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nyc42617 t1_it4qzjo wrote

This is useless. Call any one of those numbers and the response will be: "call 911"

These local precincts won't do squat when you call the local numbers. Trust me, I've tried many times. The answer is always the same, "call 911"


Zhuul t1_it4ry79 wrote

Which is honestly insane, 911 should be for emergencies and time-sensitive issues only.


PHL852 t1_it7tuay wrote

Yeah and in this city they have you call 911 for illegal parking. It’s nuts. Probably because 311 is inept.


Big-Compote-5483 t1_it51hwa wrote

Wrong. Most of these precincts do not pick up the phone. The few that do then tell you to call 911.


baldude69 t1_it5k0v4 wrote

Often it is, but once they were able to tell me where my car had been courtesy at least. 3rd District.


phillyscreamer t1_it4pqum wrote

Is this a hotel? Why no 13th?


frazell t1_it71mjh wrote

They skip quite a few numbers.

10, 13, 20-21, 23, 27-34, 36-38, 40-76

They also wreck the phone number format on the Airport division. It isn’t a valid number.


danstecz t1_itai5xz wrote

It's saying they have two numbers... the first six are the same, but one of them ends with 7,and one ends with 8.


beeps-n-boops t1_it7243y wrote

911 is a lot easier to remember, and to dial.


Disastrous-Spray6290 t1_itc7hpu wrote

This is objectively horrible to keep on hand. You will not get anyone dispatched to save you by calling the police department- that’s literally not how this works! Call 911 if you need someone dispatched.


manwithavandotcom OP t1_itd1q3b wrote

When did I say to use it for a 911 dispatch?


Disastrous-Spray6290 t1_itd5bns wrote

Literally the top of the sign says to use it to stop a crime or save a life. That’s not at all what you should do in that situation.


Proper-Code7794 t1_it4p36l wrote

Yes. Stop just raising your hand and get informed.