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JBizznass t1_ix96zob wrote

The shooter should have never been free to commit this heinous hate crime. The DA who failed to prosecute the bomb threat and trigger the state’s red flag laws to take away the shooters weapons over a year and half ago have these victims blood on their hands.

Edit to add: Fuck you Lauren Bobert and your idiot hate filled MAGA Trumptard followers.

Further Edit: link to article about shooter’s MAGA connections -


JiaMekare t1_ix9qmp7 wrote

Hey, springs native here. Please also include local fucking idiot and constantly re-elected moron Doug Lamborn, who can’t be bothered to say “queer” or “LBGTQ” when offering his utterly anodyne statement. Fuck Boebert too.


JBizznass t1_ix9sckx wrote

Thank you! It’s so important to call each and everyone of these homophobic violence inducing MAGA asshats out.

And a good reminder that local elections matter. There are important elections twice a year (primary and general) not just every 4 years for president!


Lunamothknits t1_ixa4dza wrote

I’m so sorry you had to grow up in that shithole. We managed 2.75 years in DougCo and bounced. I have no idea how people live in the state for their whole lives…


JiaMekare t1_ixau3jw wrote

I don’t either and I’m still fucking here. Queer people can’t have shit around here.


jbphilly t1_ix9vjyn wrote

0% surprised that this was a Republican hate crime. The more Republican politicians make LGBT people the targets of their hate campaigns, calling them groomers and accusing them of being pedophiles, the more this shit is going to keep happening.

Keep that in mind when the media starts presenting Ron Desantis as the moderate alternative to Trump and going on and on about how reasonable he is. He made attacking gay kids and teachers one of the centerpieces of his political campaign. Fuck him and everyone who voted for him.


Unethical_GOP t1_ixaclr8 wrote

DeSantis is NOT a moderate. He’s a right wing fascist.


jbphilly t1_ixai9uj wrote

Fuckin' A, man.

But watch: the media is so desperate to default back to their pre-Trump both-sidesism that they're going to latch onto him and treat him just like he's George H. W. Bush or something. They're already tripping over themselves to lavish free media attention on him, making the exact same mistake they made with Trump in 2015-16.


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creepy-cats t1_ixarhnh wrote

A homophobic right-winger from a family of January 6th insurrectionists went out of his way to pick a populous place filled with members of the LGBTQ community, carefully planning his massacre on a day and time when the club would be most crowded (Saturday night). I would understand the confusion if he picked a random shopping mall or city center, but this was a gay club. If a carefully constructed slaughter of a minority population isn’t a hate crime then what is?


rovinchick t1_ixihdqc wrote

It's a little confusing as the shooter themself is allegedly non-binary.


creepy-cats t1_ixiprrz wrote

Not that I don’t believe them, but I’m willing to take information presented by Fox News affiliates with a grain of salt. This sounds a lot like conservatives are setting up a dogwhistle situation to sow plausible deniability when it comes to the legitimacy of the shooter’s violent, homophobic agenda. Perspectives may change as the information gets more detailed, but publishing a special news article just to let everyone know the shooter uses they/them pronouns sounds an awful lot like a setup to double down on homophobic and transphobic narratives in the wake of this tragedy.


rovinchick t1_ixiutte wrote

It's in the court documents and reported by all news stations including MSNBC affiliates, so it has nothing to do with faux news. I said allegedly, because I don't take it at face value, either. But there are always crazy assertions about who someone is before the whole story is told and that irks me.


creepy-cats t1_ix9lnph wrote

While we’re at it, hold every last right wing nutcase parroting “groomer” vitriol accountable for increasing violence against the queer community. People like Tucker Carlson and of course Boebert should be held responsible for encouraging violent homophobia that leads to murderous hate crimes.


GreenAnder t1_ix9opxb wrote

This shit won’t stop until it hits home for them, and I have a hard time believing we’re going to see this kind of thing happening at Country Clubs.


TechSquidTV t1_ix9r1lz wrote

When it "hits home" for them, they won't see the error of their way, they will simply use it as a shield to justify their actions and point to how they are being silenced.

They already try to compare right wing atrocities to peaceful democratic protest


Pochoo8 t1_ix9f4qh wrote

The Justice system is a joke. People don’t face real consequences for their actions and because of that they continue to be a menace. A sad situation where this could have been prevented had people in position actually cared.


momlin t1_ixaeqnf wrote

And how many have sat in a jail cell for possession of a Doobie? SMH, it is a joke.


rovinchick t1_ixan316 wrote

Agree, but this kid also needed serious mental health help. The mom posted on social media that she was looking for recommendations for a therapist for him because he had PTSD and trauma. We really need to bring back mental institutions, instead of throwing them all in jail, which exacerbates problems. But, he should have been charged for the bomb threats, served time, and the court make sure he is mentally stable before releasing back into society.


deep_blue003v t1_ix99t8p wrote

Agree 100%. This happens all the time in Philly, criminals who should be behind bars out committing crimes.


boilersnipe t1_ix9gm2x wrote

Fetterman will make it better


JBizznass t1_ix9teyx wrote

I’m pretty sure you are being sarcastic, but in fact Fetterman will make it better since he won’t spread homophobic hatred and conspiracy theories that spur whacko MAGA idiots to shoot up gay clubs.


meh817 t1_ixasymh wrote

she demanded blood by the gallon and decided she no longer likes the taste


rovinchick t1_ixacdm2 wrote

I have a lot of liberal friends who have MAGA grandparents, too. Is there any direct connection? I don't doubt there is, but I hate the idea that someone is judging me on what my grandparents think and do.


JBizznass t1_ixafuym wrote

You should be fine as long as you don’t shoot up a gay club after your elected representative MAGA relative had a MAGA DA drop your violent felonies and let you keep all your weapons despite the fact that you are clearly a dangerous and violent person with hateful ideology.

I’m gonna guess you will be fine.


rovinchick t1_ixihpup wrote

The shooter is allegedly non-binary, so I do think it's a little premature to link the actions to any political causes.


rovinchick t1_ixamd5p wrote

Did the DA drop the charges because of the grandfather? I didn't see that. I also didn't see where the DA was MAGA?


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ix9j8ve wrote

What does Boebert or MAGA have to do with it?


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ix9t2vm wrote

So what? If he was locked up like the crazy bomb threatening nut job he is, nothing would have happened.


AgentDaxis t1_ixac69z wrote

He got off because his grandfather was a MAGA state assemblyman.


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixac945 wrote

Lol, need a citation.


AgentDaxis t1_ixaco1n wrote


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixb6nny wrote

No, a citation that he wasn’t prosecuted for that reason.


cashonlyplz t1_ixcoh8w wrote

That's the thing: it was abruptly dismissed. How about that?


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixcv3w9 wrote

Look at Krasner, and tell me this is an “R” problem?


cashonlyplz t1_ixcwiv0 wrote

What does Larry Krasner have to do with a hate crime in Colorado Springs?


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixd61iy wrote

Democrats not putting criminals in jail.


User_Name13 t1_ix9jbv4 wrote

It's crazy how a soft-on-crime DA across the country in Colorado is getting heat here when we have our own DA here in Philly that does the same thing and he get's a complete pass on this very subreddit.


JBizznass t1_ix9l9g0 wrote

Not sure if this is sarcasm or not. El Paso county in Colorado, where these previous felony charges were dropped, is majority Republican, voted for Trump in 2020, and brought us the abomination that is Lauren Bobert. The DA is not progressive. The charges being dropped and the record expunged is likely the result of political pressure from the right wing Maga nutcases including the shooters Uncle who is a MAGA California assemblyman who vocally supported the attempted overthrow of the government in January 6th.


deadlyblumpkins t1_ix9apsw wrote

Maybe, maybe not. Its possible they could have been taken away by red flag laws and returned by now too.


AbsentEmpire t1_ix9czw9 wrote

We'll never know because they didn't even bother to try to use them despite this nutcase making terroristic bomb threats to his own mother.


JBizznass t1_ix9sxok wrote

It would have been hard for him to have committed these murders if he was incarcerated for the numerous felonies he committed less than 2 years ago.


BigShawn424 t1_ix9i3ni wrote

Wtf does this have to do with lauren bobert and trump?


grandmawaffles t1_ix9jn55 wrote

There are elected MAGA republicans and their Christian preachers/pastors around the nation calling for gay people to be put to death or thrown in jail.


BigShawn424 t1_ix9kg7b wrote



IPA_lot_ t1_ix9aack wrote

Are you this angry when Krasner and other progressive DA’s around the country fail to prosecute people?


grandmawaffles t1_ix9bg4q wrote

I mean people tend to get angry when hate crimes are committed after one political party calls the nutcases to action.


IPA_lot_ t1_ix9c2ne wrote

Oh I absolutely agree, it’s a tragedy what happened and I guess my comment wasn’t the best but there are DA’s and Mayors all over the country now just letting crime get out of hand. I’m willing to bet there’s at least 50 people killed daily around the country because of it.

But the commenter made it political so I was just wondering if they’re only upset because of the leadership of that area or if they get upset when DA’s in NY, Chicago and Philly allow scum to walk the streets freely and harm others.


grandmawaffles t1_ix9ctfm wrote

Understood. This specific thing is definitely driven by right leaning politics and religion so a little skewed. I agree that states have been too lax on crime including Krasner.


IPA_lot_ t1_ix9d815 wrote

Most problems are generally religion/political or both. Be nice if they somehow fucked off. World would be a better place.


DayJob93 t1_ix9kxxz wrote

Can you really substantiate this claim with good evidence or is this hyperbole? Genuinely curious about the source of your claim that this crime was the result of a political party calling anyone “ to action”


creepy-cats t1_ix9lu7s wrote

The shooter literally came from a family of homophobic January 6th insurrectionists. This is the direct result of right wing “groomer” conspiracy being spoonfed to their followers.


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sugr_magnolia t1_ix9v4mk wrote

Please avoid singling out any specific religion on this sub.


JBizznass t1_ixafen1 wrote

I get why this is a rule, but let’s not lie to ourselves and all pretend that in 2022 that there are not several ‘religions’ that are basically just glorified tax exempt hate groups.


JBizznass t1_ix9ivq7 wrote

Absolutely. And if you don’t believe me you can take a look at my user history on this sub… But, hmmm, Krasner and his cronies never tried to overthrow democracy. So, maybe not quite as angry. A tad less, but still very unhappy with his failures as a DA.


AbsentEmpire t1_ix9dnvh wrote

This might be too much for you to handle, but we can both be upset that Krasner is soft of gun crime, and also furious at maga nutcases who advocate thier lunatic cult attack LGBT people, and do nothing to confiscate guns from assholes who make terroristic bomb threats.