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Due_Fill608 t1_iyr82ww wrote

After there is work done on water pipes, utilities will routinely flush out the system with chlorine to prevent any other nasties from taking hold in drinking water lines. The taste/smell is temporary and will dissipate. And it's much better than the alternatives.


HerrDoktorLaser t1_iyryd2m wrote

PWD hasn't done any major work in that area in the past (now 27) hours, and even though mains get flushed with chlorine after work that water never gets sent to taps.


[deleted] t1_iyrcmgw wrote



wyueprouqi t1_iyridy6 wrote

So what you're saying is that this is 🎇🎉Special Edition Holiday Schuylkill Punch🎇🎉???


HerrDoktorLaser t1_iyryryk wrote

That area of the city gets its water from the Delaware River....


wyueprouqi t1_iytarr3 wrote

Yeah, but 🎉🎇Special Edition Holiday Delaware Blend🎇🎉 doesn't have the same ring to it.


Menacingamaranth OP t1_iyrhz00 wrote

Ohhh interesting so it could be happening all over the city at once! This is helpful


HerrDoktorLaser t1_iyry2nb wrote

PWD hasn't done any sort of seasonal switch. Just assume I know, for no particular reason.


DayJob93 t1_iyrd4j9 wrote

Philly water is not that bad for a large US city. Just fyi


Menacingamaranth OP t1_iyrhwqc wrote

I used to live near Sulphur OK and it literally tasted like eggs every day, I know it’s not that bad it’s just city water always has personality…


McCooms t1_iys47u6 wrote

Personality, that’s a good way to put it


Fine_With_It_All t1_iyriayf wrote

I can happily say I don’t know what ass tastes like


Melissajoanshart t1_iysacbp wrote

Did you do cocaine last night? Im not being funny.


Menacingamaranth OP t1_iyv5sg5 wrote

What?? Is that a thing?? No, no food or drugs out of the ordinary…


Turtle-power2021 t1_iyrolvw wrote

Do you have children/pets? Maybe they brushed dogs teeth with your toothbrush


thefrozendivide t1_iyu73mc wrote

It's tasted like ass for the last 24 years. I'm told it's clean and safe to drink, but I've been here over 20 years and still think it tastes gross AF.


HerrDoktorLaser t1_iyrynhh wrote

Contact PWD. If you or a friend owns the property, ask PWD to come collect customer service samples.


Revolutionary_Bee700 t1_iysfh78 wrote

Do you have covid? Not being a troll, but that’s was one of my friend’s first symptoms. Water really tasted odd to them.


Menacingamaranth OP t1_iyv5uxc wrote


No, I mean nothing else has smelled or tasted weird. And the water was specifically like chlorine and only tap water was. So I think it was actually real


Golden12345 t1_iyw8fx6 wrote

If you had your Philadelphia tap water routinely tested by an accredited independent testing laboratory rather than blindly accepting the numbers that PWD brags about in their nice, colorful, glossy pamphlets, that taste would not surprise you at all.

Rather, you'd wonder why it DOESN'T taste like that all the time.

We (meaning the residents on our block) all had whole house treatment systems installed (at our not so insignificant expense) for this very reason.

Because, at the end of the day, you have to decide what to believe: YOUR taste buds and YOUR test results or THEIR ad campaigns and numbers.


bayoubilly88 t1_iz1pp6q wrote

Do yourself a favor and do not drink city water. Insanely bad for you, I don’t care what the “experts” say.


BFreeFranklin t1_izaua9j wrote

And I don’t care what BayouBilly88 says.


bayoubilly88 t1_izb3fmu wrote

Didn’t care enough to tell everyone how much you didn’t care. You are the exception, I think you should drink as much city water as you can.


AbaloneDifferent4168 t1_iyrwrtd wrote

Please don't use schiity language here. If it tastes like shit please use the historically correct language. Donkey is actually quite tasty.