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kaisertralfaz t1_izoberx wrote

The are supposed to be adding something like that for Bolt, Mega, etc as part of the Schuylkill Yards/30th St Station redevelopment


courageous_liquid t1_izokcgl wrote

They'll just keep privatizing public space.


DeltaNerd t1_izouw7e wrote

Regardless I think it makes sense to build a new bus terminal at 30th Street station to make it a truly intermodal station. In addition I would love more bike lanes and bike racks at 30th street. I understand that we have to balance with car traffic which is insane in that area.


CerealJello t1_izpgghr wrote

I just want the regional rail and Amtrak terminal connected directly to the MFL and trolley.


DanHassler0 t1_izvmou8 wrote

The tunnel reopening project was supposed to be a priority and one of the first things completed as part of Amtrak station renovations. I haven't heard an update in a while and SEPTA work continues. Last I heard was the ongoing SEPTA project "prepared" the tunnel for reopening, or at least on SEPTAs side.


courageous_liquid t1_izp416r wrote

From a planning sense, sure, but Amtrak owns that. And drexel owns the rest west of it, USPS owns south, etc.


DeltaNerd t1_izt2iz3 wrote

We shall see about the plans to cap part of the rail yard. There is a garage with a parking deck primed for the bus terminal


courageous_liquid t1_izt3yb2 wrote

Yeah, we'll certainly see. As far as I remember the best performing synchro models indicated removing the 76 onramps there (I forget which alternative was chosen though) so it may lose some connectivity.


nolandeluca t1_izs9qs5 wrote

While they try to privatize public space we need to get a public space requirement going for all new buildings, just like la and NYC!


DanHassler0 t1_izvn2hd wrote

What do we have now? I know the talk in some new Center City building was about one of the first indoor "public" spaces in a private building. This was just a couple weeks ago. Maybe they just add public space for a bonus?

It is also worth noting that Drexel Square is a new "public" privately owned space adjacent to 30th st station.