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NewcRoc t1_j57edbe wrote

White Dog has become a staple for me. Even hosted my rehearsal dinner at their ucity location. Wouldn't call them super exciting but their food is consistently tasty.


DarthBerry t1_j57it9b wrote

after the dandelion it's my second favorite brunch spot, their dinner is good too but I think their lunch is lacking in options


bigtiger1234567 t1_j58v9qd wrote

Had brunch here with my mom and girlfriend for Mother’s Day, forgot my ID

they at first wouldn’t serve Alc and I was like alright whatever no big deal, the server brought the manager over, asked me who played on the flyers in the early 90s/2000s, and unnamed 2-3 players and he just let me drink.

I was 26 at the time. 10/10 stand up people


op00to t1_j579qox wrote

I like White Dog. It's like the fancy place we would get lunch when I worked at Penn.


twooclocknaptime t1_j57sar1 wrote

Tried and true. I miss Black Cat next door, but love this restaurant.


k2j2 t1_j5a5v91 wrote

Loved that place!


twooclocknaptime t1_j5a79ck wrote

We need more stores like that again.


k2j2 t1_j5bmwrv wrote

Yes! I lived at 37 and lancaster over 30 yrs ago. It was my go to place for fun home decor.


ILoveKittensAndCats t1_j5cc8cl wrote

The Black Cat was the best. I still remember their tiny cat soaps. I had a t-shirt from there but it got lost during a move. I wish I could find another shirt. 😭


Crabs_Out_Back t1_j580gsv wrote

So many business dinners at this place, always a consistently good experience.


Medical_Solid t1_j594vpg wrote

Original location is solid, was highly disappointed by the Glen Mills one.


MajorNoodles t1_j58h14y wrote

When my parents came to visit me while I was at uni, we always made it a point to eat there. We all loved it.


The-Mighty-Monarch t1_j58ibl5 wrote

I’ve had brunch and dinner there, and both were delicious. I haven’t lived here long enough to repeat restaurants, so that’s saying something.


sigma6d t1_j57xhji wrote


kfa92 t1_j5aqxh2 wrote

Except it also goes the other way - if a student living on 39th St tried to say they live in West Philly, there's people that would make fun of them because "that's not the real West Philly."