to become pussies so they can vote for Big Brother to keep them safe.

The last time I was in the Philippines I saw a guy try to grab a woman's bag and within 3 seconds three guys and one woman had the guy on the ground giving him the works. Even if he had had a gun, he'd never had been able to brandish it.

The people in the US are just pussies with excuses, they watch too much tv, listen to too much news telling them to ignore violence against their fellow man.


Ultimating_is_fun t1_iu537t1 wrote

>the crowd will spring into action after that

Action is the one thing I'm looking to avoid.


realityhofosho t1_iu5c2ea wrote

Action is often the thing that the offender is trying to avoid as well. At least group action. They may crave the attention of a one-on one confrontation, but our caveman instincts can often sublimate the need for attention when confronted by an antagonistic group. Studies have shown time and again that the worst bullies back down completely when the bullied has even half an ally. Apathy is our greatest temptacion, and collaboration our greatest collective weapon.


Ultimating_is_fun t1_iu5gd5p wrote

>collaboration our greatest collective weapon

I believe an actual weapon is stronger, so Ima continue to just chill. I won't step in unless the dickhead starts getting physically aggressive.


realityhofosho t1_iu6cn7h wrote

And that’s exactly what we’ve been trained to believe. “Do what the man with the gun says.” But research now says differently. Group-think (or even a bunch of kids armed with staplers and hole-punchers to throw at an assailant, can be just as powerful a deterrent to a shooting (or any other kind) of abuse or violence.


conshyd t1_iu6xkli wrote

We are first world coddled sissies


hankhayes t1_iu523ea wrote

This country used to contain men with the hearts of lions. They would not cower in groups in corners while children and women were being threatened and molested.

My, how things have changed.


19120 t1_iu531es wrote

The crazy people carrying now. I step in to help and now he start shooting at everyone on the train. Country got a gun problem


LL_is_a_Cool_J t1_iu76p3n wrote

Six people rushing a guy at the end of a subway car and knocking their ass to the ground isn't shooting anyone even if they do have a gun.
The Hoplophobia in this nation is fucking sad.


19120 t1_iu8nj9b wrote

Dumbass comment. He’s just gonna stand there and do nothing when he sees 6 people rushing at him? He’s gonna shoot them


LL_is_a_Cool_J t1_iu9b7y0 wrote

Bullshit, you think some crackhead is some sort of fast draw expert?

You watch too much Netflix.

Some dude yelling at some innocent woman isn't going to draw and fire within the 2 seconds it would take three of the closest people to bumrush him while three more come following.

You're just afraid of the dark, nothing more, and need to justify your cowardice with what you think is real life from John Wick movies.


19120 t1_iu9i9t8 wrote

Ain’t bother reading that BS bro. go speak to someone who cares. 👍🏾


Ilmara t1_iu5d034 wrote

Are these the same men who supported Jim Crow laws, were homophobic to the extreme, and wanted women stuck in the kitchen and pregnant with no voting rights?


hankhayes t1_iu5so2h wrote

Hmmm, they may have believed in the man in the moon, and sea monsters, and UFOs, I don't know, but how would all this be relevant?

Are you saying that men who would come to the defense of children and the weak instead of cowering en masse in a corner are somehow "homophobic?"

Here we may have a good example of toxic femininity.


CerBerUs-9 t1_iu5a1s1 wrote

I hope you are very young and foolish, otherwise you're delusional. People have always looked the other way.


caesar____augustus t1_iu620j3 wrote

> They would not cower in groups in corners while children and women were being threatened and molested.

You realize that slavery existed in British North America/the United States for over 200 years, right?


hankhayes t1_iu6ewa3 wrote

You realize that slavery has existed in the world throughout all time, right? Relevance?


caesar____augustus t1_iu6fhl2 wrote

You said

>This country used to contain men with the hearts of lions. They would not cower in groups in corners while children and women were being threatened and molested.

when in reality this has been happening since before this country was even founded. The chattel slave system is only one example.


hankhayes t1_iu6nbca wrote

Again, relevance?


caesar____augustus t1_iu6nts6 wrote

It was already explained to you friend. This isn't Tucker Carlson, I'm not going to do your critical thinking for you.


hankhayes t1_iu6vie0 wrote

"This has been happening..." What has been hapening?


IMissMW2Lobbies t1_iu53f21 wrote

men are just following the equality movement now, women are just as strong as men


botgrinder t1_iu58a5s wrote

As a larger tattooed person I always make sure to intervene when I see something like this on the train, usually just to try and talk the person down but sometimes you need to provide a physical barrier.


realityhofosho t1_iu5bd5r wrote

Can't understand the downvotes. As a 5'0 non-tattooed woman, I pray for the likes of your support in such situations. Your physical presence alone (in the absence of actual action) is often the deciding factor in such scenarios. Should it be that way? No. IS it that way? Yes. Thank you for your service.


loudmouth_kenzo t1_iu5s4ye wrote

I’m a large dude with a mean mug, I’ve stepped in a few times, it’s not easy and sometimes the response isn’t what you want but I’m not letting someone get mugged / assaulted right the fuck in front of me.


Eyesopen52 t1_iu5g6qm wrote

Good on you! More people like you would be helpful. But also please be careful. There are so many guns now everywhere thanks to the GOP/NRA pushing for them. We live in a scary world now. I wish we could act like the person above stated and EVERYONE would respond all at the same time but the guns have scared everyone off. Sad world we live in now.


rustoof t1_iu6hwi6 wrote

If you think the people on the train harassing folks might have a gun because of the GOP and the NRA then you really might want to start living in reality about who has guns, and who should.


PollenThighs t1_iu4jpvm wrote

You can press one of the emergency buttons on the the El, located next to every fold up single seat by the exits, and tell the conductor whats going on. Take note of your car number to make it easier.

I've done this before. The conductor called transit police to meet us at our next stop where they helped the person off the train - who was having a really bad time on whatever they'd just taken and began to bleed - and got them the help they needed in that moment.


loveyourground t1_iu4w67p wrote

I've never had to use one on the train itself, but did have to use one on the platform once (guy passed out and fell forward onto the side of an El car that was about to pull away...thankfully someone pulled him back and got him on the ground!) and was surprised (but pleased) at how quickly an officer showed up.


DonovanMcLoughlin t1_iu4pdil wrote

That ain't chocolate, It's doo-doo baby


grittyfanboi t1_iu4fuvj wrote

Call SEPTA police (215) 580-8111. Obviously as discretely as possible but all the cops.


This was pre-covid but we waited for a train at Tasker Morris and a number of kids came into the station and started smashing the lights, trying to overturn the trash cans, and just generally making a fucking mess. The cops were called and arrived on the next train. Pretty wild how quickly they showed up. Obviously this is not a guarantee that the same thing will happen.


realityhofosho t1_iu5cl55 wrote

Speaking of discreet, I once underwent an hours long training about how it is safer to text 911 (it was an active shooter training drill) while in a school in Philadelphia. Thanks to some other diligent individuals, at the end of 4 hours, we were then informed that Philadelphia "doesn't pay" for the luxury of texting 911.

Good thing this isn't an especially violent city,

Oh, wait...


aintjoan t1_iu5o91t wrote

Texting 911 absolutely works in Philadelphia. Have used it.


realityhofosho t1_iua9cwa wrote

Get OUT! Not that I don’t believe you. Am grateful for your response. Just flabbergasted that we were “corrected” by the police saying that we could not use this service.


CptAdama t1_iu67lwj wrote

This is incorrect. You can text 911 in all of PA.

Official PA text-911 site


realityhofosho t1_iua9151 wrote

INCLUDING the city of Phila? That’s what we thought too. Made a phone call to the local police (district #1 in fact) in August of THIS year, and was told that no, “our area did not pay for this device”. Good to know if we were incorrect, but hey, if we were, clearly the local cops dont seem to know it.


uptown_gargoyle t1_iu4f88a wrote

In that exact situation the only other thing I can think of besides doing nothing would be to stand up, but keep a good amount of distance, and say to those kids "Hey, do you guys wanna come sit back here?"

Either the kids were unfazed, which, if that's the case, good on them; or they felt like they might have been put at risk by turning their backs and walking away, in which case knowing that you're there and watching and inviting them to back away might make it easier for them.


am_pomegranate OP t1_iu4i7e5 wrote

I wish I could do that, but I'm also a kid. It was definitely the latter though; they got off at the same stop as me and the boy told me he didn't want to talk about it when I asked if he was okay.


AbsentEmpire t1_iu4vq7j wrote

That's such a traumatic experience to be in at that age, good on you for trying to talk to him about it.

No children should ever be subject to this bullshit and fuck everyone who says we should allow addicts to just keep doing this.


notworkingghost t1_iu5netv wrote

I was wondering about your age and sex. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. A bunch of grownups have let you down. Someone should have stepped up in the ways people describe above. I have been in your shoes and the shoes of the kids by the door. It sucks. Sorry.


realityhofosho t1_iu5d2lc wrote

Thank you for at least asking him, though. It's probably better than I would have done as a teen.

Ooof, how the hell to combat our collective apathy in order to raise up against the criminal (or ill) element that has become so pervasive? The scary part? They are winning. They scariER part? We are letting them.

FWIW - (I am also totally guilty of this, btw. The question is - how to stop?)


nakednesstonight t1_iu55m2f wrote

Other than reporting it, what I've learned in bystander training is that the best thing to do is to ignore the perpetrator (i.e. don't confront them) and to approach the victim, like asking "hey are you okay? want to move over here?" that kind of thing.


Silver_Cave75593 t1_iu62jqh wrote

That was me. On the el at. 9:30, right? 2nd to last car? The kid, not the grown guy. Im okay, but thanks for thinking about me. This post made me feel a little better. Thanks!


allthingsparrot t1_iu691ks wrote

Terrible thing to have to go through!! I am sorry for you. What a terrifying experience. I am sure you were frozen in fear, anyone would be. I am glad you were not hurt! Add those phone numbers mentioned for Transit Police to your phone, we know from these stories they show up fast at least! Hopefully, that will make you feel safer on your next trip. Don't be afraid to talk out the trauma with someone :)


Silver_Cave75593 t1_iu7blto wrote

Thanks for the kind words! Im fine, but im worried it will happen to someone who will get hurt. Every body who sees this, please heed my warning.


Vague_Disclosure t1_iu5kkt0 wrote

Saw someone having a similar episode a couple months ago, when we got to the next station a group of guys grabbed him and literally tossed him off the train. They looked like they were on their way to work as either security or bouncers by the way they were dressed so it was a nice coincidence they were there.


Itsmeruna t1_iu4u1wb wrote

There an emergency button in each car, if it’s accessible to you, use it!


DJRoombasRoomba t1_iu77o8e wrote

I love how everybody always claims that they would be the hero, if only they were there.

I take the El almost every single day. I've seen this exact situation many, many, many times. I've seen the panhandlers get too aggressive and pissed off at being told no. I've seen the 25-people-deep groups of school kids fucking with innocent people for no reason. Psychotic episodes, thefts, you name it.

Never, not once, have I ever seen one of these apparently abundant "heroes" step up and save the day. So where y'all at? It couldn't just be bluster, could it?


ratmoustache t1_iu4tp99 wrote

>smearing chocolate bars everywhere

That was not chocolate


AbsentEmpire t1_iu4vfo3 wrote

Contact SEPTA police immediately in a situation like that. It's only by luck during his psychotic episode he didn't attack someone.

You can contact SEPTA police using the SEPTA Transit watch app. You can submit a written report of the situation very quickly, or hit the call button option to talk to SEPTA dispatch.

I've always found them very responsive to any reports I've submitted.


Frodoslegacy t1_iu7671z wrote

Not OP but I spend 2 1/2 hours a day on SEPTA (long-ass commute!) I've downloaded the SEPTA Transit watch app for future reference. Hope I never need it, but just in case!


BigdogDad95 t1_iu5s2fa wrote

These poor kids can’t even go to school without being verbally abused? They need to start putting security on these trains. It’s ridiculous


OGShrimpPatrol t1_iu5og19 wrote

If you’re lucky enough to be a big person, shut that shit down. The only way to stop bullies is to stand up to them. Don’t tolerate this kind of shit.


BossTree t1_iu74vit wrote

💯 We’re probably tusslin’ if you’re threatening kids.


igotthatbunny t1_iu5r3vf wrote

Not blaming you at all since I assume you’re also pretty young, but I’m so surprised people didn’t step in to help those kids. A simple “oh my gosh hi guys! I haven’t seen you in so long how is your mom?” And then ushering them away or helping them move train cars is something that seems east enough to do. Sure the kids might be confused at first but hopefully they would pick up on the fact that the person was helping them? Idk maybe that’s not the right thing to do but I would feel compelled to intervene in some way as an adult.


Edison_Ruggles t1_iu53mnc wrote

First of all, get the fuck off that car at the next stop. There may or may not be an officer there and you can typically approach the station agent etc.


710budderman t1_iu578jt wrote

ignore it. you never know who has a gun anymore. i seen this same thing one thing lead to another n the psycho started flashin a strap talkin bout he aint afraid to pop a mf on the train if someine wanna fw him


callalind t1_iu79tmc wrote

I've witnessed this, too...and it's pretty hard to step up to be the hero when everyone else is cowering around you - you realize pretty fast that no one has your back. Realistically, the best I could think to do would be find a conductor or call 911 (not that I would expect immediate help). Also, in real life, I have been there and tried to make some kind of eye contact with one of the kids to signal "do you want to move back? Do you need help?" But thats easier said than done in practice. We need more security on SEPTA, just like Amtrak has on regional trains. Aside from the obvious cost issues why isn't there a SEPTA security officer on each train, patrolling up and down?


MacDynamite71 t1_iu4ii6v wrote

Pull the alarm


persolb t1_iu5qiei wrote

Do not do this!

Push the emergency intercom button or call SEPTA police through the app.


lowercaseb86 t1_iu5270d wrote

Those probably weren’t chocolate bars he was smearing.


Odd-Emergency5839 t1_iu5bhid wrote

I think I was on the train with this same person last week.


Whispering_Smith t1_iu6p3b0 wrote

Buy OC spray, cone shaped mist, at least 1%MC. Good brands are Sabre Red, Fox Labs, Def-Tec, UDAP...


Namnagort t1_iu6ph9s wrote

Stab him in the face


spurius_tadius t1_iu6zrk9 wrote

What can be done depends a lot on the nature of the disruptive behavior.

Someone having a mental episode or a drug addict is a very different situation from hyperaggressive teens or a domestic dispute or brazen would-be muggers or perverts.

Generally speaking, you don't want to physically interpose yourself when the problem is a group of teens who are acting out aggressively or when there's some kind of heated domestic situation. The aggression can very quickly get focused onto bystanders who are attempting to get involved in those cases.


NJPokerJ t1_iu7lk7t wrote

Just recently saw a video on reddit where a guy brought a sword on the train with him. Not sure how well that would work in Philly but it's a start


GlocksNbackblocks t1_iu7p8d9 wrote

I don’t think that was chocolates he was smearing 🤣


KingQuaddyy_ t1_iu8iiee wrote

As long as the person isn’t a physical threat, ignore them and call transit police. The El sucks from time to time. You either get the crazies or the rachet school kids


fuzzimus t1_iu65ubv wrote

To defend children, yup, that guy is gonna have a problem with me.

An adult, I’ll help them move away from the aggressor.


Finger_Gunnz t1_iu5i3q0 wrote

I was confused when you said f-slur and then said fucking.


NoMercy786 t1_iu6qry3 wrote

I would have quickly put him to sleep so he could rest.


Repulsive-Tap5543 t1_iu4juon wrote

My arthritis forced me to give up SEPTA and switch to a car in 2012. Good thing!😳


linkdudesmash t1_iu4nb43 wrote

Call 911 to be up on hold and Move out of philly? Only options I see.


Away_Swimming_5757 t1_iu4n320 wrote

Pepperspray them and create distance.


31November t1_iu4o6og wrote

In an enclosed subway car?


Away_Swimming_5757 t1_iu4oqvt wrote

The pepperspray I carry is a very targetted squirt with minimal mist/ air diffusion. The person getting the squirt in the face would get majority of the spray. If the person is actually a threat and looking like they're going to harm someone, I would assume there is already a bit of isolation. After I spray the peppersray, people who were not the target would quickly move and create distance.

Not ideal, but I'd rather every on the subway cart is mad at me than let two teenagers on their way to school get assaulted and traumatized by some low life.


31November t1_iu4sw61 wrote

That’s totally fair, but I would still be concerned with collateral damage (is that the right term?)

If somebody actually laid their hands on a teen or kid or elderly person, though, Or if it is a truly empty car I think I’m more okay with pepper spray. It’s all situational, ya know? I don’t know how I’d react if I was attacked in SEPTA.

I know there are unbreakable umbrellas that are like a baton but basically a heavy duty umbrella. I’ve thought about getting one for safety before moving here to go to Temple.


redditor484 t1_iu4p7yw wrote

This is not good advice. Pepper spray has no stopping power and people can walk through it like its nothing. This is especially true if they are on certain drugs.


cable1321 t1_iu4qh5i wrote

But then how would I be the hero in my own fantasy??? /s

Actually thank you for this comment tho. People experiencing psychotic states from either drugs or the absence of drugs are not predictably affected by many self-protection instruments like pepper sorry or stun guns. Not to mention a subway car is basically the Thunderdome between stops. Pepper spray or stun guns are intended to buy the user enough time to escape a situation, not disable their harasser.


[deleted] t1_iu4g96n wrote



[deleted] t1_iu4lt5v wrote



igotthatbunny t1_iu5rkpt wrote

Please stop using this word. There is a major difference between people with developmental disabilities and people on trains experiencing drug induced episodes or psychotic breaks. This is considered a slur in modern day and it’s incredibly offensive.


[deleted] t1_iu4m53l wrote



DEATHCATSmeow t1_iu4o4ll wrote

How does one implement it correctly


Keinichn t1_iu59d1j wrote

You know how some dudes take their shirt off when they're about to start fighting? Do that, but start taking off your shoes and pants as well while saying the usual "you want some of this, bro?"


igotthatbunny t1_iu5rmvr wrote

Please stop using this word. There is a major difference between people with developmental disabilities and people on trains experiencing drug induced episodes or psychotic breaks. This is considered a slur in modern day and it’s incredibly offensive.


TrentonMakes t1_iu4fopi wrote

Ignore it, get on a different car, and move on with life.


HeHateMe21 t1_iu4gek5 wrote

Ah I believe that is the public trans mantra actually! “See something, say nothing!”


TrentonMakes t1_iu4iqfy wrote

Tell me what you would do aside from call the cops who also just ignore the psycho drugged out bums on the train.


AbsentEmpire t1_iu4vwpl wrote

SEPTA cops tend to respond quicker when you tell them there's child endangerment happening.


CatchMeWritinQWERTY t1_iu4l7nt wrote

Yeah the world is better off if we just let crazy people harass kids. God forbid we put ourselves in any sort of risk to help a vulnerable person.


[deleted] t1_iu4m392 wrote

Don’t tell a little kid to get involved in something like this. I’ve never seen any of you internet hero’s do anything in real life. The kid should should move to another car at the next stop. Anyone else who wants to move is free to allow the crazy person their private car. Easy.


actualhumanwaste t1_iu52msd wrote

Surprisingly, no one wants to be the one to find out if the crazy has a knife or gun. Can't really blame them can you?


DonovanMcLoughlin t1_iu4py4m wrote

This comment gets 20 down votes yet this is exactly what 99% of people do anytime wild shit happens. I call bullshit on the keyboard warriors.


actualhumanwaste t1_iu52fwr wrote

This is the standard advice on the NYC sub and I'm surprised it's downvoted here. Yeah I'm sure you have noble intentions when interventing but you never know who has a weapon and isn't afraid to use it the second they're given an excuse to.