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joeltheprocess76 t1_j1fsuea wrote

Chinatown and the National Museum of American Jewish History.


TheMegatrizzle t1_j1gobs4 wrote

The museum reopened!? Last time I checked they were closed due to covid


bushwhack227 t1_j1ivdzv wrote

It literally says so in the article you're commenting on


sandwichpepe t1_j1gbn62 wrote

my store is fucking open, though i’m not gonna drop where i work and i wanna have a quiet day lol

update, that was hell lol, we were absolutely slammed in the afternoon


TheFAPnetwork t1_j1grm87 wrote

Your post history says otherwise


amhildreth t1_j1g0z32 wrote

I'm on the air from 4p-10p Sunday. Are any Wawa open on Christmas Day?


SnapCrackleMom t1_j1gao6c wrote

Most Wawas are open all day Christmas.


rrd0084 t1_j1io8xd wrote

Another to say fuck Wawa


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_j1jtdqz wrote

Think of all the homeless/poor people who are alone, who really only have Wawa as a place to get something to eat for cheap.


TheFAPnetwork t1_j1grin3 wrote

FYI: Longwood gardens is booked for all of the evening events, any openings you see will be during the daylight hours. Also you can use your food stamp card for two dollar entry per person with a family of 4


Frontstunderel t1_j1ga34s wrote

Are the strip clubs open? (Asking for a friend)


aj1337h t1_j1glsjl wrote

it sthe best tititties that day


BLiLeBike t1_j1ik7oo wrote

Dim sum house, Aqimero, Bridget Foys


AdministrationSea728 t1_j1kkjuo wrote

The beer city thing in port Richmond. Life saver if you forgot to get beer. And pretty good(my rating for not bad)food, don’t judge till you try.


benifit t1_j1lv6he wrote

What is this beer city thing in port Richmond?