Submitted by tough_ledi t3_yhhcn3 in philadelphia

Boyfriend and I are finally doing the millenials-without-kids thing and bought a ton of candy to hand out to the local lil Gritties in our area, south Philly. But Halloween is a Monday night - school night - so are parents planning on taking their kids out tonight or Monday night or did we completely miss it already and will be forced to eat all of these Junior Mints ourselves?



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GoldenMonkeyRedux t1_iudrd9x wrote

Monday night. The city pretty much sticks to the actual day.


ell0bo t1_iuepdcw wrote

This threw me off when moving here. Trick-or-treat was on Thursday back in Lebanon.


GoldenMonkeyRedux t1_iuepypr wrote

We have a big parade here in Spruce Hill for the kids on Halloween every year. The parade is always followed by trick or treating. Only reason I know.

I honestly assumed it would be on a convenient day, but it’s always on Halloween proper.


LegitimateStar7034 t1_iufpp30 wrote

I’m from Lebanon. Desperately want to live in Philly.


ell0bo t1_iufu58h wrote

I really do love it. I split my time 50/50, but that's because covid made me hate my place in philly. Once I move to my new place, I'll be there for good.


JesusOfBeer t1_iufdtu7 wrote

Welcome to civilization… we used to do trick or treat on Halloween in Lancaster then that changed when I got to HS in 04’


Proper-Code7794 t1_iuere4r wrote

Many years ago Fairmount didnt but that's a much different time


wheelfoot t1_iufe4hf wrote

They still have the "Halloween parade" AKA white kids Halloween.


Proper-Code7794 t1_iuhvzt8 wrote

It's the best getting down voted for speaking truth. What a soft subreddit this is


alittlemouth t1_iudwu8z wrote

Add on questions:

  1. What time? I remember last year it seemed to drag on 5pm-9pm. I ran out of candy, so not really sure when the kids stopped coming
  2. Last year I had a cooler full of canned adult beverages with a sign that said "Treats for 21+ only." My neighbor lost her mind and threatened to report me for furnishing alcohol to minors. The only people who took them were definitely 21+. HOW MUCH BEER SHOULD I BUY THIS YEAR?

Boxercrew4 t1_iufgtll wrote

My question is where do you live? Might trick or treat for that myself!


ratmoustache t1_iudzh8t wrote

>millennials-without-kids thing

Love that you’re owning it, live it up


passing-stranger t1_iue0pmj wrote

Always on Halloween but it starts earlier than you think it will! Or at least earlier than I'm ready every year. It's not a wait until the sun goes down situation in our neighborhood but I also don't live in the safest area in general so idk if that's a factor. Crossing my fingers for a safe and fun Halloween! It's my favorite holiday.

Now to figure out how this procrastinator is gonna find & afford enough treats for the kiddos. I usually have goodie bags made up but I'm slacking this year.

And not that anyone asked but for the first time this year my front porch pumpkins were grown right in the backyard. I will be attempting to fit that into conversation whenever possible tomorrow ;)


PM_ME_YUR_BIG_SECRET t1_iufktox wrote

For what is worth, when we grew up (assuming you're older than ~25, daylight savings time used to end before Halloween so it would get dark at 5ish and that's when a lot of trick or treating started. In 2007 it got pushed back to the first week in November so now the sun doesn't set until 6 on Halloween, and a lot of people start before then.

Also: That's really cool that you grew your own pumpkins!!


passing-stranger t1_iui2tpm wrote

Oh, that is interesting. I felt like daylight savings was later than I remembered but I guess I missed the memo in 2007.


youngbuck215 t1_iue1odl wrote

Also most people hand out candy from their stoop. Kids don't knock on doors.


helllllohaley t1_iue7m0l wrote

Trick or treating is usually on the 31st regardless of if it’s a school night or not, but that means the parents will likely bring the kids around earlier. Also seems like the younger the kids, the earlier they’re out.

If I recall correctly, the only time in recent memory that Halloween has been rescheduled was during Hurricane Sandy? I could be wrong though


tough_ledi OP t1_iueblaw wrote

Yeah wasn't sure also I seem to remember it changing during COVID


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_iufk3l6 wrote

Holidays can be divided into two tiers. Upper-tier holidays, like New Year's and Christmas, are on a certain day, and if something conflicts, then you reschedule that thing. Second-tier holidays, like Flag Day and Presidents Day, get rounded off to the nearest Monday because they aren't worth making a big deal out of.

Halloween is a top-tier holiday; we observe it on Halloween.


worsedadever t1_iueascr wrote

Be ready by 4. Young kids will be there early.


CGphilly t1_iue8lkt wrote

In my neighborhood (queen village) the little kids start coming around 4:30-5ish and by 5 things are pretty much in full swing until around 7


Fourlec t1_iufambn wrote

I grew up in northeast Philly and went to catholic school my whole life. The day after Halloween is a catholic holiday and school is closed 11/1 observing the holiday. I didn’t realize kids had school after Halloween until I was older. I always thought all schools were closed after Halloween haha.

You’ll he handing out candy tomorrow! Enjoy!


prodigylux t1_iue1h9p wrote

Asked this question last year and got my face ripped off


tough_ledi OP t1_iuebc1g wrote

Seems to be par for the course for Philly.


BFreeFranklin t1_iueaq1e wrote

Halloween is on October 31 this year.


pro_cat_herder t1_iuesrxe wrote

You have to wait outside for kids. They won’t ring your bell or knock, even if your light is on.


Rockooch1968 t1_iuegag0 wrote

Some neighborhoods had it Saturday night to keep "people" not from their neighborhood from getting candy.


venusinfurcoats t1_iuf1thq wrote

This is the grossest attitude to have. Just give the kids fucking candy. I’ve heard of people having “good” candy and “cheap” candy before. Like, the only reason for this is racism, right? There is no other explanation.


mbz321 t1_iufqzkk wrote

It always puzzles me that places 'do Halloween' other than the day of the actual holiday. Absolute nonsense.


mbz321 t1_iufr4bf wrote

Does anyone know when Christmas Eve is? TIA.


Basique_b t1_iuen99v wrote

Always the actual night 😊😊


bukkakedebeppo t1_iufe3hd wrote

In Fairmount it goes from 4pm until there's no more candy on the 31st, but since the Phillies are on at 8:03pm and it looks like it will rain it may end earlier than normal.


[deleted] t1_iuevxxo wrote

I wish kids trick or treated in my neighborhood, I was all psyched to hand out candy in past years and no one ever came.


tough_ledi OP t1_iufdl7m wrote

Awwww this is so sad, hope you get some this year!


[deleted] t1_iufesn3 wrote

I think my neighborhood is too poor. When I was a kid, everyone knew to go trick or treating in the rich neighborhoods for the best candy. I think the same rules still apply.


misteryham t1_iufupzm wrote

In my experience in South Philly, get out on your stoop, or sit out front. I grew up going house to house, ringing doorbells. My first year here, we expected kids to do that, but quickly learned that didn’t happen


Zariman-10-0 t1_iuhrcw5 wrote

Plan for around 4-5 pm starting time, with the trick-or-treaters going up a grade per hour. Expect some confused drunks asking for candy as well


malcolmfairmount t1_iuhrtuq wrote

I live in South Philly between Girard Estates and Snyder and we get a stead flow from 5pm-7:30, with some stragglers even later.


TheBSQ t1_iui2eyb wrote

And if you’re not from here, people don’t knock on doors to trick or treat. You sit outside on your stoop and hand out candy.


sarahpullin8 t1_iuerg0f wrote

Why would you buy junior mints?


Irrelavent1 t1_iuet7ga wrote

We rarely get more than a handful of kids oh Halloween night :( The festivities seem to be dying out, what with razor blades in apples and pills (drugs) being given out as candy. A lot of homes just turn out the lights or don’t answer the door. Living in a row house like I did as a kid, I’d hit 200 homes between my block and the next one over, and 95% gave out candy. Then I’d dump out my bag - keeping it well separated from the piles belonging to my siblings - and go to other houses in the neighborhood. As it got later some of the houses closed up but I’d still get another half a bag. And we used big shopping bags with handles. My kids didn’t get half of what I got, and now my grands might get half of that.


thriftstorecats t1_iuf8wbo wrote

There are no razor blades in apples or pills being given out. Those are urban legends and fearmongering myths. You’re being downvoted because you believe in boomer lies


Irrelavent1 t1_iufx0hn wrote

Yeah, that’s old gullible me. I should also listen to the Flat Earthers as well as those who realize that the moon landings were orchestrated by 20th Century Fox.


EddieLobster t1_iueaxcy wrote

This is possibly the most insane question I have ever seen on Reddit. I feel so bad for the sheltered youth you must have had.


tough_ledi OP t1_iuebab5 wrote

Sorry, my dad died last week and I've been really consumed with taking care of him as he died and also the affairs that surround the death of someone without a will. I didn't have a sheltered youth, I'm not sure why you are attacking me.


DopeYeti t1_iuf71e2 wrote

Sorry for you loss OP. Have so much fun giving candy out to the kiddos. I do it every year as a childless millennial and it’s a blast. Definitely get some nice warm ciders or adult beverages to sip on while celebrating! You deserve it.


tough_ledi OP t1_iufdw6m wrote

Thanks! Yeah I got inspired to do it this year because I remembered that my dad always took us trick or treating and that I was going to miss him being the "candy burglar" (holding our bags of candy for us when our arms got tired) and decided I have no reason to be a grumpy child-free millennial anymore lol. I appreciate your words.


Boxercrew4 t1_iufgj43 wrote

I'm sorry for your loss OP. It has always been on Halloween night in Philly no matter what day of the week. When I was a kid, we had an early dinner and started right after.


psychadelicamanic t1_iufrrao wrote

Sending you love, OP. Thanks for keeping the Halloween spirit up in Philly ♡


Fly__Eagles__Fly t1_iuec3uw wrote

Wow check out this tough guy that grew up on the streets only trick-or-treating on 10/31 no matter what day of the week it was!


EddieLobster t1_iueduzk wrote

When the hell was Halloween ever postponed because it was a school night? Please enlighten me.

Edit: exactly


psychadelicamanic t1_iufrxhn wrote

And I feel bad for the sheltered life you apparently currently live if this is your reaction to a genuine question. Hope it gets better.