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EddieLobster t1_iueaxcy wrote

This is possibly the most insane question I have ever seen on Reddit. I feel so bad for the sheltered youth you must have had.


tough_ledi OP t1_iuebab5 wrote

Sorry, my dad died last week and I've been really consumed with taking care of him as he died and also the affairs that surround the death of someone without a will. I didn't have a sheltered youth, I'm not sure why you are attacking me.


DopeYeti t1_iuf71e2 wrote

Sorry for you loss OP. Have so much fun giving candy out to the kiddos. I do it every year as a childless millennial and it’s a blast. Definitely get some nice warm ciders or adult beverages to sip on while celebrating! You deserve it.


tough_ledi OP t1_iufdw6m wrote

Thanks! Yeah I got inspired to do it this year because I remembered that my dad always took us trick or treating and that I was going to miss him being the "candy burglar" (holding our bags of candy for us when our arms got tired) and decided I have no reason to be a grumpy child-free millennial anymore lol. I appreciate your words.


Boxercrew4 t1_iufgj43 wrote

I'm sorry for your loss OP. It has always been on Halloween night in Philly no matter what day of the week. When I was a kid, we had an early dinner and started right after.


psychadelicamanic t1_iufrrao wrote

Sending you love, OP. Thanks for keeping the Halloween spirit up in Philly ♡


Fly__Eagles__Fly t1_iuec3uw wrote

Wow check out this tough guy that grew up on the streets only trick-or-treating on 10/31 no matter what day of the week it was!


EddieLobster t1_iueduzk wrote

When the hell was Halloween ever postponed because it was a school night? Please enlighten me.

Edit: exactly


psychadelicamanic t1_iufrxhn wrote

And I feel bad for the sheltered life you apparently currently live if this is your reaction to a genuine question. Hope it gets better.