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DickinsonAvenue t1_j1umbdq wrote

They killed a 22 y/o, waiting for their bus. Wtf.


familyofgeniuses t1_j1umryy wrote

I wonder how many cops they passed parked and scrolling through their phones while on this rampage.


b0b0tempo t1_j1uqggr wrote

After first crash the PPD probably pulled all the patrol cars off the street to avoid them getting hit by a hit and run driver.


Valuable-Pipe-3722 t1_j1vqww0 wrote

Driving around with a smashed car probably meets their stupid definition of a “minor” traffic offense, so they probably wouldn’t have even had grounds to pull him over


fightinforphilly t1_j1umn1t wrote

Driver will say their car was stolen even if it wasn't. Hopefully they were caught on camera otherwise they'll never find them.

Fucked up that a 22-year-old kid lost his life for absolutely nothing.


TreeMac12 OP t1_j1uoti6 wrote

If he was in the casino, there is no way he is not on camera.


TrentonMakes t1_j1uqmlt wrote

I don’t go to sugar house/rivers but if it’s anything like Live, they typically scan your ID at the door.


Ng3me t1_j1v2ii9 wrote

Every casino patron at every casino in the world is on camera the entire time.


porkchameleon t1_j1usutn wrote

They do.

I had to go there for an errand, and they almost didn't let me in, because my ID had a corner a little crooked, and the machine wouldn't read it on first few attempts.


highpressuresodium t1_j1w5tdd wrote

Live doesn’t scan my id ever. I just walk straight through. Same with parx


wpcodemonkey t1_j1wpp4h wrote

Still getting caught on camera and ID’d using facial recognition.


outerspace29 t1_j1vh7s7 wrote

Inquirer is now saying cops are searching for a female suspect, so I'm guessing they either have surveillance footage or traced the owner of the car.


NonIdentifiableUser t1_j1ulbir wrote

Was this a profoundly altered person (aka drunk as shit) that just had no idea they were plowing through people? Dafuq?


throwawaythedo t1_j1urquh wrote

Darrell Brooks was just an evil psychopath He was also an idiot who thought representing himself was a good idea.


Mysterious_Bat8306 t1_j1ut1qy wrote

Watching that trial was WILD


throwawaythedo t1_j1uvuu3 wrote

I was (still kinda am) obsessed. Mostly I love watching her shut him down.


Mysterious_Bat8306 t1_j1vjy94 wrote

When the gloves came off after sentencing it was so satisfying


throwawaythedo t1_j1waojq wrote

I tried listening to interviews with her and she’s so professional that she doesn’t really talk about it on a personal level. I keep checking YouTube to see if any jurors have spoken out, but no results.

Would be nice to see how he’s doing in prison. I know he attempted to sell his story to a journalist. 😂😂😂


dc122186 t1_j1wgia9 wrote

Unfortunately now she's running for Wisconsin Supreme Court and she's a right wing nut job


[deleted] t1_j1vzt7m wrote



brigodon t1_j1wgl42 wrote

Driving so recklessly that you hit and run from three people is not an “Oopsie I got shitfaced, shit my pants, and puked in my neighbor’s mailbox lol” experience. This was the act of a deeply unwell person who attempted at least three murders.


CristianoRealnaldo t1_j1wifa0 wrote

They’re doing a weird riff on nomenclature of homeless people (sometimes are referred to as people experiencing homelessness)


Scumandvillany t1_j1vej01 wrote

yet another case for



bluewallsbrownbed t1_j1vfgk5 wrote

I used to think you were crazy. Now I think you're right. God, I wish it were easier to emigrate.


MonsterNog t1_j1vk47s wrote

I still think they are crazy but that doesn’t make them wrong, MANDATORY 4K!


Scumandvillany t1_j1wg3ea wrote

I probably am unbalanced in ways. I believe neurodivergent is the proper nomenclature, though, dude.


bluewallsbrownbed t1_j1zg27m wrote

To be 100% clear, I don't know personally know you, and was not commenting on any disabilities that you may or may not have. I was using the word crazy broadly, as in, "this guy is crazy for thinking the Sixers will win the NBA championship this year."

Basically, I was trying to say that I used to think you were a broken record about harping on about 4K, but as this country descends into The Purge, I think you're right about giving in and just admitting that this country is basically an open-air prison populated with entitled, overgrown children that need constant surveillance.


taskermorrisrider222 t1_j1vmwtl wrote

This is such a simple solution to a complex problem. Sometimes that's all we need. I love it and thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention.


Scumandvillany t1_j1wgfil wrote

It is simple, and it is the only way forward that will actually catch murderers and violent criminals. Sit on this: less than ten percent of shootings have an arrest. This means there's thousands of violent people just strutting around, probably driving tinted out chargers.


tuenthe463 t1_j1xy97q wrote

Charger, Challenger or beat to hell 2012 Hyundai Elantra.


MonsterNog t1_j1uvrl3 wrote

Still haven’t caught the dude that left that lady dead and her infant with brain damage


TreeMac12 OP t1_j1uhsdh wrote

"It started at the Rivers Casino on Delaware Avenue, moved to Broad Street and Spring Garden streets and finally to Broad and Lehigh Avenue."


Kind_Session_6986 t1_j1w68vn wrote

This is why traffic regulations and enforcement needs to be prioritized. It’s time to lock up dangerous drivers and throw away the key.

Proposing speeding cameras and volume enforcement was downvoted. Those are components of this tragic incident. You stop allowing racing, behaving with disregard, and start increasing financial penalties, you decrease these events. Start taking away access and privileges to vehicles if a person will not operate it in a safe way. We need both automatic enforcement and law enforcement personnel to stop this on the streets.

RIP to the victims. How horrible for their families and friends to suffer such a loss.


Scumandvillany t1_j1wfw2a wrote

I've been saying this for years. Objective enforcement is the only way forward. Since we've de facto decided that urban traffic enforcement by live stops is problematic and we aren't doing it, we must enforce the rules by other means. Speed cameras/stop light cameras and auto detection of expire plates etc is the only way. There is no other option, really. We'll come around to it by default, eventually. Hell, DC has stop sign cameras for christsake. The only thing standing in the way is the PA legislature.


GlioBlastoMultiforme t1_j1xj14s wrote

Traffic calming is another option. Hard to get up to lethal speeds whenever hitting a speed table at 25+ mph will trash your suspension. No need to enforce rules or write tickets. The results are immediate.


mustang__1 t1_j1xui1l wrote

People still drive like idiots on Washington and there are several sections with speed tables. The number of people that want to hit terminal velocity before jamming their brakes on makes me want to open a brake shop in Philly.


TheBSQ t1_j1x1fg6 wrote


Scumandvillany t1_j1x2ram wrote

As long as the cameras are placed equitably and equally, there's not much more you can do. Most of these stories are about how some cameras are on relatively unused roads, high concentrations in low income areas, etc. CC is a no brainer, cameras everywhere, south to callowhill. Outside of that, just as many cameras in hunting park as there are in chestnut hill, and we'd be on the right track

Also, don't speed. If you're low income, maybe, not speeding in your blacked out charger is a good idea. I think


Edison_Ruggles t1_j1vnya3 wrote

Jesus christ. Speed bumps are cheap and effective. So are bollards at crosswalks and bus stops etc. Not saying that would have stopped all of this but it would have helped a lot. Cars kill over 40,000 fucking people a year in this country and something like a 5th of those are pedestrians. And we do next to nothing about it. Unlike gun control, there are cheap and effective things we can do.


Scumandvillany t1_j1wguhv wrote

How would darell Clarke drive to the corner store and park in the crosswalk then?


GlioBlastoMultiforme t1_j1xjaj4 wrote

Lol. There was just a pic today of a car crashing into a bollard in front of City Hall. Bollards save lives!


AbsentEmpire t1_j21o5lc wrote

We won't install them in most places in this city because they could damage the out of control car being driven by someone who's not paying attention, drunk, and or high; and who's about to plow over a person on the street and murder them.

Priorities are very clear from this city, and it's not people.


1moreRobot t1_j1vyj1w wrote

So they were so out of their minds that they repeatedly kept striking people with their cars, but not so out of their minds that they couldn't run away like a fucking sewer rat?

Find, arrest, prosecute, throw away the key.


Badkevin t1_j1uyul0 wrote

Absolute shit of a human


Phl_worldwide t1_j1vsn5h wrote

EVIL! This person is a predator to the public and should not be free


joeheller22 t1_j213w4a wrote

How the fuck haven’t they caught or even identified this person yet, they went on a several mile joy ride, hit 3 and killed one.



Glystopher t1_j21do05 wrote

I’m still recovering from broken legs from getting hit and ran on a sidewalk corner back in October, now I’m noticing way more of these hit and runs on people, has it just always been this bad and my 7 years of lots of biking and walking in the city was just luck??


joshjosh111 t1_j1x4ins wrote

Uber drivers are getting really impatient these days


imscaredandcool t1_j1vhmc2 wrote

Fucked up. How come the media doesn’t argue for “car control”?

Edit: this went over real well. I’m quite aware of car regulations. I do think we need to give people less access to cars. And by people, I’m specifically taking about people from Pennsylvania, Maryland and of course Delaware


Edison_Ruggles t1_j1vodqc wrote

I don't know why you're being downvoted, because that is basically what we need.


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j1vx8e0 wrote

Should regulate them the same as guns.

Anyone driving without a license forfeits their ability to get a license in perpetuity, as well as a mandatory 5 year prison sentence and $10,000 in fines.

Accidentally kill someone? Another 5 years. Kill multiple? 5 years each. Do it negligently, aka DUI? Life in prison.


CristianoRealnaldo t1_j1wiv4z wrote

They’re already regulated far more than guns. It’s not a good comparison.


mustang__1 t1_j1xumc3 wrote

Their suggested regulations is not currently part of that "far more regulated" list....


[deleted] t1_j1vk929 wrote



imscaredandcool t1_j1vkui3 wrote

And why is that?


shapu t1_j1vm4a9 wrote

Cars need licenses and insurance. You have to pass a skills test to operate one. Cars are registered and the registration information is easily searchable by any law enforcement officer. There's a central database in every state of every car owned and every owner.

I hope this helps.


SubstantialWish t1_j1vmbp3 wrote

Because we already have "car control". We have license, registration, insurance requirements. We have traffic laws, safety laws, entire industries built around this. There's probationary licenses. There's required driving lesson hours. There's infinitely more regulations surrounding cars than there are guns.


AbsentEmpire t1_j21nr30 wrote

And just like with guns we don't enforce any of those laws in the city.