Submitted by MedicCrow t3_yf71g5 in philadelphia

Hi all! I'm embarrassed to say this, but I've lived in Philly my whole life and I haven't taken the trolleys much at all. I've tried googling for answers but nothing has been helpful. I want to take the trolley from Suburban towards Cedar Park which Google informs me would be the 34 Trolley. My question are:

  1. How do I tell I'm getting on the right line?
  2. Is there only one place to get on the trolley at Suburban?




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uptown_gargoyle t1_iu25ire wrote

I think it would be "right" to pull the lever and sacrifice one innocent person rather than letting it run over five innocent people, but I'm not sure if I could actually live with doing that.


APettyJ t1_iu28qg9 wrote

Eh, let the trolley run over the Sixers, so the Phillies and Eagles might live!


MedicCrow OP t1_iu2xepc wrote

Sacrifice one team for the teams of many


AbsentEmpire t1_iu29yvb wrote

If you're getting on the trolleys near Suburban station they're all running on the same line.

As the trolley approachs the station look at the top of it, the number of the route its running will be on the sign top of the window. Just wait for the route number you want to show up and get on.

As others have vaguely alluded to if you want to get off using the back door, the steps are pressure sensitive, so when the trolley stops just step down and the doors will open.


Wuz314159 t1_iu2icih wrote

Pre-emptive: "Step Down"


zpepsin t1_iu3zj1d wrote



Brraaap t1_iu2156j wrote

There is only one place, look for the numbers on the trolley


oliver_babish t1_iu22f47 wrote

One place, and it is much closer to Dilworth Plaza / City Hall than it is to the 16th and JFK/regional rail end of the station.


am_pomegranate t1_iu4jh12 wrote

The trolleys have their number on them on the front, back, and side. If it says something other than "Welcome to route 34. Service to 61st and Baltimore", it's not the westbound 34. If it doesn't say anything, the front seat has an old school red-dot-lights-on-black screen that will say the same thing in written words.