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Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ix9t2vm wrote

So what? If he was locked up like the crazy bomb threatening nut job he is, nothing would have happened.


AgentDaxis t1_ixac69z wrote

He got off because his grandfather was a MAGA state assemblyman.


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixac945 wrote

Lol, need a citation.


AgentDaxis t1_ixaco1n wrote


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixb6nny wrote

No, a citation that he wasn’t prosecuted for that reason.


cashonlyplz t1_ixcoh8w wrote

That's the thing: it was abruptly dismissed. How about that?


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixcv3w9 wrote

Look at Krasner, and tell me this is an “R” problem?


cashonlyplz t1_ixcwiv0 wrote

What does Larry Krasner have to do with a hate crime in Colorado Springs?


Sheldon_Cooper_1 t1_ixd61iy wrote

Democrats not putting criminals in jail.