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BigShawn424 t1_iy5y1jf wrote

Shooting at the wawa at 34th and Market and a shooting on civic center boulevard and university ave.

And the below comment


sandwichpepe t1_iy5yikx wrote

and a stolen vehicle with a child in it too. given the location of the choppers it’s prob for the kid


JawnStreetLine t1_iy5yxyw wrote

Oh shit, also a carjacking with kids and guns in the car 15 min ago at 52 and Walnut. They’re looking for the vehicle now. Ffs.


hjeff51 t1_iy5z8ir wrote

this makes sense. there are currently 3 helicopters sweeping over the hood around 50 walnut.


exercisejeans t1_iy68x5f wrote

What tools do you use to get up-to-the-minute info like this? I've tried to find a police blotter but haven't found anything that seems to work


JawnStreetLine t1_iy69oi1 wrote

I use Citizen app, though I turn the alerts off and just open it when I’m looking for details about something. Those alerts will turn you into a hermit.


exercisejeans t1_iy6ahah wrote

Agh yeah ok. I really don't want Citizen for the exact reasons you described, but might have to cave. Thanks.


NonIdentifiableUser t1_iy60duk wrote

Absolutely ridiculous. There’s thousands of people coming and going right now through these intersections. I swear these clowns now are so fucking brazen. I don’t recall this many shootings in heavily trafficked areas in the past, they just DGAF anymore. Probably teenagers.


Unpopular_couscous t1_iy6ydtu wrote

Maybe if more people have guns it'll stop? /s


emet18 t1_iy72lk4 wrote

Maybe if we let more criminals go it will stop? /s


Unpopular_couscous t1_iy84jsf wrote

Or, just hear me out! Maybe we defund public schools even further and ban abortions and then it'll stop /s


ColdJay64 t1_iyacymm wrote

Update on the 34th and Market shooting - it was a road rage incident and they arrested the person.


morry32 t1_iy61jqe wrote

>Probably teenagers.

based on what?


NonIdentifiableUser t1_iy61q5n wrote

Not that any criminal is a genius or shows restraint , but teenagers seem to have even worse impulse control and probably shoot people wherever.


morry32 t1_iy65hor wrote

but what is that based on?


teenagers make it sound like a crime of happenstance, what if its mothers and grandmother? Changes a bit doesn't it?


McCooms t1_iy68pdy wrote

It’s based on who is doing the majority of the shootings in the city. Why is that a problematic speculation?


trashtrucktoot t1_iy69tx1 wrote

I've lived in W.Philly most my life, teenagers scare me the most. I've three 'situations' and they all involved teenagers. Also, I was once a teenager so I understand their mentality.

A baby copperhead s ake is more dangerous than an adult because it doesn't have restraint on how much venom it injects. An adult will bite you multiple times if needed. ... or so I was told as a kid.


Soft_Nuggs t1_iy60y5e wrote

Do you have anymore info on the Wawa shooting or a link?


ColdJay64 t1_iy6hk4m wrote

Saw this on Twitter:

"SHOTS FIRED at 34th & Market St at the Wawa. No injuries reported."

Crazy that people can't handle the existence of a convenience store.

Edit: it was a road rage incident and the person was arrested


lemmingsagain t1_iy68sws wrote

They found both the child and the vehicle.


jamin_g t1_iy6u43f wrote

As much as we have a crime problem, the last 3 times a car was jacked with a kid, the kid (and car) were returned safe.


Darius_Banner t1_iy7rvor wrote

Badly traumatized, no less. Imagine how pathetic you’d have to be to see a kid and continue with your carjacking p


ratmoustache t1_iy7tvrd wrote

They’re just not paying attention, when stealing a vehicle they don’t check for occupants, tire pressure, make sure the all the turn signals and brake lights are working properly. They just bail if there’s a baby in it, they do t want the heat


DiegoSancho57 t1_iy8uqcw wrote

Been in jail with people this has happened to. Can confirm. Definitely an accident 😂. Also was in their with someone who was on Xanax and thought he was getting into his own car at the gas station cuz he had the same one. Makes sense to me. I’ve done that shit. If the keys were in the car and it was a push start I prolly really would accidentally drive off.


wooderisis t1_iy674g3 wrote

>Authorities say a man was making deliveries and left the car running with his 4-year-old inside when the suspects jumped in and took the vehicle.

Not the driver's fault that people suck ass or that childcare in this country is out of reach for many people, but COME ON.


Darius_Banner t1_iy7s1jd wrote

That said, and regardless of crime, what kind of moron leaves their car running when they go inside? My 4 year old would immediately start messing with the controls, and I don’t think people appreciate the exhaust either


airjordano t1_iy8nl8r wrote

I second the exhaust comment, but a 4 yr old should be able to reach any controls when sitting in the rear in a child car seat.


dc122186 t1_iy966ym wrote

LOL you think someone who is negligent enough to leave their child in an unlocked, running car in Philly really has that kid strapped into an appropriate child seat?


airjordano t1_iy9wc4p wrote

No, but neither does the person who's comment I replied to apparently lol


trashtrucktoot t1_iy6592b wrote

UPenn alert said all clear but I don't know. I'm gonna stay inside just in case. The copters are still flying around.


[deleted] t1_iy60zua wrote



QuadrupleCompound OP t1_iy61p68 wrote

The link I put in the other comment had a live video of the crime scene—nothing happening when I last checked, just cops talking to witnesses. Seemed like the video was from the helicopter


watwatinjoemamasbutt t1_iy6k6hv wrote

Was it a shitty looking black Hyundai? Asshole almost ran over me as I was leaving work and subsequently ran 2 stop lights. Of course no headlights.


K3R3G3 t1_iy74zux wrote

The stolen vehicle with the 4 y/o inside was a black 2019 Honda CR-V


IntrovertedGiraffe t1_iy6gzgs wrote

There was a hostage situation after a robbery in KoP too, so tons of helicopters in the suburbs all day as well


JawnMadden t1_iy61oq8 wrote

Not watching the news, but there was also a 2-car accident on 76 southbound in the left most lane right where the 676 off-ramp merges onto 76 about 30 minutes ago.


violetauto t1_iy7qq6l wrote

This makes me think we should have a huge symbol on the roof of our car - easily seen from above


porkchameleon t1_iy8aw14 wrote

How many were there? I just had at least three buzzing around really low for quite a bit not two weeks ago, happens regularly now.


WeJustDid46 t1_iy5zxwo wrote

Just another shooting in the City of Brotherly Love.


morry32 t1_iy61mx6 wrote

that can't be true or the helicopters would be everywhere all the time?


WeJustDid46 t1_iy62e3z wrote

They are. There are shootings in the City of Brotherly Love every day, all day long.


morry32 t1_iy65mit wrote

so you really believe that?

how many equals "every day all day long" because that ain't no metric for changing shit


WeJustDid46 t1_iy667yh wrote

We are at 332 days in 2022. There have been 400 homicides in Philadelphia so far this year.


morry32 t1_iy67b4i wrote

keep going you almost there my friend


those are numbers, do you not think crime doesn't exist everywhere? Everything is in relation to something else, I am going to assume you don't want them arresting people before they commit a crime, right?


WeJustDid46 t1_iy68p0t wrote

Crime does exist everywhere, however, you are more likely to be a victim of crime in Philadelphia than you are if you live in Downingtown.


GreenAnder t1_iy6macj wrote

This isn’t true at all, the cities have more ppl but you’re statistically safer than other areas that have more crime per capita


WeJustDid46 t1_iy6embw wrote

You poor, poor, people, you cannot even see the writing on the wall.


WeJustDid46 t1_iy6lzd4 wrote

You must be agreeing with mu statement because your use of a double negative proves I’m right.


morry32 t1_iy6osqr wrote

go on and tell me why what you said wasn't racist?


WeJustDid46 t1_iy6r5d1 wrote

Actually, I am very liberal. You bringing up racism, must have a guilty conscience. Good bye.


WeJustDid46 t1_iy66fbj wrote

Today is day 332 in 2022. There have been 400 homicides in Philadelphia so far this year. Down vote this fact.


FasterThanTW t1_iy6xvx4 wrote

lol at the krasner simps downvoting crime statistics