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Hib3rnian t1_iznopwa wrote

*quietly whispers

"Let's talk about building a new city council"


this_shit t1_izpmys4 wrote

IMHO we gotta take zoning away from city council. They have too much individual influence so it's all they think about. So not only does development get all fucky, but they stop trying to solve other problems because they're busy playing with development in their district.


manu08 t1_izrtwcz wrote

lol, last month was my first experience voting in Philly after moving here. I realize city council isn't congress, but I was still surprised most of the folks running for city council listed facebook as their campaign page and clearly spent zero time making it...respectable.


RowdySuperBigGulp t1_iznpkxe wrote

I remember when you could take a bus round trip to Atlantic.City for 12 bucks and they gave you a 20 dollar roll of quarters.

Then you could take those quarters to the bar and drink top shelf scotch for free as long you occasionally put a quarter into the video poker machine. Every once in a while you would get comped a buffet just for sitting there so long. Then. stumble back to the bus with a belly full of cheap food and expensive booze and sleep til you got back to Philly.


GooFoYouPal t1_iznvbxd wrote

Sure grandpa, maybe sit down for a bit and take it easy.


[deleted] t1_iznwcns wrote



RowdySuperBigGulp t1_iznxjl9 wrote

Oh wow it’s even the same price too 13 bucks with a 20 dollar casino voucher . I just got back from AC and spent 40 bucks just in gas and was dragging from not getting much sleep.I would have took it if I’d known.


A_Wild_Nudibranch t1_izobyhx wrote

You used to get your room comped and five Bees to a quarter if you wore an onion on your belt


Hollow_Rant t1_izon135 wrote

This was back in 20dickity2.

We had to say dickity back then cuz Angela Merkel stole the word for 12.


Ng3me t1_izoi517 wrote

I’ve done it from NY but not Philadelphia. Casino vouchers are a little more restrictive but it’s good deal.


stormy2587 t1_izpddpk wrote

And you tied an onion in your belt as was the style of the time.


mbz321 t1_izq9r5f wrote

Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. "Gimme five bees for a quarter," you'd say.


Rheum42 t1_izo8q4c wrote

Roads, bridges, bus station that doesn't look like it's out of a post-apocalyptic movie, consistent access to public transport etc...


GodLikesToParty t1_izp2mey wrote

I took a bus back from NYC a few weeks ago and it just dropped us off on 8th and market, didn’t even bother with the sketchy bud terminal lol


Rheum42 t1_izp2u0w wrote

Lol probably doing y'all a favor. Like, how is the bus terminal in Philly more sketch than the Port Authority in NYC 🤣


SM60652 t1_izq6zsf wrote

Had a bus coming back from DC drop us off at a random pier once.


HurricaneCam215 t1_izptpnt wrote

Mega bus?


GodLikesToParty t1_izrk6ap wrote

It was flixbus which I think is kinda affiliated with greyhound. I was planning on taking a megabus but megabus cancelled my bus because of a shortage of drivers and didn’t refund me the full amount 🤷🏼‍♂️


PointB1ank t1_izw1dps wrote

I always find it amusing and a bit sad how much nicer the 5th Street subway station is than any other one in the city. Touristy part of town so it gets all the funding it needs while the others fall apart.


Rheum42 t1_izw5wg4 wrote

Yep! The Fairmount stop on the Broad Street line is disgustingly wet when it rains, and it's been that way for years


deyaintready t1_izr0vyy wrote

God the road under the bridge on butler street near aramingo walmart is a war zone of a street. And just around the corner on Frankford everytime it rains there’s a foot of water in the road.


SpauldingSmails18 t1_iznw9la wrote

I am sure if a private company wants to build a new bus terminal the city will gladly sign off on it


Revolutionary_Bee700 t1_izohdcn wrote

I’m sure every private company is treated the same by the city and has the same perks.


Ng3me t1_izohzkv wrote

I’m certain if a private company wanted to build a bus station on land they bought that came with a previously agreed upon tax incentive, they’d be allowed to do that.


EddieLobster t1_izop3ts wrote

I heard part of the deal from the Sixers building it is making the city clean up Septa.

They are building it downtown to make sure it sells out every night and the best way to do that, even with a bad team, is public transportation.


HurricaneCam215 t1_izptxdp wrote

They sell out every night for the last five years. Where the fuck you been?


EddieLobster t1_izputk8 wrote

Sorry, I’m the idiot……. These guys that manage billion dollars franchise base all their decisions on the last 5 years. I never once said they didn’t sell out, but in the event the team isn’t good in the next 30 years I’m sure they still want to pack the stands.

Where the fuck you been?


DeltaNerd t1_izo7yz8 wrote

We definitely need a new and larger bus terminal


CreamiusTheDreamiest t1_izo8478 wrote

Why would the sixers owners build a bus terminal?


An_emperor_penguin t1_izosdcd wrote

A concerning amount of the push back to the sixers and every other project seems to think everything in the city is built by some sort of central planning committee with public money.


higmy6 t1_izordhj wrote

I mean we’re always doing shit to facilitate private companies, especially sport franchises, so maybe they could do that for us once or twice


kaisertralfaz t1_izoberx wrote

The are supposed to be adding something like that for Bolt, Mega, etc as part of the Schuylkill Yards/30th St Station redevelopment


courageous_liquid t1_izokcgl wrote

They'll just keep privatizing public space.


DeltaNerd t1_izouw7e wrote

Regardless I think it makes sense to build a new bus terminal at 30th Street station to make it a truly intermodal station. In addition I would love more bike lanes and bike racks at 30th street. I understand that we have to balance with car traffic which is insane in that area.


CerealJello t1_izpgghr wrote

I just want the regional rail and Amtrak terminal connected directly to the MFL and trolley.


DanHassler0 t1_izvmou8 wrote

The tunnel reopening project was supposed to be a priority and one of the first things completed as part of Amtrak station renovations. I haven't heard an update in a while and SEPTA work continues. Last I heard was the ongoing SEPTA project "prepared" the tunnel for reopening, or at least on SEPTAs side.


courageous_liquid t1_izp416r wrote

From a planning sense, sure, but Amtrak owns that. And drexel owns the rest west of it, USPS owns south, etc.


DeltaNerd t1_izt2iz3 wrote

We shall see about the plans to cap part of the rail yard. There is a garage with a parking deck primed for the bus terminal


courageous_liquid t1_izt3yb2 wrote

Yeah, we'll certainly see. As far as I remember the best performing synchro models indicated removing the 76 onramps there (I forget which alternative was chosen though) so it may lose some connectivity.


nolandeluca t1_izs9qs5 wrote

While they try to privatize public space we need to get a public space requirement going for all new buildings, just like la and NYC!


DanHassler0 t1_izvn2hd wrote

What do we have now? I know the talk in some new Center City building was about one of the first indoor "public" spaces in a private building. This was just a couple weeks ago. Maybe they just add public space for a bonus?

It is also worth noting that Drexel Square is a new "public" privately owned space adjacent to 30th st station.


ObligatoryGrowlithe t1_izo2ube wrote

patrick voice we should take Philadelphia and push it somewhere else!

Push! Push! Push!


APettyJ t1_izo5djo wrote

Seeing as how the talks for the new arena are still preliminary, maybe they'll worry about that once it is more set in stone that the arena is for sure going to necessitate the need for a new bus terminal.

I wonder where they'll put it if needed. Best location, on JFK Blvd just west of 30th Street Station has a new office bldg going up. Need a centralized location.


Revolutionary_Bee700 t1_izozk3e wrote

I’m sure they will build a giant parking garage over Chinatown before they consider improving public transport, especially the bus the plebs take.


fudgebacker t1_izomj3a wrote

Bus terminals do not generate enough corporate welfare.


jphilipre t1_iznibe0 wrote

They just built the two they have.


ell0bo t1_izo0jko wrote

I assume they're referring to greyhound terminal, which is definitely not new.


jphilipre t1_izoezyh wrote

Sorry it was referring to the stadia


freakk123 t1_izpm7fa wrote

Not that this is what really matters but at 26 years old Wells Fargo is an old arena compared to most of the NBA.


Ng3me t1_izvea48 wrote

Correct. For comparison the Sixers played at the Spectrum for 29 years. So by that measure they are “due” for a move.


SouthPhilly_215 t1_izpftjn wrote

Yeah or expand the subway system. Build more routes. I don’t care how major and undertaking.


AbsentEmpire t1_izoqxub wrote

There were plans to integrate intercity bus services into 30th Station turning it into a massive transit hub.


DeltaNerd t1_izov3sd wrote

I wish we can publicly fund this and have private operators use it as well as public ones.


AbsentEmpire t1_izpncav wrote

I believe that's the plan. The city wants to get rid of the curb side pick up spots because they're not very safe and fuck up street traffic.

Now this was all prepandemic so not sure what's happening now, but at one point that was the plan.


droux_ t1_izqkfzg wrote

Save Chinatown!


selfpromoting t1_izq9vkp wrote

How about more subways

Or actually fixing potholes


Disarray215 t1_izojd84 wrote

If ever truer words were spoken.


LePetitRenardRoux t1_izowf67 wrote

My partner works at marshals in center city. They are closing next month because the city sold the entire block to a developer to build a new 76’s arena. Is that what you’re talking about? I’m pissed and I want to protest. Tearing down historical buildings to build a stadium we don’t fucking need.


[deleted] t1_izozh7e wrote



HurricaneCam215 t1_izpu79a wrote

No the city don’t owe the property and it the wrong side of the street lol. The arena going on the opposite side from marshal


Cobey1 t1_izqfdyg wrote

I want a roosevelt boulevard!


nolandeluca t1_izs9vba wrote

Megabus finds a new bus location weekly it seems like, maybe after they find a good spot they'll do it 😂


2_dam_hi t1_izsnxe5 wrote

Hahaha. How does that benefit the rich? Silly pleb.


mburn14 OP t1_iztvdw6 wrote

It’s just wild to me that there’s no coffee and sandwhich stops in there - it’s so dirty I lose my appetite in there but if they made it with higher ceilings or big windows it would drive business like crazy - I know Amtrak has more money pumped into it but you’d think greyhound and Peter Pan could make something happen


Suitable-Cattle-9348 t1_izodiqv wrote

I'm glad someone is talking about this, it's sad how market street is somewhat more tidy than that old Greyhound terminal at 10th and Filbert but yet everyone in Philly is more worried about a sports stadium than that and the homelessness problem


courageous_liquid t1_izok0k8 wrote

It doesn't make any sense because one is privately funded and one would ostensibly be publicly funded.


605pmSaturday t1_izowppb wrote

Wasn't the bus station under 30th street? If so, couldn't they put it back?


HurricaneCam215 t1_izpubn8 wrote

No it was under market between 16th and 18th. It still there just use for trucks for skyskappers


HoagiesDad t1_izow8f5 wrote

I think the greyhound terminal should be moved to Frankford. Demo all the shitty commercial buildings across from the Terminal and put it there. Frankford Terminal has the MFL and connection to many city bus routes. There is plenty of land to build a bus terminal. Why should it be in Center City?


aj1337h t1_izptdr3 wrote

needs more intermodality. no (regional/national) train connection.


HoagiesDad t1_izq6g8q wrote

MFL connects with all. It’s better than current


aj1337h t1_izqehv5 wrote

Won't last forever or be there if it is compromised. Not enough redundancy into the future for matters of national security...


THftRM1231 t1_iznotb6 wrote

Who TF is talking about a new stadium?


THftRM1231 t1_iznplf6 wrote

Well I mean the Spectrum hosted the 76ers for 28 years. Wells Fargo is 26 years old. So I guess it's getting up there in age.


numchuckk t1_izobyc0 wrote

Only stadiums are considered old at 30 years. Guess our skyline must be ancient ruins by that standard.


Section_80 t1_izoop8y wrote

Idk at Age 30 my body has already started breaking down so I'd say 30 is pretty old.


Bikrdude t1_iznq473 wrote

The colosseum in Verona has been used for 2000 years. Wells Fargo is still brand new.


ColdJay64 t1_iznukwj wrote

They don’t build them like they used to


ADFC t1_iznr6n5 wrote

What a comparison. You really thought that was a good zinger, didn’t you?


Bikrdude t1_izntjll wrote

There is no need to be wasting money building new stadia. The one in Nimes has also been in constant use for at least a thousand years. The Wells Fargo Center should last at least a few hundred years.


JohnDerek57 t1_izo7svz wrote

The Sixers are building their own stadium, it’s a private company. I’m all for it if I don’t have to look at the slew of graffiti’d buy gold here stores on market east anymore.