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THftRM1231 t1_iznplf6 wrote

Well I mean the Spectrum hosted the 76ers for 28 years. Wells Fargo is 26 years old. So I guess it's getting up there in age.


numchuckk t1_izobyc0 wrote

Only stadiums are considered old at 30 years. Guess our skyline must be ancient ruins by that standard.


Section_80 t1_izoop8y wrote

Idk at Age 30 my body has already started breaking down so I'd say 30 is pretty old.


Bikrdude t1_iznq473 wrote

The colosseum in Verona has been used for 2000 years. Wells Fargo is still brand new.


ColdJay64 t1_iznukwj wrote

They don’t build them like they used to


ADFC t1_iznr6n5 wrote

What a comparison. You really thought that was a good zinger, didn’t you?


Bikrdude t1_izntjll wrote

There is no need to be wasting money building new stadia. The one in Nimes has also been in constant use for at least a thousand years. The Wells Fargo Center should last at least a few hundred years.


JohnDerek57 t1_izo7svz wrote

The Sixers are building their own stadium, it’s a private company. I’m all for it if I don’t have to look at the slew of graffiti’d buy gold here stores on market east anymore.