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muffpatty t1_iwsxxsm wrote

That was so loud I muted my tv for a couple seconds. No for real I thought we were being invaded, but I didn't get off the couch. I thought about it though.


danmyoo t1_iwsw0j7 wrote

It was a plane. Don't know what it was because it didn't show up on any of the flight radar maps. Most likely a military plane


Angsty_Potatos t1_iwsw7yi wrote

That's what I was thinking. Sounded like a fly over for the eagles game but just kept getting louder


IRPhysicist t1_iwt1nyp wrote

Last time I heard a roar like that it was a b2 bomber taking off from Dayton.


kittylover3210 t1_iwsvylr wrote

heard this in east passyunk!!! thought a plane was either about to crash on my house or Russia was finally bombing us


RufusLaButte t1_iwswz4y wrote

Omg me too I'm in EP and I was like this is the end


lilspacebunny t1_iwtthpj wrote

also in EP. it was not fun consoling my vietnamese refugee grandparents due to the planes being severely triggering 🙃


illusionmists t1_iwuswkk wrote

I’m so sorry. I hope they’re feeling better this morning ❤️


8Draw t1_iwx6ya2 wrote

Heard in pennsport about as loud as an eagles game flyover, but prolonged. Headed south best I could tell.


sbamericana t1_iwsvynq wrote

Yup it was super weird and prolonged.


DaCheat452 t1_iwswc3j wrote

Right? Almost like it was hovering for a minute.


86beesinatrenchcoat t1_iwswmd4 wrote

So UFOs are considering landing in Philly?


InB4Clive t1_iwsxmb9 wrote

They took one look and decided against it.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_iwt9cjy wrote

One of the upsides of our chaos is aliens will pass us over. We will be the last outpost of humanity on a colonized world


SouthPhilly_215 t1_iwtj6yq wrote

Greetings Aliens… Does that spacecraft have a catalytic converter? Lol


ILoveKittensAndCats t1_iwt1ox4 wrote

And then the noise just stopped.


jnebish t1_iwujptn wrote

YES. It just stopped. We live near 10th & Snyder and it sounded like it suddenly stopped right over our house like the pilot shut the engine off or something.


briizilla t1_iwuo27q wrote

I live close to Bidens DE residence and at the beginning of the summer they scrambled a fighter jet because a small plane flew too close or something. It was so loud even from far away that I ran outside to see what was flew right over my house and even though I was watching it and knew exactly what it was it was so unbelievably loud that it still startled me as it flew over. It was incredible.


PHL852 t1_iwsw2lx wrote

Yes heard by Center City. I think low flying military aircraft.


sjm320 t1_iwswlis wrote

I heard it there too. I looked at the temperature and thought, “Isn’t it a little cold for those assholes to be ATVing down Broad Street?”


toss_it_out_tomorrow t1_iwt9mn9 wrote

I was over visiting someone in the Delran area and heard it. Maguire isn't too far away so military aircraft sounds about right


vi_girl t1_iwsw8ne wrote

it was a USAF KC-10 tanker landing at macguire. that was LOUD

EDIT: or maybe not, some ppl claiming it was headed south while the KC10 was north of the city headed east. in any case there's a lot happening tonight.


AndyOB t1_iwswov2 wrote

Curious how you know this? Not doubting you, just curious if you got a source.


SchleppyJ4 t1_iwuxjmw wrote

Adsbexchange and FlightRadar24 show this kinda stuff.


b-man091 t1_iwsx3uw wrote

I don’t think so. This plane was not on adsbexchange (i checked immediately as it was so loud) while that kc10 was north of the city en route to McGuire. This plane was heading due south.


vi_girl t1_iwsxd8j wrote

it did show up north of the city, I think it's pretty normal for military aircraft to not be 100% accurate on ADS, they have their own system (for example they shut it off entirely once they got out of the city, and the gps froze in one spot)

I could be wrong


golfpro2116 t1_iwsy77h wrote

Looks like there is a bunch flying around. Seems like the only reasonable explanation, but who knows


GetGalvanized t1_iwt17n5 wrote

Don’t think so. It went right over my house in Havertown. It was probably heading ESE


danmyoo t1_iwswq1k wrote

It was heading south towards the airport


ebbycalvinlaloosh t1_iwsx78f wrote

Doubt. Macguire is far away enough that it wouldn’t have been that low.


vi_girl t1_iwsxpeb wrote

flightradar showed 3500ft I didn't see it IRL


Thorinprod t1_iwtilu6 wrote

It wasn't the KC-10, I was on it and we aren't that loud. It was an F/A-18 that landed at PHL.


vi_girl t1_iwuwp6j wrote

next time do u mind shutting off the afterburners before descent , it was pretty damn loud


Thorinprod t1_iwuyx5k wrote

I wish we had afterburners. I'm in the 10, not the 18. I doubt they had afterburners on, fighters are just that loud


PHL852 t1_iwsy795 wrote

Don’t think so. That plane was away from the city around the same time. Something else flew over us.


DaCheat452 t1_iwswr62 wrote

It didn't look that big, but I only got a quick look at it as it flew overhead.


Aqua1014 t1_iwswn14 wrote

holy shit that thing is huge, no wonder it was so loud for so long


Top-Service1115 t1_iww3keb wrote

The noise people are describing sounds more fighter jet than KC10.


4cereal t1_iwsz9yo wrote

It was this. There’s no callsign and I just happened to catch it on the radar right before it disappeared.


Juicy_Cheeseberders t1_iwt4jnm wrote

It was a EA-18G Growler (electronic warfare version of the F-18

Callsign "IRONCLAW 1".

IRONCLAW 2 landed earlier at Baltimore's BWI


DaCheat452 t1_iwt093s wrote

This checks out with what I saw. It looked like it was flying right down broad street.


stopatthecatch t1_iwsvznq wrote

And there was nothing on Flight Tracker….


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_iwszm8r wrote

It showed up on . It didn't have its registration number and said it was military. I looked because I heard it here (Logan Square). It was at something like 2000 feet. (I forget the exact number) It had come down the Schuylkill, gone though Center City, and basically headed straight down Broad Street.


4cereal t1_iwt1oas wrote


Juicy_Cheeseberders t1_iwt4hrm wrote

It was a EA-18G Growler (electronic warfare version of the F-18

Callsign "IRONCLAW 1".

IRONCLAW 2 landed earlier at Baltimore's BWI


golfpro2116 t1_iwt4pw3 wrote

How do you know?


Juicy_Cheeseberders t1_iwt6eh8 wrote

In town to perform a flyover at the Villanova game on Saturday


K3R3G3 t1_iwti19x wrote

Any idea how that works? How the college gets them to do it? Do they have to pay or do various events put in a request for a flyover? I know private colleges make assloads of money, but are they spending it to get fighter jets to fly over sports games?


Juicy_Cheeseberders t1_iwtltx5 wrote

You have to make a request to the Navy, AirForce, Army etc.

It's a public outreach thing that helps with recruiting. The flying also counts toward pilot training hours, as I understand.

You can read more here: well as the official request form:


K3R3G3 t1_iwttfn5 wrote

Ahh, the recruiting bit makes sense. I figured there had to be some benefit. I've known for while that they're not just moving planes and making a trip there for that. They make it part of the training and schedule things so it's a swing-by in the process of something necessary, like getting the craft where it needs to be. It's not cheap to fly them. Thanks - I'll check out the links.


IRPhysicist t1_iwt2qol wrote

What was it? A tanker?


[deleted] t1_iwt8row wrote



baldude69 t1_iwtiat2 wrote

Usually not at 2000 AGL, though. I’ve seen KC10s fly over Philly frequently, but they’re usually triple that altitude or more. I always assumed they were flying out of McGuire or Dover, but judging that I usually see them running East/West I assumed McGuire since that flight path makes more sense. The never show up on FlightTracker but show up on abs exchange. It’s an unusual flight pattern for one of these, but could be it had to make a landing at PHL since people reported it going south down Broad.


Thorinprod t1_iwtij8i wrote

We're usually around 3,000. This particular guy was an F/A-18, heard him on the radio


baldude69 t1_iwtip1i wrote

Interesting wonder what the deal was. Running south down Broad almost sets him up for approach at PHL


Thorinprod t1_iwtj05a wrote

He landed at PHL, I heard him on ATC as we were coming in. It's weird that he went to Philly, he either broke and had to emergency down, or the Navy is up to their tricks


baldude69 t1_iwtjjvb wrote

Yep that’s a really unusual visitor for Philly, we hardly see any military jets. No indication from ATC chatter why he was landing?


Thorinprod t1_iwtjwnm wrote

I was spacing out looking at stars and stuff, I didn't hear anything weird. It could be the Navy showing off the jet to politicians or people in the area, I don't know. Sometimes we just land places for fun


EDIT: Another comment found out. It was an EA-18 in town to do a flyover for the Villanova game.


bukkakedebeppo t1_iwutu53 wrote

Well, damn. That was the loudest plane I've ever heard. It must have been flying as slow as it could, too.


Thorinprod t1_iwuuj5b wrote

F/A-18s are no where near the loudest jets out there, F-16s are louder, and a B-1 has 4 F-16 engines on it


bukkakedebeppo t1_iwuy8yq wrote

And a Falcon Heavy is probably louder than all of those, but I've never had one pass over me at 2000 feet, either. When a B-1 buzzes my roof, I'll amend my comment.


Thorinprod t1_iwuz6zd wrote

Fighters passing by is the sound of merica protecting you, it never gets old


zoicyte t1_iwu6nqh wrote

You hear/see them down at ACY all the time tho.


baldude69 t1_iwuiovm wrote

Oh yea bigtime. Them and A-10s all day. One of my favorite parts of sitting on the AC beaches


zoicyte t1_iwuivk0 wrote

Seeing a fighter take off as you pass the airport on the expressway is always a treat. Those fuckers are loud as hell.


ReginaldStarfire t1_ix5icqy wrote

My dad loved seeing C-130s flying over the beach. He always said that if he had served in the military he would have wanted to fly Hercs.


RoughRhinos t1_iwsw1xw wrote

Yeah that was the loudest plane I've ever heard not at an airport


BenDanBreak t1_iwsyp7k wrote

I am so grateful for this thread lol, that was one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard


Angsty_Potatos t1_iwsw00k wrote

Yup. Down here in east Passyunk and it was scary loud wtf was that


DaCheat452 t1_iwsvzpt wrote

It was a plane of sorts. Really low and really loud.


sophisticatedtruffle t1_iwsw2go wrote

I heard it in Brewerytown. It spooked us and I came here to see if anyone else heard it!!


duhduhman t1_iwsw9kv wrote

did it just go away suddenly?


dancing_light t1_iwsxmu5 wrote

That’s how if felt! As soon as my husband and I commented on it, it seemed to stop right away.


ShoeFullofBeans t1_iwt1cus wrote

This is what made me question if it was a plane.. the sound just stopped. Usually it tails out.


JimBucksbury t1_iwsw1uw wrote

Yes, it sounded like low-flying jets, but it passed by slowly, almost like a group of helicopters.


xpeebsx t1_iwswb2g wrote

It was scary


Halloweentwin2 OP t1_iwswdkr wrote

My ears are like in pain from it! So creepy


mangoteacooler t1_iwswljx wrote

I heard it in Fitler Square, it was so loud that I expected see a plane flying by at street level when I looked out the window - flightradar24 didn’t show anything.


Agalir t1_iwsyz2n wrote

Im down here in south philly and it was suuuuper loud. Thought it was a jet but the sound lasted way too long. What's your theory?


Bored_Panda_ t1_iwt7948 wrote

Came here just to post this and I was glad I was not the only one wondering about this. I was watching Seinfeld which was a bit loud, but the noise kept becoming ever louder and louder. By the time I would have felt I need to pause and go check what is happening, it stopped. Very spooky. Does anyone have a high quality recording of the sound? Maybe someone will have a video of it by tomorrow? Feeling very uncomfortable not knowing what just happened here.


muffpatty t1_iwtbpbf wrote

I was also watching Seinfeld, the Elaine mannequin one. High-five. ✋


dentduv t1_iwte7rr wrote

Me three. The subway one where Elaine goes to a lesbian wedding


Bored_Panda_ t1_iwugpf8 wrote

I feel like I forgot the exact episode I was on. But it was probably the first episode of Season 7, as I was on the fourth episode one hour later when I stopped and started wondering about what that noise was, before coming here to check. We should do a Seinfeld Philly watching party somewhere!


lasion2 t1_iwsxfn2 wrote

Yup. Sounded like a really, really low plane. Slow moving too, right?


LilTheGiant t1_iwsy1x5 wrote

Slow and low, east to west. Sounded like missed approach, but nothing that adds up on flight trackers. Definitely airplane and loud AF, Pennsport.


DaCheat452 t1_iwsyjcl wrote

It was definitely flying south towards the airport.


acama23 t1_iwsy6b5 wrote

Heard a low plane in HAVERTOWN. Lower than normal.


GetGalvanized t1_iwt1qxf wrote

I’m in Havertown too. Heard it so loud and clear. Makes me think it was going ESE based on other comments here.


Mindless-Location784 t1_iwsydt1 wrote

Cant imagine it was a military plane. That shit would’ve been gone in like a few seconds. That shit was fucking loud and was over the city for at least 15 seconds. And the whole city heard it


zwirjosemito t1_iwt0dzd wrote

Most of the aircraft at McGuire AFB are cargo and logistical support aircraft: loud as hell, and not even remotely as fast as the jet fighters people typically associate with “military aircraft.”


ylli101 t1_iwszmco wrote

I was playing warzone and I thought it was the plane before you drop, it was at the same time lol then my so told me to take off my headphones and ask if I could hear it


mrchingchongwingtong t1_iwt7xj0 wrote

heard it too (center city), my guess is probably some plane, probably military since it didn't show up on any maps


William_d7 t1_iwuqy7e wrote

Could it have been the big Antonov that keeps picking up military deliveries at PHL?


thuhboatboat t1_iwthtzl wrote

I heard one just like this in Newark, DE yesterday. It was so loud it stopped me in my tracks.


crispydukes t1_iwukyqk wrote

I heard it in Pennsport.

After it was so loud for so long, I popped my head out and looked. It was an aircraft flying due south right over us, maybe a little west of us.

It was too far away to determine if it was a plane or helicopter.


krakenvictim t1_iwuz40a wrote

Heard in queens village on 5th too!


mikearmato t1_iwt3wsx wrote

Air Force base in south Jersey. Probably something coming in..


hbcadlac t1_iwt5u8l wrote

Sounded like a Hypersonic testicular missle