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dbrjr t1_iy038nl wrote

Majority of the drivers on the road need to retake a driving class. Holy shit.


CathedralEngine t1_iy081q2 wrote

You’re assuming people have licenses.


gigibuffoon t1_iy0td52 wrote

This right here! I'm convinced that most drivers just got behind the wheel and got going without ever learning to drive


THExDANKxKNIGHT t1_iy1416r wrote

You don't even need to learn how to drive to get one. I went through a parking lot around a shopping center and then parallel parked and that was it.


throwthataway2012 t1_iy1i4h6 wrote

I consider myself a great driver now but when I got my license... Sheesh I still remember cringing during half the test because of all my fuckups. Still got my license. Guy taking it at the same time as me failed and he was crying on the side and his mom was talking to the instructor and he was saying "I had too, he was driving on the wrong side of the road". Seems like that is the limit for passing.


Purple_Drank t1_iy2h4m7 wrote

I heard a rumor that during quarantine they just handed out driving licenses like candy to new drivers because of quarantine restrictions.


beeps-n-boops t1_iy0efox wrote

IMO we need to make the drivers test MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH harder... and we also need to make people re-test every 10 years or so (and every fucking year after age 75).


foodfoodfloof t1_iy22o1z wrote

Retest is the key. People will forget everything they learn no matter how hard it js


PennyLiner t1_iy35lpx wrote

Agreed 100%. Drivers should be retested every 5 years until age 65, when it should drop to every 3 years, then at age 77, test every 2 years, then after age 85, annual testing. Our abilities to drive diminish with age.

Let's give standardized high school tests to Congress on the same schedule, for the same reasons.


beeps-n-boops t1_iy5rn9l wrote

> Let's give standardized high school tests to Congress on the same schedule, for the same reasons.



Ajaws24142822 t1_iy0e76t wrote

My new take is that cops actually need to do more traffic stops and penalties for reckless driving and speeding and shit needs to be much more.

People are horrible, dangerous drivers, and the highway patrol needs to start ramping their shit up


ChangingtheSpectrum t1_iy0ju8s wrote

lol when's the last time you saw someone pulled over for blocking the left hand lane? Not even just in Philly, the northeast in general?

They really don't do shit.


Ajaws24142822 t1_iy18h7q wrote

Bro in Philly people park in the middle between the yellow lines. Traffic enforcement doesn’t mean jack shit to Philly PD lol


THExDANKxKNIGHT t1_iy14idn wrote

That's never going to solve the issue, just make people hate cops more than they already do. It needs to be harder to get a license in the first place, let's face it parallel parking isn't a good indicator of driving ability or understanding of traffic laws. You should be required to have time behind the wheel and classes should be readily available, use some of that money wasted on the cops to actually teach people how to drive.


Ajaws24142822 t1_iy18duk wrote

100% yeah actually, in the first place the license needs to be way harder to get

However people are wayyyy too comfortable driving like fucking lunatics on 95 and highways and I’d much prefer if fines and punishment for shit like reckless driving and speeding was more severe. Make people actually face consequences, im not trying to get in an accident because some dumbfuck was tailgating me while I was going 20 over the speed limit in a 55


bierdimpfe t1_iy0bxxb wrote

This is becoming evident even just in this thread


mc_it t1_iy3rb5v wrote

Majority of people who didn't drive more than once a month during Covid should, because people who are getting back on the road are driving like it's the Indy 500 or Forza Motorsport or something.

And that's not even mentioning wipers, headlights, or distracted driving.


Globalist_Nationlist t1_iy0j75h wrote

Every year in Los Angeles in rains like 7 times and half of the drivers don't have their headlights on.

Always wondered if it's just cause it doesn't rain much..

Sounds like these idiots live everywhere.