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RoverTheMonster t1_itppg1x wrote

So exciting! I hope her political ads are filled with data


RAGING_VEGETARIAN t1_itpu8ex wrote


“I’m Rebecca Rhynhart and I approve this message.”


PirelliSuperHard t1_itqulao wrote

Pedantic but she won't need this as she's not running for a federal job.


Mike81890 t1_itpxn8a wrote

Just powerpoint slides


ramvan t1_itq3sgi wrote

That would actually be a refreshing change from the scare tactic ads that go for the quick emotional reaction but are total bs.


rcher87 t1_itq45tf wrote



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caesar____augustus t1_itrpbn3 wrote


Paid for by Citizens for Sanity


PlacidDrugs t1_itre0iu wrote



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nucleosome t1_itqqdpv wrote

Political ads will be like this until we have more than 2 viable parties and it becomes necessary to elevate candidates above the pack to get votes. Ranked choice is the answer!


ramvan t1_itqrdv6 wrote

I’m all for ranked choice, but getting rid of the appeal to emotion is not one of the benefits. It’s just easier to tear down your opponent with some fearmongering than it is to make a cogent and articulate policy argument in a 30 second tv spot. And with even shorter ads on YouTube, it’s just getting worse.


nucleosome t1_ittbame wrote

Ranked choice would completely change the political landscape. Candidates would have to appeal to half of the electorate to get elected.


randym99 t1_itqqvt0 wrote

Also until our electorate can read at a greater than 7th grade level or pay attention to anything longer than a tweet or TikTok video


AristaAchaion t1_itroi6e wrote

well there’s one party that’s been attacking and undermining public schools for a while now because a population that can’t inform itself will believe what it’s told.


randym99 t1_itrsilg wrote

"I love the poorly educated!" - only president impeached twice


RunnyBabbit23 t1_itr2dow wrote

Political ads will be like this until we get money out of politics. It will be just as bad with multiple candidates. (still totally pro ranked choice)


mustang__1 t1_itr8jao wrote

lets be real... she'll be running as a democrat and if she wins the primary she'll win because she's a democrat. The race here is against other democrats and for that she should probably focus on a platform that is not ad-hominin. That said I'd be in favor of ranked choice for local elections...


signedpants t1_itrfk9j wrote

Part of it will always be that we're a swing state.


roguefiftyone t1_itpq1a7 wrote

All in!! Only high-ranking government official in this city who is competent.


the_hoagie t1_itpqqze wrote

i wish her the best of luck. she seems to actually care about effective governance.


PhillyAccount t1_itpv6we wrote

I'm voting for her, but I think the moderate boomers will vote for Domb and the terminally online moderates will vote for Rhynhart. The ticket will get split and we'll end up with the Democratic Machine candidate (Parker).


PhillyGator561 t1_itq9xsg wrote

Well of the 800,000+ registered democrats in Philadelphia, only about 130,000 voted for Kenney in the last election. Just gotta get the numbers up for Rhynhart


BureaucraticHotboi t1_itrpvy6 wrote

The system is set up to make it exceedingly unlikely that large numbers of people vote in our municipal elections. Hopefully that changes. We really need a political reform ticket to run on some basic small d democratic improvements


Wowsers_ t1_itt7iae wrote

Which is scary with a potentially critical ballot measure about letting state legislators do shady things with how electoral votes are made…


mundotaku t1_itq5wgj wrote

Moderate here. I would vote for someone who understands data. She seems the best fit.


rodmandirect t1_itrf2zb wrote

Does MANDATORY 4K count as data?


Trafficsigntruther t1_itroy7z wrote

Yes? What do you think digital images are?


rodmandirect t1_itrqkzw wrote

It was a rhetorical question. I’m on board with the idea of a network of HD cameras all over the city to track criminal activity. There are too many people getting away with murder, among other crimes, in this town.


NotMitchelBade t1_itvp8s0 wrote

I feel like there’s no way people would vote for that en masse. It’s “big brother” to a “T”

(Not taking sides on whether it’s a good idea, mind you)


TheBSQ t1_itq8sem wrote

Rhynhart has my vote, but this is probably the most likely outcome.


nakednesstonight t1_itqba74 wrote

What about the grocery store guy? Jeff Brown?


GumshoeAndy t1_itqf2da wrote

I hope he stays in the race so the prices at Shoprite stay low.


lordredsnake t1_itr01b7 wrote

All his opponents need to do is show a picture of the soda price tag on his shelf with a tagline of "wealthy grocery baron Jeff Brown passes 100% of his soda taxes onto his low income customers"


PlacidDrugs t1_itreih9 wrote

Joke's on Jeff Brown, I drive outside the city to a Save-a-Lot and buy Faygo, my soda costs are lower than ever lol


Trafficsigntruther t1_itroslw wrote

They aren’t his soda taxes. Like Kenney said, it’s a tax on the soda companies, not on consumers.


lordredsnake t1_itrsb3o wrote

The bottlers/distributors pass it on to retailers as a political statement. Some retailers eat it entirely or partially. Jeff Brown has made it his biggest political issue and passes it on 100% to consumers, and puts signs throughout his stores pointing the finger at the city for people's sugary beverages costing more. It's his decision to charge consumers for the entirety of the amount of the tax.

On a completely different note, his stores in poor neighborhoods have THE MOST sensitive self-checkout sensors. If you bring your own bag and put it in the wrong place, it starts blaring alarms at you because he treats all of his customers like criminals.


Trafficsigntruther t1_its5mui wrote

> Some retailers eat it entirely or partially

How many of them are local retailers? Zero.


> The bottlers/distributors pass it on to retailers as a political statement.

It’s a tax that is close to 100% of sales. How do you expect them to absorb it?


lordredsnake t1_itsgo26 wrote

What's your point? Jeff Brown also pays his workers less than other retailers. We should applaud him though because he's local?


Trafficsigntruther t1_itsmig4 wrote

That a national retailer might want to keep prices consistent across their stores and can spread the losses of selling soda in Philly across the nation. Brown has like two store outside the city so he can’t do that.

> Jeff Brown also pays his workers less than other retailers.

Aren’t his workers unionized?


lordredsnake t1_itt8szk wrote

Brown doesn't just sell soda, he has other goods to spread the costs to. His stores are largely in poorer neighborhoods and I don't shed a tear for someone who wants to charge poor people 100% of a tax to make a political statement.

His stores are unionized, and yet big bad Amazon pays its Whole Foods employees better.


NoWarButMyWar t1_itwnkj6 wrote

Screw that guy. He closed a profitable location screwing over the workers just to make a political statement about the soda tax.


MRC1986 t1_itqi2kn wrote

Terminally online folks will support Gym. She has to be destroyed.


cashonlyplz t1_itqndib wrote

Hello, it me, a terminally online. Has Helen Gym done anything besides soapbox and cut an occasional ribbon?


Colbey t1_itqo49u wrote

No, and as an at-large councilperson, she had plenty of opportunity to raise issues legislatively, take votes against councilmanic prerogative, etc. I was a big fan of her but that's eroded over years of her not doing what she could.


napsdufroid t1_itqpwdh wrote

> Has Helen Gym done anything besides soapbox and cut an occasional ribbon?



NoWarButMyWar t1_itwnsa2 wrote

She’s always there for the photo-op and then does little else.


ColdJay64 t1_itq2xq4 wrote

This makes me unsure who to vote for, because Domb is my top choice but Rhynhart would be my second.


rcher87 t1_itq49aj wrote

And this is why we need rank choice voting!!!!


eponymous_bosch t1_itqbt95 wrote

Domb didn’t recuse himself from voting on the tax abatements even though he benefits from them personally. I don’t love that lack of impartiality.


lordredsnake t1_itr0h08 wrote

Imagine him as Mayor with veto power over a bill that affects large commercial landlords. He might have good ideas or be an ethical person, but there is no untangling the massive conflict of interest someone with his business dealings has while being Mayor.


Trafficsigntruther t1_itrqrmj wrote

He voted against the reduction in the commercial property tax abatement. Yet reducing the abatement increases the value of his existing holdings that are grandfathered under the 100% abatement.

I’m not sure how you can get more impartial?


eponymous_bosch t1_itrv633 wrote

He’s not done building. The value of continuing the abatement is much more readily realized than the marginal increase of property value of his existing portfolio


Trafficsigntruther t1_its5sxh wrote

For his future buildings, he’s on a level playing field with all the other new buildings, it doesn’t matter.


eponymous_bosch t1_its7nsx wrote

He is on a level-ish playing field with other builders/developers, but I think thats beside the point. He’s directly benefiting from a continuing tax abatement, which he voted to do.


Aromat_Junkie t1_itqar0h wrote

Domb was my top choice, given Rebecca remained in her position. they'd be a powerhouse together. Imagine Rebecca in her role and Domb as mayor.

but given this, I'd have to say Rebecca.


SgtKetchup t1_itpq37x wrote

>Philadelphia’s charter requires city officeholders resign their posts before seeking higher office.

What's the point of this? Seems like it mostly serves to reduce the candidate pool and assist incumbents (when there is one). Speaking generally, this also means we'll lose 4-5 good city council people, just to elect 1 mayor.

EDIT: Debating whether the specific council members who are resigning are "good" or not does not answer the question here, and should not factor into the debate about this rule existing.


oliver_babish t1_itptbdm wrote

It is intended to keep office holders focused on the job they have and not the job they want, but it is really stupid and fails to take into account but not everybody has worked in investment banking before entering public life and can afford to run for office without a salary, which sets up messy situations like what Parker is now doing.


fritolazee t1_itpuldi wrote

What is Parker up to?


oliver_babish t1_itpwkv2 wrote

Inq 9-28:

Cherelle Parker resigned from her City Council seat to run in next year’s mayoral election in the first week of September.

Twelve days later, she became a Harrisburg lobbyist. ...

Aren Platt, a senior adviser to Parker’s campaign, said Parker is highly qualified for her new role, which he described as an advisory position in which she offers guidance to the lobbying firms’ leaders but does not directly lobby state officials.

He added that Parker, a single mother who has a 10-year-old son, needed income after resigning from Council to run in the mayor’s race.

“She is incredibly highly thought of in Harrisburg,” Platt said. “She is a single mother. She does need income. She started talking with old friends at Rooney Novak Isenhour who actually offered her a position.”


fritolazee t1_itqre3m wrote

This was really interesting and helpful, thanks!


TheTwoOneFive t1_itpus09 wrote

I used to support it but the more I've thought about it over the years, it is really stupid. In addition to the reasons others here listed, it reduces the chance of stronger Philadelphia influence at the state & federal level. We might have had a Nutter governorship had he been able to run in 2014 without resigning, as an example.


iadtyjwu t1_itpqla9 wrote

Who are the good ones we are losing?


KFCConspiracy t1_itpxel7 wrote

Domb's pretty good. Rhynhart's very good.


iadtyjwu t1_itpy1z6 wrote

Dombs good on council? Reinhart is not a Councilmember.


KFCConspiracy t1_itpykhf wrote

Rhynhart has to resign to run. She's not on council, but she does have to resign which is an issue here. She's great at her job as Controller.

I like Domb, although I don't agree with him all the time, he seems to be interested in reforms and less in machine politics than most of the lot.


lordredsnake t1_itr0orz wrote

Rhynhart only sought the controller job as a stepping stone to a mayoral run. This was clear as day from the outset. She wasn't going to stay on as a career city controller.


SgtKetchup t1_itpwm36 wrote

Are you saying the point is just to create churn? All city councilpeople are bad and should be replaced?

I don't care about whoever is specifically running now, I am asking generally about why this rule exists.


iadtyjwu t1_itpxzw4 wrote

I'm asking who is a good Councilmember we are losing? Who are the good ones? We need more competency out of our elected officials.


alexgalt t1_itpr4la wrote

  1. Running for office is a full time job and you will completely neglect the current one (which leads to mistakes and inaction)
  2. There are many conflicts of interest that arise between doing your current job with the current administration and campaigning to replace said administration. That can lead to decisions made for the wrong reason.

Both of these are bad for taxpayers who want to make sure that everyone is working hard and fairly while in whatever office they were elected into.


PHL852 t1_itqc7uj wrote

People not running for office are currently neglecting their positions. I don’t like how the few component people had to quit city council/controller office to maybe get elected. Bad system.


Haruomi_Sportsman t1_itreuqy wrote

>1. Running for office is a full time job and you will completely neglect the current one (which leads to mistakes and inaction)

Would hate for anyone in city council to make mistakes or be unable to act


tet3 t1_itrgpj4 wrote

If you're At-Large or get a legit primary opponent, you have to campaign, too. But don't have to resign.

I personally think the downsides of having (in-effect) DCC-selected replacement council members, who then are "incumbents" in the regular cycle, and having so many top offices empty out at once, are worse than the downsides that resign-to-run is supposed to prevent.


BlackWidowLooks t1_itqkjvz wrote

It was originally put into effect as an ethics measure but what it really does is keep the political field full of rich people IMO.

Allan Domb has no problem dropping his council salary to run, of course, but city workers in the field, who are the ones implementing these policies, rules and budgets and seeing how they play out, are firefighters, sanitation workers, clerks, library employees, tech workers, etc who need the paycheck their job provides and couldn't afford to quit and run for any kind of office (even ward offices), despite having the most first hand knowledge of what's working and what's broken.

It requires a ballot measure to make any change to the home rule charter, and council must vote to approve any ballot measure put forward, so somehow anytime it's come up it hasn't passed council....


TreeMac12 t1_itptz1m wrote

>What's the point of this?

I wish they'd all run.


Cilantroduction t1_itpqu67 wrote

I wish her the best! She is 100% competent.


scsg137 t1_itpu0xw wrote

Not going to happen. She is way too competent to be mayor. We need someone less skilled and less on top of things. How else is the status quo going to continue.


sixersfan87 t1_itpz9fb wrote

The best and most competent candidate for mayor that we could ask for.


ageofadzz t1_itpu9so wrote

Totally on board.


Batman413 t1_itpsiq8 wrote

What's her plan for crime and could we see an additional reduction in the wage tax?


Level-Adventurous t1_itpucfk wrote

Valid question. We can takeaway from her audit of the police department that she will probably have an uphill battle working with them.


DavidLieberMintz t1_itq9kuk wrote

I think the corrupt FOP will have a hard time working with her. I'm sure she'll want to work with the police so long as they follow the law. I know, it's a lot to ask these days.


Level-Adventurous t1_ittabns wrote

Yeah she probably will want to work with them. Honestly I think that’s the problem. Whoever wins the mayoral race needs to figure out how to remove them and/or break the union. That’s the only solution.


Aromat_Junkie t1_itqaxdp wrote

The problem is not there's an uphill battle, it's that we have generals who are to cowardly to even fight the battles. I think Rebecca should come out guns blazing.


Level-Adventurous t1_itta4xn wrote

What? I mean Sure, I agree that she should. Probably everybody does. But the uphill battle is still there. I guess you’re saying it’s baby steps.


8Draw t1_itpzeq6 wrote

Idk where she stands on the actual issue of policing but we've seen her take on the PPD's use of its budget and her criticism is on point.

PPD is gonna throw a tantrum over any mayor we elect but maybe she'll be able to actually rein in their budget and outright disability fraud. Forcing cops to actually show up for work can only help.


randym99 t1_itq9czv wrote

Her actual report was pretty diplomatic towards the PPD, in my opinion. It objectively quantified numerous shortcomings and areas in need of improvement but didn't make efforts to shit on any particular person, and offered plenty of legitimate reasons why they struggled in certain areas, often mainly staffing issues "post"-COVID. I was disappointed (but not surprised) by how hard McNesby cried about it given it actually showed PPD needs help, not hate.


lordredsnake t1_itr1pig wrote

Good take. One could have read the report and interpreted it as suggesting the police are set up to fail and the department needs reform to better support the rank and file. McNesby instead sees everything through and Us vs. Them lens and took it as an attack on the police force as a whole.


uptimefordays t1_itpxaai wrote

I don’t foresee a decrease in taxes if we want better services.


TomCosella t1_itpxo89 wrote

There's always money in the bloated police budget/banana stand.


totaleffindickhead t1_itqaqfv wrote

A better economy with more and better jobs and more money in peoples pockets > a new community center


jackxaniels t1_itqpetw wrote

I would guess now that she’s running we’ll see her put out her policies pretty soon. They are important questions


wunderboy t1_itqnuiy wrote

RR: "My platform is 'I'm competent and sane.'"

Me: "Oh, that's it?"

RR: "Yes"

Me: <looks at the sea of clowns offered by Democrats> "That'll do"


baldude69 t1_itpr7w4 wrote

Rhynhart for mayor!


nnn62 t1_itpwj5p wrote

Big fan of her. She seems like she keeps It 💯.


flamants t1_itrfvnj wrote

Seems like there’s practically unanimous enthusiasm for her here…would anyone mind giving some background to someone less than literate in Philly politics? I’ve reached my limit of free Inquirer articles so even the key points from the article would be good.


Dent7777 t1_itq75ig wrote

Mayoral Competence is just as important as platform and priority. Being known for competence rather than activism is an asset in mediation, a key part of the Mayor's job.


MRC1986 t1_itqhzmh wrote

Hell to the fuck yeah! Yes, I don't live in Philly anymore, but I lived there for 12 years and had seen Nutter do a pretty damn good job, only for progress to be reversed under Kenney and also Krasner.

Just contributed to Rhynhart's campaign. Not only do I fully support Rhynhart on her own merits, but Philly has got to do anything to keep Helen Gym or Darrell Clarke out of the Mayor's seat.


pontiacprime t1_itrjuaf wrote

How did you contribute? I couldn’t find the contribution link on the campaign site.


MRC1986 t1_itrpsg9 wrote

I'm on her mailing list, on her announcement email there was an ActBlue donation URL that I clicked on to donate.


HoagiesDad t1_itr66tb wrote

I’m betting Sanchez is really upset she gave up her council seat.


ElenorWoods t1_itpxmwy wrote

“Ooo talk to me in debits and credits; they excite me thoroughly.”

  • Marco Malandra

Edison_Ruggles t1_itpzog6 wrote

Fingers crossed, let's go!!! My concern is the average person doesn't know her but as of now she's got my vote.


randym99 t1_itq9mzb wrote

tbh I'd bet the average Philadelphian couldn't name even one of the mayor, DA, police commissioner, controller, or any city councilors


JesusOfBeer t1_itqm1j9 wrote

Honestly. By far the best option. She’s got my vote


Karineh t1_itq669j wrote



AstronomerOpen7440 t1_itqkkr2 wrote

Are there other cities or states that spell it controller rather than comptroller? Especially now decades after most Americans switched to pronouncing comptroller the way it is spelled rather than controller.


[deleted] t1_itqum91 wrote



randym99 t1_itrtg46 wrote

>Wish she would come to the table with some solutions once in a while

that is literally all she has done for five years. that's why she said she is running for mayor, in order to have more direct influence to implement the solutions she has been offering as controller


gwhh t1_itrw0bf wrote

Does she have the actions to back up her words?


Plums___ t1_itqftx5 wrote

I’m voting for her for sure. Reading the police audit was eye-opening and she seems really smart and focused on real improvements for the city.


AugustusKhan t1_itrsxsn wrote

Like for the election in a month? I thought candidates had to start the process and declare like months ahead of time and its part of the reason we have so many career politicians instead of normal people


throwawaitnine t1_its11hs wrote

-RR is so cool, she friends with Malcom Jenkins!

-RR is so cool she should run for mayor!

-RR is running for Mayor <-------we are here

-RR has won the nomination she's gonna be our next Mayor fuck the ppd!

-RR is elected mayor!

-RR is a shit mayor

-RR is running for reelection against nobody

-RR has been reelected


-RR is so bad can we impeach her and replace he with Kenney?

-Throwaweight9 was right but I can't ever admit it.

-I can't wait until (next up and coming city pol) is mayor!


AKraiderfan t1_itpybyh wrote


Tired of the Rhynhart fanboys/girls acting like she's the solution to the mayor problem, with little evidence to support it. Certainly she does a good job pointing out the problems at her position (Butkovitz didn't do shit), but that means she's good at being an audit manager, doesn't necessarily mean she has all the tools for the other components of the mayor office.


a-german-muffin t1_itq1urd wrote

I'll bite, and make this a two-parter:

  • What qualities does she lack generally that would benefit a mayoral candidate?

  • Compared with the current administration (and, for funsies, a hypothetical Republican challenger a la Billy Ciancaglini), where are her shortcomings?


AKraiderfan t1_itq47u3 wrote

>What qualities does she lack generally that would benefit a mayoral candidate?

Not saying she lacks it, I'm saying that she's not shown anything besides being a good manager of a team of auditors. Her position doesn't really address the other parts of being a mayor, including aligning an entirely self-serving city council to do good work. At the very least, if we want to point to the last two universally effective mayors (Nutter and to some extent Rendel), they were able to if not get support, get their shit passed working through the council. As far as we can tell from her press history, the difference between her and Butkovitz is that she's all about shining a light on problems, but that's a good feature for the Controller, that could burn bridges as the mayor.

Certainly, you do want some qualities of a bridge burner as the mayor, but you still need to work with the other elected and appointed positions, and while you CAN constantly embarrass them in the press, you're going to find yourself with no support next time you want to fix that police contract.

>Compared with the current administration (and, for funsies, a hypothetical Republican challenger a la Billy Ciancaglini), where are her shortcomings?

Didn't say she had shortcomings, I'm saying we don't actually know what she's capable of, but her fanboys/girls seem to already anoint her the best possible candidate.

A good comp on how i see this are famous food critics. We love a good food critic, telling us where the best restaurants are, and why this dish is really well made, or not well made. We love food critics for their writing, but what happens if a food critic becomes a restaurant owner? Certainly that food critic knows good food, but does that critic know how to hire and keep a staff, procure good produce on a regular basis within budget, plan and setup a good facility? And yes, there have been instances in which food critics are actually found to be good restauranteurs, but plenty of them also fuck it up when their job was more than eating and writing about food.


randym99 t1_itqb68j wrote

Even just demonstrating "being a good manager" is better than we've had with Kenney.

Also, do you really think she's a "bridge burner" ? I don't feel informed enough to say one way or the other, but I don't think her PPD audit was "burning bridges" despite McNesby's hilarious next-day comments (where even he acknowledged she made good points). I thought her office's report was very diplomatic and constructive, placing plenty of the fault for the PD's shortcomings on fixable issues like staffing and process, instead of blaming certain people. I don't know how the report has been received by PPD brass or officers, though. If saying anything publicly about PPD even if mostly apologetic while slightly critical is "bridge burning" well then fuck I guess we're doomed to let PPD dictate our politics.

For me at least, I'm encouraged by her seeming to be diplomatic, professional, competent, engaged, and mission-driven. And yes we've only seen her demonstrate that in a few roles but those seem like skills that will transfer well.


intrsurfer6 t1_itq1zrs wrote

Are we even going to have a functioning city government anymore? I mean we didn’t before but all of these resignations can’t be good