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RowdySuperBigGulp t1_iznpkxe wrote

I remember when you could take a bus round trip to Atlantic.City for 12 bucks and they gave you a 20 dollar roll of quarters.

Then you could take those quarters to the bar and drink top shelf scotch for free as long you occasionally put a quarter into the video poker machine. Every once in a while you would get comped a buffet just for sitting there so long. Then. stumble back to the bus with a belly full of cheap food and expensive booze and sleep til you got back to Philly.


GooFoYouPal t1_iznvbxd wrote

Sure grandpa, maybe sit down for a bit and take it easy.


[deleted] t1_iznwcns wrote



RowdySuperBigGulp t1_iznxjl9 wrote

Oh wow it’s even the same price too 13 bucks with a 20 dollar casino voucher . I just got back from AC and spent 40 bucks just in gas and was dragging from not getting much sleep.I would have took it if I’d known.


A_Wild_Nudibranch t1_izobyhx wrote

You used to get your room comped and five Bees to a quarter if you wore an onion on your belt


Hollow_Rant t1_izon135 wrote

This was back in 20dickity2.

We had to say dickity back then cuz Angela Merkel stole the word for 12.


Ng3me t1_izoi517 wrote

I’ve done it from NY but not Philadelphia. Casino vouchers are a little more restrictive but it’s good deal.


stormy2587 t1_izpddpk wrote

And you tied an onion in your belt as was the style of the time.


mbz321 t1_izq9r5f wrote

Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. "Gimme five bees for a quarter," you'd say.