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courageous_liquid t1_itlpezt wrote

I'm on the beta and it seems to work fine for me - as mentioned, it's slightly annoying funds can't come from the travel wallet or a pass, but the functionality seems to work.

I agree that this seems more useful for occasional riders who I guess won't remember to bring their septa key (?) as the physical key works really well at this point.


estellato12 t1_itmgpri wrote

Yeah the way it works is kinda pointless.

If I could scan my key to pay, why can’t I just scan a QR for it to work as well? I have the beta and for someone that takes MFL daily it just is a hassle.

A lot more extra steps to scan than just using my keycard. And since it’s a beta I can’t count on it to work so I bring my loaded keycard anyways but then newsflash can’t use those funds to get through with the app so now I’m just dumping more money in.


courageous_liquid t1_itmh8li wrote

Yeah, at this point I'm willing to just provide some data and it seems like the people this workflow is ideal for can use it and I'll just be using my key.

I don't really even care about mobile payment at all and hate the idea of my phone being a single source of failure, but some people apparently are super into it so I figure I'll just beta test since I'm on a few modes of SEPTA a day.


Virtualdrama t1_itolrqt wrote

Former Philadelphian here. (Coming home for a visit soon and just thrilled to have to figure out a new Septa pass system.) Atlanta has same issue with their new pay app. It doesn't integrate with their monthly fare card. Only works for single tickets -- meaning tourists. My guess is they can't integrate it with legacy readers and or previous poster's suggestion that the contractor wants to control the app.


estellato12 t1_itpp845 wrote

Makes sense. Just pointless to not allow money to be taken from your keycard for these tickets.

Also you can only use the app at the handicap entrances as of now since they are the only ones that could read it, which can be an inconvenience, and crowd an entrance that should be kept clear.