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beartrapperkeeper t1_isj6jrm wrote

It was a huge party in Fairmount park across from the driving range (in the woods). Went driving around looking for it at 4am.


Devin1405 t1_isk45ik wrote

There was a rave where the disc golf area is (was there for a lil) is but that's not where cars were doing burnouts. Heard them in the distance. It's literally a bunch of people in a field and cars in the parking lot, none of the burnout bs.


PHL852 t1_isjv4p1 wrote

Call the cops (yeah yeah i know) but can’t hurt. This stuff is ridiculous.


NoWarButMyWar t1_iskxe65 wrote

Call the cops on people partying in an area that isn’t even residential? Live in the burbs if you need quiet.