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The_Amazing_Emu t1_ixuby1k wrote

It’s also more logical. Manhattan doesn’t use downtown for the middle of their city, they use it for the southern part of their city (with uptown being the other side). For some reason, other cities started emulated New York‘s term without copying the reason it exists. Philadelphia didn’t do that, but recognized the middle of the city is center city.


throwaway4206983 t1_ixv2zlr wrote

Huh, TIL. I guess it complicates it a bit that a lot of people use the phrase "Hey come on down some time" in terms of visiting them from basically anywhere, regardless of the technical direction lol


B-BoyStance t1_ixvn78c wrote

I've always said come on up/down depending on the direction they'd be coming from. If they're West I say over

Which all just further complicates it lol


throwaway4206983 t1_ixvo2s5 wrote

I used to correct an ex jokingly about that and I think it pissed her off haha


Prestonelliot t1_ixvos51 wrote

No, this is what I do so i believe it’s correct


and_another_username t1_ixyiaqi wrote

And downashore. Even if west to east. Altitude lowers. So down the shore from anywhere inland still passes


Prestonelliot t1_iy081li wrote

I see where your heads at. Thanks for validating our phrasings lol. But it’s true


and_another_username t1_iy0sq6t wrote

I always use up/down in relation to direction too. If I’m in south philly it’s come on DOWN. Or UP in Bucks county.

But I’m so used to saying down the shore

Even if I was in South Carolina or something and went straight to the shore it’s still ‘down the shore’.
Always and forever. For better or worse lol