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MonkeyPanls t1_j2dk50s wrote

She still is, but it's not the kind of record that anyone competes for anymore.


CB_700_SC t1_j2esg9h wrote

My grandfather got to be apart of the record time to America. And from what he told us there is good reason they don’t race ships this big anymore. It was not a comfortable journey.


st1ck-n-m0ve t1_j2evgi1 wrote

Not only do they not race ships, there is only 1 single transatlantic ocean liner left in service in the world, the queen mary 2.


MonkeyPanls t1_j2ezcp7 wrote

Yeah. I worked in the industry for a few years (shout-out to SIU!) Between containerization, more reliable cargo liner service, and passenger airlines, we'll probably never see the likes of SSUS again. There's simply no reason that a non-military ship needs to go that fast for that far.

There's easily a whole Ken Burnsworth of documentary material about the age of shipping epitomized by the SS United States and the end of that age.


Jv1856 t1_j2fcmmk wrote

I had the pleasure of riding along in an Aircrat Carrier across the Atlantic that was riding north of 60 knots, had to get a head wind for some jets, and were riding directly in line with some very heavy tail winds. Other than the vibration of motors, it wasn’t much different.


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_j2fsuiy wrote

>north of 60 knots

60 knots would be nearly 70 miles per hour. Did you mean 60 kilometers per hour?

Nimitz-class carriers can do 30 knots (which is fast) and Gerald R. Ford-class carriers are even faster. But no aircraft carrier goes 60 knots. (Perhaps you were on a carrier-based aircraft? Those go even faster.)


oodja t1_j2e7r33 wrote

The best part of going to the South Philly IKEA is eating Swedish meatballs while looking at this ship.


ageofadzz t1_j2e8v72 wrote

it's also a good cry spot according to r/philadelphia


JWTowsonU t1_j2ewmim wrote

I remember getting downvoted for telling her to go cry on the little deck in the middle of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Lol


AutisticOcelot t1_j2drwxe wrote

Her hull is actually 95% intact. I worked for the company that was contracted to be the caretakers for that ship. It was easily one of the dirtiest and most corrupt companies I've ever worked for.


Trafficsigntruther t1_j2dt06v wrote

I see you’ve only worked for one company in shipbuilding / ship husbandry.


AutisticOcelot t1_j2du7u8 wrote

That's the thing. They weren't even in that industry. They mainly third party contract for Septa. I have no idea how the contract to care for that ship fell into their hands.


dlandis07 t1_j2djyth wrote

Always thought it was the titanic as a kid

Yes I was dumb


FindingPawnee t1_j2dyrez wrote

I thought it was supposed to be a replica of the Titanic! Lol


DestroyerOfIphone t1_j2e9ixe wrote

It's actually longer then the titanic.


FrankGrimesApartment t1_j2eiwxg wrote

Then the Titanic what??!


DestroyerOfIphone t1_j2eyw8j wrote

SS United States Tonnage 53,330 GRT Displacement

45,400 tons (designed)
47,264 tons (maximum)


990 ft (302 m) (overall)
940 ft (287 m) (waterline)

Beam 101.5 ft (30.9 m) maximum Draft

31 ft 3 in (9.53 m) (design)
32 ft 4 in (9.86 m) (maximum)

Depth 175 ft (53 m) (keel to funnel)[10] Decks 12


Tonnage 46,329 GRT Displacement

52,310 tons


882 ft 9 in (269.1 m) overall
852 ft 6 in (259.8 m) registered

Beam 92 ft 6 in (28.2 m) Height 175 ft (53.3 m) (keel to top of funnels) Draught 34 ft 7 in (10.5 m) Depth 64 ft 6 in (19.7 m) Decks 9 (A–G)


0xdeadbeef6 t1_j2dsftf wrote

That easily be a museum or a really bitchin night club or a restaurant even. Instead it sits there and rots


Rivster79 t1_j2dzh84 wrote

No reason this shouldn’t be an east coast version of the queen mary.


iambecomedeath7 t1_j2eny99 wrote

To be fair, the Queen Mary isn't commercially viable. I'm all for the preservation of nautical history, but we shouldn't go into it with the expectation that all preservable ships should be profit centers.


TheArrivedHussars t1_j2esxzk wrote

While I understand Queen Mary isn't the most profitable, it still baffles me that we (country) are the caretakers of a British passanger ship turndd museum but seemingly refuse to help the very namesake of our country which arguably would be more important holding the blue ribbon.


DuvalHeart t1_j2dtn0x wrote

It should be all of those things and more.


mikebailey t1_j2ebmmv wrote

Everyone says this but I would genuinely like to know how, because my understanding is it was largely toxic then hulled out


SomePaddy t1_j2edpky wrote

That's my understanding too. I think there'd have to be a ton of lead and asbestos abatement before it could actually be used.


H00terTheOwl t1_j2e47m8 wrote

I have a day dream of a floating nightclub every time I drive by it


Strawb3rry_Slay3r666 t1_j2epvhc wrote

They were going to try and do something like that already but the ship is in such a bad state, it would cost too much to rehab so plans fell through


Lawmonger t1_j2dpdqi wrote

It’s sad. Make it useful or scrap it. Eternal limbo doesn’t do anyone any good.


uptown_gargoyle t1_j2dr9w4 wrote

safe injection site


Capable_Okra t1_j2dq8ib wrote

What records? What's the ship name? I genuinely want to know these things since this ship has been posted a couple times here now.


ElKaBongX t1_j2dqs4q wrote

This is the S.S. United States and it holds the record still today as the fastest liner to ever cross the Atlantic ocean. Now it just sort of sits and rots behind Ikea.


RexxAppeal t1_j2earv5 wrote

Technically she’s still the fastest vessel to cross the Atlantic in scheduled passenger service.

Several high speed ferries have since had faster eastbound crossings during their delivery, but did not do so carrying passengers.

Some yachts have been significantly faster, but again not in passenger service.


blowjob215 t1_j2e88r9 wrote

It’s called the Blue Riband and it is for fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.


FMG1978 t1_j2dk2l2 wrote

It still holds the record for Ship that creeps me out the most


chambourcin t1_j2e5kv5 wrote

Every time I see it, I’m surprised and say out loud, “big boat!”


Kyuui013 t1_j2dvo75 wrote

What makes me sad is the ship she sits next to. Served aboard the JFK back in the early 90's. Last of her kind, and last chance to have a "modern" museum aircraft carrier. I want to come see her leave, but at the same time, It will suck so much.


hockeystuff77 t1_j2dxfvj wrote

The JFK is down in the navy yard


machinerer t1_j2dyzkz wrote

U.S.S. John F Kennedy is scheduled to be taken to the breakers as well. She will be cut up for scrap.


Kyuui013 t1_j2eiccy wrote

Ah, not sure why I thought they were side by side. Especially since I saw the old girl last time I was in Philly.


hockeystuff77 t1_j2ejr1b wrote

JFK used to be parked next to Forrestal before the latter was scrapped.


gnartato t1_j2dq77q wrote

They should turn it into a real world titanic experience. Complete with plumbing for flooding to simulate sinking.


WhiskyIsMyYoga t1_j2dqlhx wrote

Does everyone get a souvenir door, too?


NewLoseIt t1_j2eign8 wrote

I always thought it could be a cool “Battleship New Jersey” tourist equivalent for the Philadelphia side.

For context: “The S.S. United States is the largest ocean liner constructed entirely in the United States and the fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic in either direction, retaining the Blue Riband in both directions (eastward and westward) for the highest average speed since her maiden voyage in 1952 and still holds title today. She is the longest holder of these awards by several decades”

“She was designed by American naval architect William Francis Gibbs and could be converted into a troopship if required by the Navy in time of war. She was retired from service in 1969 and has remained in Philadelphia”


WhyNotKenGaburo t1_j2egvq9 wrote

The interior looks amazing from the photos I've seen. It's mostly stripped down, but contains traces of what it once was. I would love to use it for some art/sound art projects, as well as site specific performances, but I can't seem to get anyone at the conservancy to respond to my inquiries.


Past_Cartographer230 t1_j2e9zcp wrote

It also holds the record for being docked at the same spot without moving for decades.


Haz3rd t1_j2edhml wrote

It still does, but it used to too


Mr_Byzantine t1_j2eiloz wrote

Donate the the Conservancy fund so we get that much closer to restoration!


error717 t1_j2ensql wrote

Came here to say this! There are redevelopment efforts in the works


cjgager t1_j2f8xwv wrote

i'm just seriously afraid that they will sail it away after it's all done. does philadelphia have enough high-end clientele to afford this? - not trying to be mean - but a lot of columbus avenue is not too much to crow about - just thinking of the traffic & parking there gives me cringes.


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_j2ftnal wrote

>afraid that they will sail it away after it's all done

I love having that here, but it really belongs in New York. That was always its home port, and "New York" is still painted on the stern under the ship's name.


AtBat3 t1_j2fdcub wrote

Any photos of it when it was in its prime? Especially the interior


Capkirk0923 t1_j2eexgb wrote

It still holds that speed record.


r3fined t1_j2er316 wrote

Lighting came out great!


I've always dreamed of getting into those lots/on the decks/ANYWHERE for some cool captures like this...well done!


mikebdesign t1_j2f4l5y wrote

My kid was talking about that earlier, he was like "You know that big boat by Lowes that's all covered in sea-weed?"


YerBlues69 t1_j2fn03i wrote

So crazy that you posted this. My bf and I were in the parking lot across the street just the other night and we we were just amazed at the size of this thing.


cjgager t1_j2f8ask wrote

yep - is that still by Ikea??? thought RXR (?) bought it to make it into a floating condo thingie with restaurants & shops too??? guess people think it has to be moved to a fancier neighborhood???
so - - - why with all their money some billionaire like Aponte couldn't buy this thing & fix it up for Philly? it would be great for the economy & for the whole east coast actually. like make it into a giant casino - it's all stripped down of the asbestos so you only gotta buy stuff to fix it up!!!


OttomanTwerk t1_j2fbjpe wrote

Care to elaborate? With any info at all?


THATDUDEROBO t1_j2fovrk wrote

And now it just rots in South Philly with no plans on what to do with it smdh


Irrelavent1 t1_j2fu1j7 wrote

She still is the record holder of the fastest Atlantic crossing.


_SundaeDriver t1_j2f3ubr wrote

Right now. Longest rotting ship in Philly.


AlbrechtSchoenheiser t1_j2f0bkt wrote

Is that the ship that JP Morgan Chase owned and had hundreds of thousands of tons of cocaine aboard it? Yeah that was one hell of a record.