Submitted by PhillyPanda t3_y8yf9t in philadelphia

Got a work notice about traffic around independence hall that Airforce One is coming in at 5:30 for a 6 pm event. Hadn’t heard of anything so curious what the event is



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dreexel_dragoon t1_it2hevi wrote

Definitely Biden if Airforce One is coming, so definitely avoid 95 between city and the airport 5-6 and 730-9


bayoubilly88 t1_it3a65w wrote

So my flight lands in PHL at 5:45pm, how screwed am I?


dreexel_dragoon t1_it3ahfl wrote

Not that screwed, you just need to leave the airport and avoid 95, driving through essington through side streets towards Philly. It's not that much longer if you're heading to West Philly, especially university city


Edison_Ruggles t1_it4q01k wrote

By definition, the callsign "Air Force One" refers to any aircraft on which the president is traveling.


Sagnew t1_it3zmqq wrote

Biden coming all the way up here for the free avocados


Hoyarugby t1_it2ks1f wrote

Biden is going first to Pittsburgh to speak at the construction site of that bridge that collapsed last year, then is flying here to do a joint fundraiser for Fetterman. Probably not open to the public

Per his official schedule he lands at 5:40, the reception is at 7, and he leaves at 8:10


snake_w_arms t1_it3g5ua wrote

There was some political event last night at Bok and overheard a staffer on the phone talking about the event. Definitely not open to the public, the starting level for donations was $$$$. My favorite line I overheard was “it is confirmed Biden will be in attendance, at this time he is planned to just walk through the room…”


Hoyarugby t1_it3n16d wrote

Those fundraisers are always so strange. I logically do get that it's people who would be donating anyway and just want to get wined and dined a bit, but it's weird to see stuff like "Attendees can pay $10k to take a picture with XYZ". Especially when it's like, a congressional candidate and not the literal president


pcomet235 t1_it408ti wrote

You’re not paying the 10K for the photo, it’s for the access you hope it buys if they win.


Ng3me t1_it478fh wrote

10k prob gets you a lot from a city council member, a bit from a state senator, your name remembered by a US congress member, and absolutely nothing from US senator or above.


Hoyarugby t1_it4fv4t wrote

Eh, genuinely some of it is people who are inclined to donate anyway but just want to feel more important. Especially at the senator or presidential level they've got people who can funnel much more their way

Its like a museum hosting a special reception for donors. Those donors are gonna be donating, they support the museum and its mission, but they want to feel good and important about doing it


owwweee t1_it2rnao wrote

Biden is here constantly. Have other presidents ever visited as often?

Edit: you guys are so smart (not sarcastic- this was a silly question 😅)


NonIdentifiableUser t1_it2sscb wrote

It’s probably because of the two major races going on right now. A lot is riding on who takes Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania Senate seat.


Hoyarugby t1_it3mbge wrote

There are two huge races here, it's a close trip, he's from the area, and his campaign was headquartered here, so all of those things make sense for him to visit frequently


Ng3me t1_it47bq9 wrote

Washington and Adams spent a ton of time here as President.


owwweee t1_it47m68 wrote

Granted they were obligated to since this was the political epicenter at the time


nalgene_wilder t1_it37qxo wrote

Other presidents have never been so desperate to prove they're local to philly lol


EnemyOfEloquence t1_it40p16 wrote

In larger square mileage cities (Phoenix) Northern Delaware would be a part of Philadelphia. It's really not far.


nalgene_wilder t1_it4d94x wrote

And if my mom had wheels she'd be a bicycle. If some rando from Mayfield tried to act like they're from philly they'd rightfully be laughed at


bierdimpfe t1_it2jglz wrote

He's coming to get his DOOP on!


deadbee22 t1_it2r31b wrote

And I’m going to the game. Leaving WAY early to get down there


bierdimpfe t1_it2t96t wrote

Sadly I'm constrained, earliest I can park up in Lot C is ~5:45. If he's like 15 minutes late I should be fine


DonQOnIce t1_it2k9ua wrote

On the Pittsburgh Reddit they say he’s going to be there with Fetterman around lunchtime. Busy day today.


Skizzius t1_it3g2px wrote

Unrelated note but did anyone see those commercials during the Phillies game slandering Fetterman. They're hilariously bad. "John Fetterman wants to legalize drugs, yet drugs KILL people... Go to"


SubtleRedditIcon t1_it3rv7t wrote

“John Fetterman’s parents made him grilled cheese sandwiches until he was 49….vote Dr. Oz”

Not an actual campaign message but not far from the nonsense that airs haha.


enn_sixty_four t1_it3kuyo wrote

lol those same people that would be anti Fetterman definitely crossover with the people that couldn't give two fucks about people overdosing...


PHL852 t1_it3kd8t wrote



PhillyPanda OP t1_it3knhp wrote

My office is by independence hall so I assume there


nash4prez t1_it3l1v0 wrote

Can someone PLEASE provide traffic updates? I work in Wilmington and get off at 5… will 95 be totally shut down? Also going to the union game tn from center city… is this a disaster waiting to happen?


Hoyarugby t1_it3mipi wrote

He's scheduled to land at 5:40, and fly out at 8:10, so around those times driving will be an issue


Edison_Ruggles t1_it4q8z2 wrote

I was on a plane that got delayed while he arrived. No big deal, but when they announced the delay and why it was happening a number of people on the plane yelled "lets go Brandon". Friggin trash. But honestly, I wish they hadn't told people why the delay was happening, it just makes people hate Biden.


PhillyPanda OP t1_it5agqs wrote

> Friggin trash

You sound judgy :(


Edison_Ruggles t1_it727g0 wrote

When it comes to someone saying "lets go brandon"? Yeah, I'm judgy.


RustyShackleford454 t1_it33dfc wrote

Someone tell this dude to fucking stop coming here!!!! I get stuck in the traffic every damn time