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Hip_Hop_Hippos t1_iugc3rr wrote

That 2 min stretch where they tied it and took the lead was like having an adrenaline injection


party1234 t1_iugdouz wrote

Went nuts on the third, pigeons can’t back from that


DeRuyter66 t1_iuj34jm wrote

The whole park went nuts!!! Sent them back to NYC and their baseball stadium 😂😂


WolfDogJulius t1_iugimlo wrote

I was at the game. Went to the bathroom and missed both goals 😑


Hip_Hop_Hippos t1_iugioqv wrote

Well. Guess you’re spending 90 minutes in the bathroom when we play LA


WolfDogJulius t1_iuhm3ct wrote

whatever it takes


Snip3 t1_iuhzn86 wrote

We'll start a GoFundMe to cover your taco bell feast for lunch on Saturday


owenhinton98 t1_iuiaaj9 wrote

Gonna need schwarber to steal a lot of bases on friday


CthulhusIntern t1_iuhk4wm wrote

We're buying you tickets to LA, and a huge supply of laxatives.


WolfDogJulius t1_iuhm7lh wrote

I only went to pee so a few beers should do the trick haha


allid33 t1_iuiexdn wrote

And to think they were a (phenomenal) Blake save away from going down 2-0! But once they got that momentum back, it was over. Amazing.


ToffeeFever OP t1_iugcmsb wrote

Broad St. Poles: NOT AGAIN!


chumpyis t1_iugi1ds wrote

As a big fan, nah. That ain’t happening.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_iugl0bl wrote

Yeah sadly union won’t get the love the Phillies did qualifying for the World Series. But as a bandwagon boy who doesn’t watch MLS I’ll be watching the cup! Let’s goooo


gotboredwithrest t1_iuglbm7 wrote

If the Union win there will be dozens of us at City Hall that evening! Dozens!


Mike81890 t1_iuj3hih wrote

I went out on south street after we won the shield and nobody knew or cared lol...

I'll bring the 30 to city hall if we win


XSC t1_iuhl0aq wrote

Union just had to pick the year that the eagles are undefeated and the Phillies are in the World Series to get to the final lol. Phillies when good are on eagles level of popularity.


lordredsnake t1_iuhnrtz wrote

Honestly you couldn't ask for a better year to make this run. In a normal year the Union would be drowned out by the Eagles no matter what, but this year they get to be in the "Phillies are in the World Series, Eagles are undefeated... And oh yeah, the Union's going to the MLS Cup" conversation and feed on the insane level of sports enthusiasm flowing through the city's veins right now.


Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees t1_iuimlyv wrote

Yeah I think you're right with this take. Last year the Union was competitive but the other teams weren't, and as everyone talked about how much it sucks to be a Philadelphia fan, I was like "Hey, they Union are great!" and it seemed to piss people off more lmao


yourfriendkyle t1_iuhqtu4 wrote

Ehhh if you live in the philly area then you can’t be a bandwagon fan. It’s your team as much as it is anyone else’s, you just hadn’t realized it yet.


electric_ranger t1_iuhz95x wrote

I like this mindset. Gate's open, come on in.

That said, as somebody who was there for the dark days, it's so rewarding to see the run of success they've had the past few years with winning the Shield and now advancing to the cup final.


VUmander t1_iui1qtl wrote

Yup. We're not at a place to gate keep fans away. As long as you're loud you're welcome here


PhillyGamerr t1_iuhxe0p wrote

Nobody actually cares about soccer. Its the lamest sport.


gotboredwithrest t1_iuib43z wrote

Just like nobidy actually cares about your opinion. You're the lamest redditor on this sub.


PhillyGamerr t1_iuizfds wrote

Its exhausting seeing soccer get lumped in with things people in this city actually care about. It's just not going to happen.


allid33 t1_iuiefby wrote

People are weirdly obsessed with hating soccer. There are plenty of other sports people don't like/watch but there's this excessively vocal sector that need to tell you how much they hate soccer.


Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees t1_iuimrhn wrote

For real. Hockey isn't all that popular compared to the other major sports and you never really hear people going out of their way to shit on hockey


marcusdrew t1_iujra98 wrote

Ppl (Americans frfr) are just mad that soccer is the most popular sport in the world lol


Mike81890 t1_iuj3lwc wrote

MLS attendance far outstrips NHL attendance lol.


Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees t1_iuk7sv2 wrote

Is that true? Regardless I'm sure NHL gets much higher metrics in TV and web viewership


Mike81890 t1_iuk9g6y wrote

Average attendance in NHL is somewhere around 16k, MLS in 2021 was 22,800 so less, but decently close.

NHL 2021 tv average viewership was 361,000 and MLS was 285,000 so more, but decently close.

NHL tv deal is 225m, MLS is 250m.

Looks like most metrics I pull are pretty damn close.


voidofcourth t1_iugc7lv wrote

It's a great time to be Philly sports fan right now! We deserve and need it.


Syaoran89 t1_iugg3s0 wrote

I am off to LA. I'm beside myself. Fucking DOOP!


JennItalia269 t1_iugn6l9 wrote

I grew up in NorCal and have friends in LA. had my chance to buy tix but I can’t swing the time.

Wish it was here but that’s ok… BEAT LA! DOOP!


weedheals710 t1_iugcywv wrote

Well deserved. Let's go kick LA in the.mouth and take the cup!!


tame17 t1_iugebkn wrote

What a fucking atmosphere!! Burke you beautiful agent of chaos


XSC t1_iugb2bm wrote

DOOP hope we get an official watch party!


DeRuyter66 t1_iuj3kyy wrote

There will be, details coming later. Had it up on the screen at the Park after the win.


dentduv t1_iugd5pj wrote

Do you know what channel they’re going to play the mls cup final on?


J3wl3acca t1_iugbt74 wrote

What a game! What a time to be a Philly sports fan! Best timeline!


Fuzzy-Ad-4360 t1_iughki7 wrote

WE ARE DOMINATING SPORTS! Next up, the world!


BigfootAteMyBooty t1_iugn7qg wrote

We shouldn't push that narrative. The Flyers and Sixers will absolutely ruin us.


Ld862 t1_iugb7lv wrote



ToeKneePA t1_iugb7xx wrote

That was an amazing performance!


lanternfly_carcass t1_iugnac9 wrote

My voice is fried. Just got back home after roasting (and toasting) some NYCFC fans after the game. Holy shit! Sent those pigeons packing. Let's fucking go! How much are flights to LA?


DeRuyter66 t1_iuj2tq4 wrote

Cheaper then a ticket to the World Series, in fact your whole trip may be less 🤣


WranglerBrute t1_iuhqfo6 wrote

Philly sports is a riot right now. We're visiting from the UK (booked many months ago, before both seasons even started), and going home on Friday. Sadly won't be around for the MLS final or games 6 and 7 of the WS.

I'll be watching the Union from home next weekend, but if the Phillies could just win the next 3 on the bounce, which would also coincide with our elopement day, that'd be great.


TheTubeman t1_iuhkcay wrote

Was at the Eastern Conference Final loss against NYCFC last year; seeing Union win last night was cathartic


DeRuyter66 t1_iuj2lpk wrote

Revenge game! Did you see Bedoya giving to the NY fans after the game, priceless!


ricosuava t1_iugj7q8 wrote

Let’s fucking go!!!!!! I was so nervous when they went down but those 1 goals back in 2 minutes were awesome!!!!


bierdimpfe t1_iugw13s wrote

5 for 5; would recommend.




oothie t1_iuhhdmu wrote

Let's go Phillies


FatGuyFitness82 t1_iuiwur0 wrote

Philly local here. Would love to follow the Union, is there anyway to watch the games??


Sudden_Account5066 t1_iuhihk0 wrote

See the Phillies and eagles got me so hype I ain’t even peep this 🤣we up right now


am_pomegranate t1_iui4qd3 wrote

I was so obsessed with them when I was younger, if only I still tuned into them. Kid-me would be so hyped by the news of this.


ToffeeFever OP t1_iujxj11 wrote

The entire league will be streaming on Apple TV next season.


electric_ranger t1_iuhynu6 wrote

Rule 3: Sports news is usually redirected to the relevant sports subreddit (/r/phillyunion) but like we did for the Phillies, we make exceptions for major events like championships.

The rule against low effort memes, screenshots, and duplicates (Rule 9) still applies.


SuitedRIP t1_iugu7kw wrote

Is there no Union subreddit?


J3wl3acca t1_iuh0x8a wrote



SuitedRIP t1_iui65mz wrote

Thank you! Not sure why I couldn't find it.


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Triple_C_ t1_iuj026p wrote

We have a soccer team?


helium_hydrogen t1_iugo2fj wrote

I chose a bad time to watch House of the Dragon instead...


WarrenPuff_It t1_iuhorv9 wrote

Philly is the new Boston for sports.


electric_ranger t1_iuhzi56 wrote

In 1980, all four major sports (Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers) made it to their respective championships, but only the Phillies managed to pull it off...


ToffeeFever OP t1_iujy2rm wrote

At least we got the '83 Sixers and '85 Nova to make up for it!