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Republican_Wet_Dream t1_ixgux9x wrote

This sounds amazing.

I’ve got a show to play. Otherwise, I’d bring the cranberries.

Do you do events like this often?


shann0n420 OP t1_ixhafrd wrote

Yep! Every Wednesday at love park and Saturdays in Kensington!


VivaRae t1_ixh2xdf wrote

This is awesome! If I wasn’t already committed I would absolutely come. Community events like this need to happen more, thanks for inviting everyone that’s really kind ❤️ also if you do this next year I’m coming for sure!


sarahpullin8 t1_ixh5tfc wrote

Remember when they did this in New Jack City?


pigeon_simulator t1_ixis778 wrote

I was literally about to make a post on here asking if there was something for someone to do that doesn't have family or friends here. See you there!


shann0n420 OP t1_ixist72 wrote

Looking forward to meeting you! Come a little early if you’d like to help set up 😊


guccitaint t1_ixii2ca wrote

May the universe bless you OP for your act of kindness