Submitted by douglas_in_philly t3_y5dh0c in philadelphia

I live in Fairmount, not far from the art museum, and slept with my bedroom window open last night. Over the course of several hours throughout the night, I could hear cars doing what I presume were donuts, revving their engines, and even somebody on a loudspeaker, seemingly encouraging or directing the events. I’ve heard this plenty of other times, it was just interesting that it was for such a long period of time throughout the night (I probably heard it on three different occasions when I happened to wake up between about 3 AM and 6 AM—actually, it may be what woke me up in the first place).

I know about the Rell Ride, and while these were cars I was hearing , I wonder if it was connected in some way. I’m not sure where it was taking place, it sounded like either down on the B.F. Parkway, over in the Lemon Hill area, or down on Kelly Drive.



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1NationUnderDog t1_isj1kes wrote

If this is over some dirtbiker who was murdered in 2014 it pretty much tracks with the sad mental status and complete lack of care people have here who are part of this "underground" atv and dirt bike community. I've never seen a more disorderly place. Corrupt.


RustedRelics t1_iskbnty wrote

Dirt-bags on Dirt-bikes. It’s “part of the culture “. 🙄


EasilyOffended911 t1_isj0efv wrote

I'm in Fairmount and I'm hearing drumming and yelling on a bullhorn at 6 fucking AM


deaftly t1_isjf1v1 wrote

I don't know how you guys deal with that crap constantly


redditdudette t1_isjs447 wrote

I thought I was hallucinating the drumming. Dear god, that was horrible.


hikesnpipes t1_isju6or wrote

It was a rave happening at the cliffs. Over a thousand people.


tufelhundn t1_isjiq58 wrote

I was running on the drive @ 5ish and heard that too, thought it was someone on Girard Ave bridge with a bullhorn


beartrapperkeeper t1_isj6jrm wrote

It was a huge party in Fairmount park across from the driving range (in the woods). Went driving around looking for it at 4am.


Devin1405 t1_isk45ik wrote

There was a rave where the disc golf area is (was there for a lil) is but that's not where cars were doing burnouts. Heard them in the distance. It's literally a bunch of people in a field and cars in the parking lot, none of the burnout bs.


PHL852 t1_isjv4p1 wrote

Call the cops (yeah yeah i know) but can’t hurt. This stuff is ridiculous.


NoWarButMyWar t1_iskxe65 wrote

Call the cops on people partying in an area that isn’t even residential? Live in the burbs if you need quiet.


RoverTheMonster t1_isj1rb0 wrote

Yes, heard it near Lemon Hill. Since Girard closed* there has been so much more late-night loudness on/around Poplar, including assholes laying on the horn as they drive down the street in the middle of the night. I am sleepy and grumpy

(* bc people are still driving down it, despite the trench SEPTA dug)


Booplympics t1_isjvg4a wrote

Yeah I heard it as well and had the same thoughts on location.

What really surprised me (not really) is how the police never broke it up. Just goes to show how fucking useless cops in Philly are. Jackasses can do burnouts for hours in the wee hours of the morning and the authorities do absolutely nothing about it. Wtf are we paying these jackasses for?


afdc92 t1_isjrkgs wrote

Also a Fairmount resident, also woken up by these assholes in the middle of the night. I’ve been sick so falling and staying asleep has been tough as is, I’m pretty pissed that I was woken from finally getting a good stretch of sleep because these guys wanted to be dicks. I was coming back home around 10 or so last night and saw ATVs on the parkway so I had a feeling that it might be one of those nights.


ImaginaryRoads t1_isjy4oe wrote

Running a white noise generator has helped my sleep so much! I use the TMSoft app because it lets me generate my own mixes. My current favorite mix is a combination of heavy rain (to mask everyday noises), thunder (to help my sleeping brain ignore bass sounds like garbage trucks, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers), and a bit of pink noise to cover up any gaps. But yeah, try a white noise generator; it really can help.


douglas_in_philly OP t1_isk50rm wrote

My trick is to use my Amazon Echo Dot for the same thing. I just say, “Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds to start brown noise.” (Yes “brown” noise—it’s a bit lower in tone, and works best for me.)

Actually, just saying, “Alexa, start brown noise.” works, as well.


ImaginaryRoads t1_islqm18 wrote

With a single set range of noise filter, I worry about starting to lose hearing in that range. By using a combination of noises, most of them random, I reduce the overall sound level and hopefully reduce my risk of hearing loss.


douglas_in_philly OP t1_islqyr7 wrote

Are you wearing earbuds/headphones when you’re listening to the white noise? I don’t, and personally I feel that the noise is ambient enough that it’s not going to cause any problems. But to each their own.


douglas_in_philly OP t1_isj0weh wrote

Ahhhhh…sorry. I looked at “New” posts first,but must have missed it.


1NationUnderDog t1_isj17c1 wrote

It's alright. Absolutely absurd, and the City doesn't do anything about it. This place sucks more and more all the time. I redownloaded Reddit just to see what's going on and complain because the City and cops don't do a thing about it.


PhillyHatesNewYork t1_isjan1v wrote

welcome back to reddit, why did you delete in the first place?


bammerburn t1_isjd4pt wrote

Because complaining on Reddit doesn’t mean doing a thing about those bikers/drivers


Snakealicious t1_isja7p9 wrote

I feel like this is kind of normal on a nice weather weekend night but you're right, definitely worse last night than usual. Woke me up around 430 too.


TheBSQ t1_iskfl6v wrote

Generally speaking, Philly has lots of assholes who do very inconsiderate things.

This is one example.

The only practical options are to either accept it as a fact of life, and do small personal things to mitigate it (close windows, drown it out with white noise), or know yourself well-enough that you won’t ever deal well with it, and move to a place with less problems.

Because, at the end of the day, those are the only pragmatic options. People are not going to suddenly stop being inconsiderate, and no one is going to enforce rules and punish anti-social behavior.


LucyAvocado t1_isjdlzb wrote

I heard it last night in germantown lololol


12kdaysinthefire t1_isjgakl wrote

Near Mt. Airy and I didn’t know what the hell was going on outside last night but the noise did last for a while. I was guessing one last ride before it gets cold as hell.


LePetitRenardRoux t1_isjrucj wrote

I’m also in Fairmount and the bikes are so damn loud


The_Golden_Fang t1_isjunzm wrote

Northeast philly had like 60-70 atvs and dirtbikers i saw going down the blvd. Then i saw them on frankford ave a little later. Total shitshow.


petalesdejuin t1_isjgv5d wrote

I know someone posted after this happening in old city that the next date was set for last night, i guess they moved it to over there!


Just_bcoz t1_isjs6zz wrote

Huh I’m surprised I didn’t or maybe I’m dead to it, visited my moms and heard nothing last night (she lives in the fairmount area as well)


1250Sean t1_isk0zeh wrote

Essington Avenue was a drag racing track last night around 12:30.


ColdJay64 t1_isj0k3q wrote

Interesting question. I’m guessing people nearby probably heard, and people in other places probably didn’t….

I live right off Broad and had no issues.


douglas_in_philly OP t1_isj0mx0 wrote

Yeah, it’s gotta be somewhere near the art museum side of the city.


ColdJay64 t1_isj0r14 wrote

Someone posted two hours ago that they heard it in Brewerytown so that checks out


Master_Winchester t1_isl98wx wrote

They always have meets at lemon Hill. Where the park drive (lemon Hill drive) meets sedgley/poplar there's always burnout circles


Raecino t1_isk22zq wrote