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ProfessorFloob t1_iy028nh wrote

Also pretty sure it’s also state law in PA to have your headlights on if your windshield wipers are on


b0b0tempo t1_iy0fzsm wrote

PA, New Jersey, and Delaware.


Frankjc3rd t1_iy0hm5o wrote

If I remember the timeline correctly it was actually a law in New Jersey before it took effect in Pennsylvania. I visited friends in New Jersey so I went ahead and followed it in PA anyway.🚘💡


heathers1 t1_iy1839n wrote

Yessss before the time change they were invisible add in some rain and boom!


VeryStab1eGenius t1_iy0n9et wrote

I don’t understand how headlights don’t come on automatically when the wipers are deployed. It should be standard.


d0gbait t1_iy0urwl wrote

I'm not sure how new but more modern cars definitely do this. I have a 2017 Wrangler that automatically turns the headlights on when the wipers go on.


GaymoSexual t1_iy1n79c wrote

Wait there are laws in Philadelphia?


Eugene_Levy t1_iy1yxh3 wrote

They're not laws, so much as what will happen to you if you don't follow them... because of the implication.


dbrjr t1_iy038nl wrote

Majority of the drivers on the road need to retake a driving class. Holy shit.


CathedralEngine t1_iy081q2 wrote

You’re assuming people have licenses.


gigibuffoon t1_iy0td52 wrote

This right here! I'm convinced that most drivers just got behind the wheel and got going without ever learning to drive


THExDANKxKNIGHT t1_iy1416r wrote

You don't even need to learn how to drive to get one. I went through a parking lot around a shopping center and then parallel parked and that was it.


throwthataway2012 t1_iy1i4h6 wrote

I consider myself a great driver now but when I got my license... Sheesh I still remember cringing during half the test because of all my fuckups. Still got my license. Guy taking it at the same time as me failed and he was crying on the side and his mom was talking to the instructor and he was saying "I had too, he was driving on the wrong side of the road". Seems like that is the limit for passing.


Purple_Drank t1_iy2h4m7 wrote

I heard a rumor that during quarantine they just handed out driving licenses like candy to new drivers because of quarantine restrictions.


beeps-n-boops t1_iy0efox wrote

IMO we need to make the drivers test MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH harder... and we also need to make people re-test every 10 years or so (and every fucking year after age 75).


foodfoodfloof t1_iy22o1z wrote

Retest is the key. People will forget everything they learn no matter how hard it js


PennyLiner t1_iy35lpx wrote

Agreed 100%. Drivers should be retested every 5 years until age 65, when it should drop to every 3 years, then at age 77, test every 2 years, then after age 85, annual testing. Our abilities to drive diminish with age.

Let's give standardized high school tests to Congress on the same schedule, for the same reasons.


beeps-n-boops t1_iy5rn9l wrote

> Let's give standardized high school tests to Congress on the same schedule, for the same reasons.



Ajaws24142822 t1_iy0e76t wrote

My new take is that cops actually need to do more traffic stops and penalties for reckless driving and speeding and shit needs to be much more.

People are horrible, dangerous drivers, and the highway patrol needs to start ramping their shit up


ChangingtheSpectrum t1_iy0ju8s wrote

lol when's the last time you saw someone pulled over for blocking the left hand lane? Not even just in Philly, the northeast in general?

They really don't do shit.


Ajaws24142822 t1_iy18h7q wrote

Bro in Philly people park in the middle between the yellow lines. Traffic enforcement doesn’t mean jack shit to Philly PD lol


THExDANKxKNIGHT t1_iy14idn wrote

That's never going to solve the issue, just make people hate cops more than they already do. It needs to be harder to get a license in the first place, let's face it parallel parking isn't a good indicator of driving ability or understanding of traffic laws. You should be required to have time behind the wheel and classes should be readily available, use some of that money wasted on the cops to actually teach people how to drive.


Ajaws24142822 t1_iy18duk wrote

100% yeah actually, in the first place the license needs to be way harder to get

However people are wayyyy too comfortable driving like fucking lunatics on 95 and highways and I’d much prefer if fines and punishment for shit like reckless driving and speeding was more severe. Make people actually face consequences, im not trying to get in an accident because some dumbfuck was tailgating me while I was going 20 over the speed limit in a 55


bierdimpfe t1_iy0bxxb wrote

This is becoming evident even just in this thread


mc_it t1_iy3rb5v wrote

Majority of people who didn't drive more than once a month during Covid should, because people who are getting back on the road are driving like it's the Indy 500 or Forza Motorsport or something.

And that's not even mentioning wipers, headlights, or distracted driving.


Globalist_Nationlist t1_iy0j75h wrote

Every year in Los Angeles in rains like 7 times and half of the drivers don't have their headlights on.

Always wondered if it's just cause it doesn't rain much..

Sounds like these idiots live everywhere.


Due_Fill608 t1_iy0cb58 wrote

P.S. Your daytime running lights don't count. We need those taillights to see you too.


d0gbait t1_iy0voxk wrote

Not absolving the driver of any fault, but some manufacturers definitely make their DRLs so bright that to the driver, it might trick you into thinking your headlights are on. Regardless, onus is on the driver.


sm0lshit t1_iy13wri wrote

Also, it's because in modern cars the gauge cluster comes on brighter than the fucking sun even when your headlights are off.


GeneralKlinger t1_iy1p9nr wrote

Also, most modern cars allow you to adjust the brightness. My wife had hers on max off the dealer lot. I never noticed it until I drove one night and was blinded. One click off max and it dropped 50%.


[deleted] t1_ixzygcx wrote



pizzaforme123 t1_iy0uxf2 wrote

I legitimately don't know if newer cars just have excessively bright low lights or if people just drive around with their high beams on all the freaking time. But for me in my little car, I don't love having to use my hand to block my side mirror so people's lights don't blast me in the face..


Hockeythree_0 t1_iy13ot6 wrote

What’s just as bad are the pavement princess trucks with 5 light bars that crawl up your ass and blind you.


coreythebuckeye t1_iy15l6f wrote

It’s also people replacing their headlights with shitty ones from walmart and then installing them incorrectly.


dersnappychicken t1_iy0qzjl wrote

Those auto high beams are the dumbest thing they’ve made standard in a long, long time.


ExileOnBroadStreet t1_iy0wy16 wrote

Then they turn off because of streetlights or even if the moon is too bright up ahead lol they are the worst


ChipmunkFood t1_iy1oa81 wrote

I always disable those automatic things. They really just automatically screw things up.


RunnyBabbit23 t1_iy0am9l wrote

It’s not just the rain. I’ve noticed over the last several weeks numerous cars - way more than normal - driving at night without their lights on. How do these people not notice? Also, your car is new dude - why don’t you have them set to automatic?


nalc t1_iy0qj7r wrote

> How do these people not notice?

LCD instrument clusters light up whether it's day or night out, and daytime running lights provide a modicum of forward illumination. So it's a lot easier for people to not realize it than it was 25 years ago when having your lights off meant you couldn't see shit and your instrument cluster was dark


themanpotato t1_iy642kx wrote

Good point. I drive a ‘93 and if my headlights aren’t on there are also zero interior lights on.


rovinchick t1_iy0jecz wrote

I never understood why people ever go off of auto, but then I valet parked my car during the day and they turned my lights from auto to off. Took me a while that evening to notice and switch the lights on.


finding_bliss t1_iy3kmc9 wrote

I have this irrational fear that the lights won’t actually turn off when I turn the car off, and that I’ll wake up to a dead battery!!!


sportyseapig t1_iy0j9vi wrote

The other day I accidentally started driving without my lights (it’s not automatic, City was bright enough I didn’t notice) and I was SO embarrassed when I realized that that’s what the pedestrian was waving at me for


themeatbridge t1_iy0ibz3 wrote

When I lived in the city, more than once, I found myself driving around the well-lit streets without realizing my lights are off. The street lights are often bright enough to make you forget, especially on one-way streets, where oncoming traffic can't flash their beams at you to let you know.


RunnyBabbit23 t1_iy0k2lk wrote

Now that I think about it, I actually haven’t noticed it in Center City as much, but I see it all the time on 76. It’s dark enough that I would think people would definitely notice.

Or maybe they don’t because it seems like there’s just as many people that leave their brights on when they’re on there as well.


ratmoustache t1_ixzx4zb wrote

It’s always some mook in a rain colored car and usually going dangerously slow or fast. Normal people with situational awareness turn their goddam headlights on

Edit: I’m not a big proponent of laws but “wipers on lights on” makes absolute sense


rndljfry OP t1_ixzyzcg wrote

I counted 6 between exit 345 and 350 today


GreyAardvark t1_iy1nh59 wrote

What is a mook?


ratmoustache t1_iy1ntpq wrote

A mook is someone who can’t google a word for themselves so they have to ask about it on reddit.

Edit: a mook is someone who is lazy, and possibly stupid, a waste of space, just a generic term for somebody I don’t like. It has no racial undertones or connotation


ChipmunkFood t1_iy1ol2r wrote

You speak (write) deep wisdom!!!


ratmoustache t1_iy1p8vz wrote

Ahah no now I feel bad, it is kinda an obscure term.


ChipmunkFood t1_iy1qlte wrote

Don't feel bad. I liked the sarcasm.
(But I did look up the word!).
I remember someone once posted on a tech help site something like:
"How do I find more information on the XYZ computer language?"
Someone else replied, "Well there's this thing called google...".
I loved that answer! Genius smartass.


ratmoustache t1_iy1s1ko wrote

Yah man, always step 1: at least try to google it. I know these mfckrs have internet access

I keep mook, chud, and schlub on rotation. They’re super applicable and don’t have any gross impact (like from HR department)


Adventurous_Key3647 t1_iy03kov wrote

And keep your hazards off for Christ sake! It’s rain not locusts.


bierdimpfe t1_iy087lz wrote

Keep em on if you're under 40mph on a limited access roadway.


Adventurous_Key3647 t1_iy08y4e wrote


I’ve always understood as not only the law in most states but also common sense to only turn hazards on if… well if there’s a hazard. And if you’re stopped on the side of the road. No need to drive with them on if you’re not indicating a hazard to others. If it’s raining. We all know it’s raining. Just keep driving or don’t if you can’t handle it.


bierdimpfe t1_iy0bdwe wrote

> If you must drive below 40 mph on a limited access highway, use your hazard (four-way) flashers to warn the drivers behind you.

PA Drivers Manual, chapter 3


themeatbridge t1_iy0iu1n wrote

If you are driving 40 mph on a freeway, you are a hazard.


Adventurous_Key3647 t1_iy0j621 wrote

Not when it’s raining. Everyone is driving slower. 40 mph on the right lane in heavy downpour is normal and not a hazard. You are driving at the same pace as everyone else.

If you’re driving 40 for some reason on the highway and it’s a clear day then yes you are a hazard.


themeatbridge t1_iy0kr7i wrote

>Everyone is driving slower.

If you're in the middle of traffic, you're right. Same reason you don't need your hazards whilst stuck in traffic on 76.

But if you are alone on the road, turn on your hazards. You don't know that other drivers are also driving slower unless you can see them.


Jethro_Cull t1_iy0h2et wrote

This. Also, if your hazards are on, how are you going signal for turns and lane changes?


Adventurous_Key3647 t1_iy0hdya wrote

Exactly. Thank you. There really is no benefit to having hazards on and if anything it’s a danger.

In Florida it is almost embarrassing to have the hazards on. Here, I feel like I’m the weird one for not putting them on during a light drizzle but I’m going to keep singing my truth. Y’all are wrong


sdaidiwts t1_iy0vvf4 wrote

I LOVE when people use their hazards to parallel park. It's been a minute since I saw this, but I did today.


MrLivefromthe215 t1_iy0bku9 wrote

Heavy rain and going below 40 turn em on. Light rain then keep em off


McIgglyTuffMuffin t1_iy3g38k wrote

Last week someone was in the left lane of 95 with their hazards on, going at exactly the speed limit. And I noticed them doing this for a couple of miles.

I don't understand people.


Rizzer16 t1_iy112tw wrote

When I told a coworker to turn on her headlights in the rain, her response was “I can see fine”.


electric_creamsicle t1_iy0dnq9 wrote

Lol you're asking people to put them on in the rain? There's a bunch of cars out that don't even put them on when it's pitch black out.


LowPermission9 t1_iy0iydv wrote

Many cars have 100% tint and no license plates. Something tells me they could give 0 fucks about headlights.


beeps-n-boops t1_iy0e3x5 wrote

And, not your fucking DRLs, turn on your actual headlights.


turbosexophonicdlite t1_iy0zked wrote

Really you should just have your lights on at all times, it makes your car much more visible, even in good visibility conditions. Almost all newer cars have lights that automatically go off when you turn the car off so "accidentally leaving them running" is barely even an excuse anymore.


b0b0tempo t1_iy0fxh4 wrote crumb bums!


TIMELORD317 t1_iy12reo wrote

People who dont use their headlights are NOT browsing Reddit lol


OttomanTwerk t1_iy1twbk wrote

Let's start with the basics. Turn on your headlights at night.


JBizznass t1_iy0cjho wrote

I drove on 95 from Delco up to the northeast and like a good 30-40% of the cars didn’t have their headlights on. Idiots!


dherrmann t1_iy0877r wrote

Isn’t it automatic in most cars these days? I swear that some do it on purpose.


beeps-n-boops t1_iy0e929 wrote

You still have to turn the dial to auto.

Also: so many fucking idiots who think their DRLs are the same as their headlights.


ElectricalMud2850 t1_iy0g50u wrote

My car isn't very new (2014), but they don't turn on in the rain during daytime. Super annoying.


dherrmann t1_iy0gvog wrote

You turn them on manually, right?


ElectricalMud2850 t1_iy0ijzx wrote

I turn the automatic headlights off when it's raining just so that there isn't even a sliver of a chance that my headlights come on. I don't want anyone to see me coming when I use the left turn lane to pass everyone.


angry_old_dude t1_iy0dq11 wrote

Also when the sun isn't quite up in the morning or at dusk.


HistoricalSubject t1_iy05r0u wrote

so come on baby---baby please!!!

well im begging you baby, and im on my knees!!

turn on your lights!! let em shine on me!!!

turn on your love light, let it shine on me!!


Shartenberg t1_iy0kj3w wrote

No one has insurance or valid licenses anyway so who cares


MajinSkull t1_iy0lq5w wrote

I just told myself that this has bothered me more and more lately. I don’t care if you can see fine, other people can’t see you!


peteypete420 t1_iy3hziz wrote

I did get about 5 blocks before remembering yesterday. Sorry y'all.


rndljfry OP t1_iy3ns3t wrote

I try to give the benefit of the doubt a little bit because my car's lights don't go on automatically in the rain and I usually kill my battery by forgetting to turn them off. It was just a lot, though. Go tell that other person who says none of you are on Reddit ;)


askljdhaf4 t1_iy1uuyc wrote

if your wipers are on, your lights should be on. period.


work-edmdg t1_iy1xeq9 wrote

Set headlights to auto, never think about it again.


hoagiemouf t1_iy2fv5k wrote

I was a full time Lyft driver for a couple years, and have recently been DoorDashing as a side thing, and the number of people I see without lights on EVERY DAY is genuinely disturbing. Turn your goddamn lights on please


Ok_Jury_1686 t1_iy381c5 wrote



Major_Zucchini5315 t1_iy0hhcr wrote

Mine come on automatically when my wipers are on. I love it.


night0sphere t1_iy0x1dp wrote

funny. there was pretty much same post on the bay area subreddit recently. idiot drivers are everywhere


DestroyerOfIphone t1_iy1mb44 wrote

Don't all cars come with drls and auto lights by now?


Hipsterskumm t1_iy2ichr wrote

Man these pandemic drivers barely gas up. They just carjack a new ride!


AUserrHasNoName t1_iy2l1gc wrote

And turn your fucking high beams off when they're not needed.


voidofcourth t1_iy37wc3 wrote



PorcelainCeramic t1_iy73qni wrote

Some models lamps are angled in such a way they give would give one the impression that they are on, fresh off the assembly line. The caveat being a lot of newer models. Not so much the jalopies.


Odd-Neighborhood5119 t1_iy3i987 wrote

Why does this need to be a repeated message? It's raining. My and others drivers , vision is limited. I know, I will put on my lights so everyone can see me and I can see them.


rndljfry OP t1_iy3nlrl wrote

I was out and about and noticed a lot of cars on I-76 with no headlights. I figured it was my turn to post :)


Ajaws24142822 t1_iy0dwnv wrote

That’s super illegal in MD, you can get charged for reckless I think.