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leftclicksq2 t1_j1dncew wrote

Gary Heidnik comes to mind. Look up that case if you wish and on an empty stomach.


Beer_Is_So_Awesome t1_j1e82rm wrote

Holy shit, he was (unsuccessfully) defended by attorney Charles Peruto, who ran as a Republican against Krasner in the last election.

Peruto, for those who might not recall, made the news in 2013 when a 26-year-old paralegal, an employee of his, was found dead in his bathtub. Investigation later ruled the death an accidental drowning likely caused by a seizure, and her blood alcohol was purportedly above .40.


napsdufroid t1_j1es4oy wrote

And people wonder why Krasner got elected again......


Garwoodwould t1_j1geehl wrote

*Peruto Jr. Chuck. He's still at it

Gary Heidnik had a Rolls Royce and a pretty large bank account