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ILaikspace t1_ivvb2rb wrote

I’ve come to understand it doesn’t have to do with having enough trash bins it’s having too many trash people


GreatWhiteRapper t1_ivullni wrote

Dogs just have had it ruff lately on this sub.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivuls0c wrote

Agree. The one about dogs not being allowed in coffee shops etc…

But this isn’t the dogs fault…this is their shit owner.


GreatWhiteRapper t1_ivulyi8 wrote

I did it for the pun.

But yes I agree I hate people who bag the shit but then can't be assed to take it to a trash can.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivuq2cf wrote

I thought it was funny, but it was also true.


muffpatty t1_ivup9wm wrote

While we are on the subject, don't put your shit bag in my empty trashcan on trash day so I have to smell it in my yard all week when the bag breaks. I don't have a dog. Dispose of your own pets shit or don't own a pet, you fucking animals.

Edit: probably downvoted by an entitled dog owner


gatitosforever t1_ivv91nv wrote

the city really needs more public trash cans


_whatthehell_iswater t1_ivwdbgp wrote

People just need to accept walking with poop bags until they get to their homes or find a public trash can. That is part of the responsibility of owning a dog.


Miserable-Effective2 t1_ivvu4or wrote

Yes and not those dumb trash compacting ones either, no one wants to touch the handle to open it so trash just piles up on top of the stupid thing.


Raecino t1_ivvkxli wrote

Agree 100% fuck them! It’s also ALWAYS the people who just moved here (around my way anyway), zero respect for the neighborhood and their neighbors.


dwfmba t1_ivv9p1j wrote

I'm so confused that there is a type of person who'd go to the length of bagging then ignoring this.


The-Waffle-Man t1_ivvzvuu wrote

Surprisingly common to find. As someone with a dog I’ll find people bagged their dogs shit but can’t be asked to carry it with them to the trash. It’s like they’re saying “well I did enough.” Idk. Maybe I’m half the problem since I’ll grab it and throw it in the trash since it’s already bagged.


_whatthehell_iswater t1_ivwcy78 wrote

I’m convinced only psychos do this.


sippycup21 t1_ivwptc9 wrote

not only did i leave my dog’s shit on the ground, i made sure it won’t just wash away with the next hard rain.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivuj0c6 wrote

This park is suppose to be no dogs. However, I totally get why it’s a great place to bring them and I bring my own from time to time. There is literally a trash can as you leave the park. Just throw your dog’s sh*t away. This is trashy and why we can’t have nice things.


Ng3me t1_ivv3k0g wrote

You’re just as bad as them, really. A “no dog” park is so kids don’t have to play in your dog’s shit.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivv3vpf wrote

bUt WhAt AbOuT tHe ChIlDrEn?!?


Ng3me t1_ivv4n2j wrote

BuT WhAt AbOuT mY dOG!1!!?


LBITruckee OP t1_ivv61jv wrote

He is better than most kids in this city.


Ng3me t1_ivv72uh wrote

And you’re more selfish than most. You’ve got a social order you’d like people to adhere to (poop bags) but a literally city ordinance enforcing a social order (no dogs) isn’t something you think is worth following. That’s pretty selfish.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivv7q8t wrote

Obviously you have never been near this park….but yes, get upset over something you know nothing about. You’re adorable.


Ng3me t1_ivvc72h wrote

I know the park. It’s full of dickheads walking their dogs.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivvcr6d wrote

Should see it now. So many dogs. Running around and happy. It’s glorious!


Proper-Code7794 t1_ivujbn6 wrote

Nothing says I love the environment more then putting organic matter in a trash bag then in another trash bag


LBITruckee OP t1_ivujg2h wrote

In defense of the green bags, they actually biodegrade fairly quickly. The ziplock…not so much.


SBRH33 t1_ivvdqe0 wrote

Dog shit bags are biodegradable.

Doesn't mean leave them all over the place as the the dog owner that does that is a dickhead.


Proper-Code7794 t1_ivvhktd wrote

they are inside of a trash bag??? where are you putting these "biodegradable" bags into?


RustedRelics t1_ivvl29c wrote

What’s your proposed alternative? Just leave the dog shit everywhere? Carry it in your hands? I get that bag-inside-bag isn’t great, but what’s a better option?


Proper-Code7794 t1_iw1s5mq wrote

Don't have a dog if you don't have a yard


RustedRelics t1_iw42j3h wrote

While I agree on this in principle, it’s not a solution to the issue as it exists in the here and now.


SBRH33 t1_ivvk1wy wrote

Understand how landfills work.


Proper-Code7794 t1_iw1s71e wrote

Not only do I understand actually took courses in college about how they work and putting fecal matter in double layers of plastic is probably the most inefficient and methane-producing thing you can do


SBRH33 t1_iw2b0pf wrote

Lol. Sure you did.

With a response like this, it is clear "yer full of shit"


goobdaddi t1_ivv8oi9 wrote

Ah yes the no dogs dog park. Idk what’s wrong with people. I actually don’t mind dogs using the park but the whole point is to avoid shit everywhere. Bagged or not.


LBITruckee OP t1_ivv8vh3 wrote

Yes, I agree completely. It wouldn’t be so bad if people just cleaned up properly after their dogs and threw it out in the trash


which_witch_ru t1_ivuqzy4 wrote

Frickin RUDE


No_Potential_6641 t1_ivvopby wrote

They bagged the doggo offerings. If that's rude to you your priorities are off. Do better.


ZiiKiiF t1_ivvqps5 wrote

But they didn’t throw them away. That’s the rude part


No_Potential_6641 t1_ivw2xo4 wrote

Not needed. Doggo feces are part of the earth and very much a natural fertilizer


Dickenstein69 t1_ivwd6p3 wrote

Lol then why even go through the effort of bagging it if they are going to do this? Leave it to nature instead of polluting the environment.


tacjos t1_ivulbd3 wrote

Can't count how many times I've cleaned up other dog shit at my local park, on the sidewalk outside, even in front of my own house..


LBITruckee OP t1_ivulgak wrote

There are about 6-7 bags there each time I go. Why even take the time to pick it up at that point?

Edit: why would this get downvoted. Lol

Guess people don’t like being called out.


sarahpullin8 t1_ivupnb6 wrote

It makes no sense. It’s better to just leave the shit so it washes away, instead of a bag. Those bags also become little poop bombs that ppl step on.


Devin1405 t1_ivuynpv wrote

Some ass around my block always makes sure to bag their dog's shit...then leave the bag. Why even bother at that point


Raecino t1_ivvkzax wrote

Cuz they’re a moron. I would collect those bags and drop them on their front steps.


IntoTheMirror t1_ivvgs2e wrote

I just don’t get it. Who do you think is gonna come around and get that for you? Because the answer is nobody. I have a park trash can on my walking route that the poop goes into. I know I’m just a dumb animal, but at least I pickup after my dog.


which_witch_ru t1_ivw0npr wrote

The poo itself is not rude, its the human who left it. Why bag it and tie it just to leave it, I wonder 🤔


Finger_Gunnz t1_ivvm13j wrote

Technically they did, they just didnt clean up after themselves….which some would argue is worse.


malkith313 t1_ivvspjt wrote

I've noticed tossing the bags into the street seems to be a growing trend too


joeheller22 t1_ivw5a3u wrote

The worst are the people that just deposit it on the sewer grate


_whatthehell_iswater t1_ivwcstf wrote

Only psychos go through all the effort of bringing a poop bag, using it and then not throwing it in a trash can. Prove me wrong.


howwhywuz t1_ivyplqu wrote

I would love a dog owner who does this to do an AMA. I just truly can't understand the rationale.

C'mon, it's the internet. You can be anonymous!


stressncoffee t1_ivwabv8 wrote

People suck! At my last place, one morning I walked outside and there was like 10-15 bags of poop on the stairs to the porch… I have no idea what we did wrong


[deleted] t1_ivuk070 wrote



LBITruckee OP t1_ivukh2a wrote

Not sure is go that far…this city has a lot worse


teknos1s t1_ivwfnm5 wrote

I don’t get this shit. Like if you’re gonna bag it, why not toss it?


YourMooseKing t1_ivy1hkc wrote

And they have trash cans at that park


Homegrownfunk t1_ivy2vhg wrote

Singular persons who place their bag of poop in my full recycling bin


The_Prince1513 t1_ivyhht2 wrote

It's really mind boggling. There's like three separate trash cans in the other area of the park you have to walk through to leave, one of which is literally right next to the exit of the park.

People are just lazy.


Allemaengel t1_ivyloq3 wrote

I work as a municipal park manager outside Philly and even with doggy waste bags and multiple trash cans provided, people still do this or worse, sling them to hang in the trees and bushes for me to clean up.

Just the way some people are, unfortunately.


[deleted] t1_ivuxh5h wrote

Philly is a shithole. Can’t wait till I leave this place. They do it all the time and leave on the corner.


Raecino t1_ivvl3il wrote

Hopefully the shitty dog owners will leave with you


xxxguzxxx t1_iw9ftsb wrote

Technically they did there’s just no trash can.