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thefrozendivide t1_j1qbsr7 wrote

While the have kids move to the burbs part is true (and the smart move unless you've got private school money) , there are still plenty of us without kids waiting on the sidelines for sellers to get their heads out of their asses with jokingly sky-high, overinflated asking prices. It's absurd, and sad really, touring some of these places where people have done zero work to a house they bought in 2018 and are asking 70-100% (or more!) than their purchase price.


outerspace29 t1_j1qqyvn wrote

Not sure about your situation, but when I was searching, a big part of sellers' ability to command those prices was due to how much of the city people consider a "no-go" zone. Having vast swaths of North Philly immediately out of the running for people looking to buy a house just creates more competition in the "nice" neighborhoods.


ColdJay64 t1_j1qz1qu wrote

Interesting attempt at trying to twist high demand into still saying something negative about Philly, but that’s really not at all how real estate works. A city having less good areas relative to bad ones doesn’t make the good ones more expensive as a result, it brings the prices of a whole city down. If Philly had more good areas, the “nice” ones would just be even more expensive.

In reality, the nice areas are just expensive because Philly offers a lot that people find desirable.


outerspace29 t1_j1s7a0k wrote

Yawn. This taking offense over any criticism of the city is a tired gimmick. It's also, frankly, a disgusting position to push so relentlessly; the people hardest hit by crime here tend to be low income people of color. Or is that okay with you, and not worth talking about, because it's "targeted" and oh look a new retail store opened in center city.


ColdJay64 t1_j1sapx4 wrote

Sorry if I came in too hot. But - don’t refer to a large swath of the city as a “No-go zone” and then try to demonize my saying that the city can be a good place to live. You’re reaching. If your criticism was valid, I wouldn’t have responded - but it didn’t even make sense. Philly’s issues are the reason it remains relatively affordable for its size, but they definitely don’t drive UP the prices.


outerspace29 t1_j1sdsgw wrote

Yeah you probably would have responded either way because you seem to seek out any and every criticism of Philadelphia on this sub to rail against, all while lobbying to censor crime posts because I guess public safety can't possibly be a concern to anyone (see my previous post about targets of crime, which you conveniently ignored).

I guess it's a coincidence that you push a narrative so hard on here while you're trying to rent out property you own in Center City lmao.

No arguing with a propagandist so I'm done here.


ColdJay64 t1_j1siyrk wrote

I share nothing but truth, while conveniently this conversation is taking place in response to a falsity you stated. If there’s any “propaganda” I’ve shared, please let me know.

And yes, when I found a house I liked in another part of Philly I rented out my condo… is something wrong with that? You think that dictates what I post?

Lastly, I’ve said we should implement the Chicago sub’s rules on crime content, and maintain that position.

Have a nice evening!