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Von7_3686 t1_ixury8u wrote

Shoot North and West Philly. Only the media really said center city when I was younger. It makes more sense why some call it downtown based on the side of town you are on.


APettyJ t1_ixvf992 wrote

Makes since for North Philly, but not for West. Glad I grew up in North, because I can see myself getting into countless petty, time-wasting debates with people calling it downtown if I spent a lot of time in West around people calling it that, much how I challenge people who talk about going "down to New York" while in Philly, or "up to DC".


Von7_3686 t1_ixvfvtd wrote

I mean you are literally going downtown , the numbers of the streets are getting lower. So makes sense, people calling areas uptown is a thing as well, not just in North Philly.


f0rf0r t1_iye8azw wrote

You go down to NY bc it sits at the bottom of the cultural gravity well that the entire rest of the world slowly gets sucked in to.

Like black holes bending space time.


Major_Zucchini5315 t1_ixwyn9h wrote

I grew up in west Philly and everyone called it downtown. If you really want to start a debate ask why there are neighborhoods north of market st referred to as ‘the top’ and ‘the bottom’. 😁