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WhyNotKenGaburo t1_izx9pha wrote

Does anyone know why Amtrak got rid of the 11:50 train back from NYC about a month ago? It was always pretty crowded. Now the last train to Philly is 8:30, which kind if sucks if you work in the performing arts (as I do).


ringringmytacobell t1_izy04uk wrote

No idea, but that's good to know. I typically took that one when I'd go to the city for work and i didn't want to stay over.


ObligationAware3755 t1_j07aqzu wrote

At least MegaBus still has theirs at 11pm


ringringmytacobell t1_j07wrs1 wrote

Ehh, that’s definitely a last resort


ObligationAware3755 t1_j091254 wrote

They have al kinds of stuff! Gritty and Phanatic tree ornaments, Eagles sofa pillows, art, Philly gift cards, Wooder Ice Soap, Philly-related coasters... It’s all there!


thecw t1_izzk9t6 wrote

I hate this, it’s so inconvenient


thefrozendivide t1_j02f7pc wrote

Probably so they could continue price gouging. Amtrak ticket prices have gotten outta control.


ObligationAware3755 t1_j079ykq wrote

I saw prices for the trains get super high after a while; I purchased my ticket from Philly to New York at $19; I purchased it about a month in advance and my return was super lucky; snagged a $26 one the day of. It was kinda rough to see a ticket that you bought for $19 go up to $72 a couple weeks later.


courageous_liquid t1_j07wyo2 wrote

$19 is the base fare and like you said, if you plan about a month out you can basically always get it.


choppedrice t1_izwy6i4 wrote

Port Richmond handyman recommendations? Moved in a couple weeks ago and the ice maker on my fridge I can’t get to work. Unsure if hooked up wrong or what cus i changed the water filter and I can use the water dispenser but no dice with the ice maker


LadderMaleficent9673 t1_izxpu5f wrote

Hi! I am planning on moving to Malvern, PA after graduation for work, and was wondering what would be some surrounding areas to look into moving to for a 21-year-old male. I heard some good things about King of Prussia so far. My goal is to keep cost of living low, but a place with some night life and other young people would be nice. Thank you!


Chimpskibot t1_izyh5e2 wrote

Only place u might find this in Chester county is West Chester and you’ll mostly be going out with college students. The mainline is expensive + boring outside of Ardmore. KOP is even worse and really has no late night activities outside of phoenixville or West Chester both which will require a DD or an insane Uber budget. There’s a reason the suburbs are where most people move once they are settled down and want to live boring lives. Just move to Philly. If ur working at vanguard they have a shuttle from RR.


PassyunkHoagie t1_izz6lgo wrote

I would toss Conshohocken in as an option if OP is determined to stay outside the city. Pretty decent post-grad population, some good bars and restaurants, not too far from work or Center City.


Chimpskibot t1_izzaoe0 wrote

I will never recommend taking 76 to anyone working in the burbs. Just take septa if you can. The stress alone isn’t worth it IMO


randym99 t1_izz4ipg wrote

Anyone here ever been to Lombard Swim Club?


CookedDenimRawPizza t1_izztlih wrote

I have not, but I’m pretty sure that place famously has an 8 year waitlist to become a member.


cashewkowl t1_izyzdl3 wrote

We’re moving to Philly soon and will need to get gas and electric set up soon. I see a lot about scammers trying to get you to switch providers. What do I need to know about the process so I don’t get scammed? Thanks


PassyunkHoagie t1_izz15xm wrote

Stick to the established utility companies, PGW for gas and PECO for electric and you'll be fine. If you want to shop around for a better deal after the fact, you can, but I doubt you'll save much of anything in the long term by switching.


Devin1405 t1_j00rsmx wrote

Pretty much what the others said, stick to the established. I only had one person come to my door since I moved in in May, about (and I'm paraphrasing/trying to recall) "PECO doing something new and making sure it shows up on my bill" -- I said I'm not sure but I'd get a bill shut the door, never came back, and they left and never returned.

Basically if anyone comes to your door regarding utilities, don't answer it. I mean there's really no reason to answer your door unless you're expecting a package. Don't know if physical mail about this ever comes in, I've only gotten scam deed/home insurance things through USPS.


Celdurant t1_j00kldm wrote

Ignore any mailers or anyone who comes to your door asking you to sign up for an alternate supplier or lock in rates with an alternate energy supplier other than PECO and PGW. They are most likely going to be more expensive, whether green energy or not.


Fourlec t1_j06r444 wrote

The gas is run by the city so I believe your only option for gas will be PGW. For electric you'll want to use PECO. There will be people that will knock on your door, ask to see your PECO bill, and basically bullshit you trying to passively get you to switch electric providers. All you need to do to avoid being "scammed" is just don't answer your door or if you do tell them you're not interested.


theryeguy7926 t1_j04bhjv wrote

Anyone have any experience with Greenzang Properties? Are they an especially good/bad property management company? I'm looking at renting one of their properties right now and I want to make sure they are trustworthy.


blinchik2020 t1_j051pz4 wrote

I know someone who rented with them and said they were OK. Not the best with maintenance, not the worst. Some of their properties have AirBnbs units in the same building intermixed with regular units, which led to some bad situations (police being called due to a domestic violence incident, suspect could not be found, etc.)


FinessingLife t1_j06yf5o wrote

Moving to malvern area soon , got a job at Vanguard. Should I get a car? Did not decide where exactly to move yet


courageous_liquid t1_j07whmc wrote

Malvern absolutely requires a car.


FinessingLife t1_j081ktv wrote

Do you think it would be better to commute using a shuttle from philly or a nearby place that doesn’t require a car?


courageous_liquid t1_j08560q wrote

You may be able to take the train if Vanguard has a shuttle (I seem to remember them doing that) but otherwise that drive from the city is miserable.

I work in Ardmore (also on the mainline, but much closer), live in south philly, and I take the train and it's fairly pleasant. I used to drive out here and after a few years of that I gave up driving completely.


derash t1_j086nzc wrote

Any words about Marine Club Aparments?


Forever_Sorry t1_j0fo00p wrote

Any opinions on using allan domb real estate to find an apartment to rent?