Submitted by LePetitRenardRoux t3_10010dg in philadelphia

New to the city and I’m so confused. I’m starting to get that its not a typical parade like on thanksgiving… but the article I read said it goes from 9am-6pm?! 9 hours really? Coooool, so whats the best practice for seeing the parade? My partner wants to be there at 8am so we get a good view…. I’m thinking noon lol



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H00die5zn t1_j2ey4dl wrote

Nice weather. Eagles home game. Mummers. 2 street. Should be the epitome of Philadelphia class tomorrow haha.


sandwichpepe t1_j2fftif wrote

i am soooooooooo dreading coming into work tomorrow, praying my manager will let us close early lol


H00die5zn t1_j2fgmxv wrote

My first beer tonight and also tomorrow, is dedicated to you my friend. God speed.


ktappe t1_j2fjker wrote

Since nobody else has explained this:

It's not just a parade, it's also a performance and competition. Thus all the different brigades have to get their chance to strut their stuff and do their routines. That is why it lasts all day.


Trafficsigntruther t1_j2et1d9 wrote

There’s also a 3 hour fancy brigade finale from 5-8PM if you want to see that. And 2 street after that. If you like public urination, you’ll love the parade.


DonQOnIce t1_j2evh2m wrote

Oh god, 2 St was way too much the only year I went. Just a disaster. Nothing wrong if you’re in to that kind of thing but I prefer hanging out on Broad for a few hours with a backpack full of drinks and then maybe hitting a nice bar and going home.


cvfdrghhhhhhhh t1_j2f3qse wrote

Oh, I fully disagree. I lived on 3rd for years and always went to 2 street. It was a mess, but a fun mess. Of course it helps to be able to scoot right home when you feel like it. Broad street is boring.


ACY0422 t1_j2fho1b wrote

I tried to go to Two Street to visit friends NY day. Parked under I-95 and someone stole the sewer grate in the parking space. Never got there. Friends went to party, I got a tow truck.


alittlemouth t1_j2f0y31 wrote

2022 will mark the third year that I am so thankful I no longer live on 2 street. Fuck, what a nightmare.


JennItalia269 t1_j2fcps3 wrote

A friend of mine lived on 3rd and that was entirely too close.


ReturnedFromExile t1_j2fdtnp wrote

skip everything but the string bands. This is the secret to loving the mummers


sanyosukotto t1_j2fv5g3 wrote

The fancies are just "too much". The string bands fuck tho fr


icedoutskimaskszn t1_j2f2pjg wrote

You should experience it this one time since it’s going to be nice out. that’ll hold you for the rest of your days.


ElvisAndretti t1_j2fvt81 wrote

I went once back in the 80’s on LSD. Don’t do that.


Little_Noodles t1_j2ewau2 wrote

Watching it on tv is also an option, FYI.

I’ll be going to a friends house that I go to every year, where we put it on tv and then eat and drink and talk shit all day without having to step in barf or dodge assholes or stand in the cold.


JohnDerek57 t1_j2f85qe wrote

It’s going to be 55 and sunny tomorrow. Going to be beautiful, going to be vomit everywhere though


KSMO t1_j2exqp1 wrote

What channel??


pfdemp t1_j2f1jxi wrote


Channel 2/502 on Verizon

Used to be on PHL17


Glystopher t1_j2fi7vi wrote

It sucks, can’t pick it up over the air like PHL17. Bad for cable cutters


[deleted] t1_j2fka39 wrote



Glystopher t1_j2fr5oc wrote

details? model, where mounted? what floor are you on (1st)? special things you have to do to get it in sync?


its crap like this is why I justified wasting money paying for piped in TV on fios rather than internet only


riotincandyland t1_j2f1ixw wrote

I read it's gonna be on channel 2 (I think it was 2) idk why not 17 this year.


pfdemp t1_j2f4zli wrote

The Philadelphia Inquirer: New year, new Mummers: The parade will air on a different channel as organizers try to become more independent.


MagnusUnda t1_j2ffvct wrote

Is “try to become more independent” code for “nobody wants to air it in case of surprise racism?”


oliver_babish t1_j2fj840 wrote

I think it's probably the opposite: "if we stop asking the city for money, they won't have the power to make us sit through sensitivity training."


Rude-Location-9149 t1_j2exn9r wrote

I’ve always heard you don’t go the the parade… you experience the parade. I was not prepared for the drunken madness at 9am that was the parade!


Fattom23 t1_j2esxm0 wrote

The schedule's extremely loose, but there likely will be 9 hours between the beginning of the parade and the last display of veiled racism, yes.


LePetitRenardRoux OP t1_j2euumc wrote

Ohhhh, racism…. Part of a 120 year tradition? Shocking. Please say more.


Fattom23 t1_j2evbl9 wrote

See for yourself. Don't worry about it; I loved the Mummer's when I moved here 10 years ago, too. You have to see the stories about the racist stuff every year for a few years to really notice that it's a pattern and definitely not an accident.


dotcom-jillionaire t1_j2ex1a8 wrote

they're just doing satire! wearing black face! whatchacanttakeajokenomorse?


CthulhusIntern t1_j2f5q2c wrote

His friend liked wearing blackface, and his friend just died!

What do you mean, "surely his friend liked things other than that?"


LePetitRenardRoux OP t1_j2ewfdo wrote

After reading your comment I googled it… an article I read said its anti lgbt, racist and sexist… huh.


Vague_Disclosure t1_j2f1bja wrote

Phillyrag race baiting article, knew it was Ernest Owens before I even clicked it


RexxAppeal t1_j2ev4j0 wrote

It’s just incredibly poorly organized. Because they run it in order of increasing complexity, the gaps between groups get larger and larger as the day goes on.


Head-Kiwi-9601 t1_j2ew2zr wrote

Go to a bar near broad. Split your time.


PhillyPanda t1_j2eu5d4 wrote

I wouldn’t get there at 8 am unless you really like drinking (byob) at 8 am.


ProphGhXXst t1_j2ffpwh wrote

Center City/City Hall in the AM - it’s a shit show. Then march down to 2nd street. It’s even more of a shit show down there.

The day will last as long as you want it too with parties everywhere, booze, puke and people running on fumes


DonQOnIce t1_j2euhhc wrote

I haven’t been in a few years so if you don’t mind I want to piggyback to ask: when do the string bands start? I recall it used to be around 11-12 and I want to arrive for them more than the others.


hethuisje t1_j2fbesi wrote

The string bands are the only part I like and FWIW, /u/LePetitRenardRoux, probably the most distinctive kind of group to watch if you don't want to do the whole thing. (They're allowed to have wind and string instruments but no brass, so there are big ensembles of mainly saxophone and banjo players... it's a unique sound.) I usually start checking on TV at 11 but IIRC it's always massively late so I bet it could start well after 12. Also I've almost never bothered watching in person because the bands do their main performance at City Hall so unless you're willing to brave that crowd, it makes more sense to watch on TV.


nothankyoutwo t1_j2fhcec wrote

I replied to the parent comment but JIC, they should start on tv around 1:30p this year. That should be a pretty reliable start time barring any major issues.


nothankyoutwo t1_j2fh5vy wrote

String bands will be on TV around beginning 1:30p. They’ve massively improved the timing in the past decade, so it won’t start before then, and barring any major issues, they should be pretty on time with no more than a half hour delay.


Glystopher t1_j2fip3a wrote

That conflicts with the eagles game, will there be a rebroadcast? I’d record it but I don’t have cable…. Can’t pick it up over the air


nothankyoutwo t1_j2fjnrz wrote

I’m not sure. WFMZ (aka local Channel 69) is going to have the livestream, so you may be able to catch it through there after the fact.

You’ll also be able to find the performances on YouTube later in the evening/the next couple of days following the parade. The String Band Association has their own page and will post the performances.


JBizznass t1_j2fvzb3 wrote

I can’t wait for the posts tomorrow from all the recent transplants to the area complaining about the two street mummer activity. Always a good time.


thespiff t1_j2fga3c wrote

Yeah it’s a marathon of Philly campiness and debauchery. I would recommend you plan other activities such as meals and then check out the parade in between.

As another poster noted, the fancy brigades are gonna be the closest thing you get to a real parade. A lot of the other brigades are honestly just an excuse for bro’s to dress in silly outfits and get wasted in public. I’m talking about the actual parade participants not the spectators. Although they are generally drunk too.


Illustrious_Toe_4755 t1_j2fo9ti wrote

There's better things to do than watch a sanctioned parade of racists drunks playing music. I repeat the Mummers suck ass, and it's just trash partying. It's definitely not inclusive..and their history speaks for itself. F the Mummers. Born and raised in Philadelphia. It's a monumental drunk fest with shitty fucking music.


ACY0422 t1_j2fhftf wrote

9 hours does not include pre and post parade activities. like two street is a party zone as groups return.


dweedledee t1_j2fnvh1 wrote

I remember being a kid over 30 years ago at the mummers parade and all the adults who took me got drunk off whatever was in their thermoses and there were drunk clown “mummers” in bad costumes staggering on the sidewalk. People were urinating and puking in corners of buildings.

You sound so excited! I hope it’s a nice experience for you.


jughead24 t1_j2fpdee wrote

Going down 2nd street new years night is the real celebration


colin_7 t1_j2fub2g wrote

Go to 2nd street in south Philly in the late afternoon for a true taste of the Mummers


mmmagic1216 t1_j2fd81r wrote

Yes it really is all day! I’ve seen it in person, I’ve seen the Fancy Brigades judging in person (highly recommend) and I’ve seen it on TV. Going to be a TV person this year!


Glystopher t1_j2fi33m wrote

It’s not on PHIL 17 this year be forewarned, metv2


TheFAPnetwork t1_j2fott4 wrote

There's the weekend party info the next week after the parade