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Thndrcougarfalcnbird t1_j2k60id wrote

This is a salad with a crust


alittlemouth t1_j2k72pu wrote

It’s a weird salad, too. Ham, pepperoni, chicken, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, jalapeños?! And then…pesto? Like bro, none of this food even matches.


XiDa1125 OP t1_j2k7yex wrote

Also with spicy red sauce, pesto sauce, bacon. Added red pepper flakes and Parmesan after the pic


mrmemo t1_j2mpovq wrote

.... How can you tell??

Pick any 5 of the 15 ingredients and that's plenty.


XiDa1125 OP t1_j2k7rcy wrote

So it’s healthy then? Starting my new year resolution right!


Tetsuo-Kaneda t1_j2khm4h wrote

There’s too much fucking shit on me


OldDickTrickle t1_j2kigcb wrote

I’m gonna rip the fucking head off!


velocity__raptor t1_j2kinif wrote

Do NOT rip the head off


courageous_liquid t1_j2krwzd wrote

I feel like this is the OP account in general.

Can't tell if it's a weird finance zoomer with way too expensive watch tastes or one of the bots that always messages me "wat is best pork pls."

Also that shirt is really complicated.


a_pale_horse t1_j2k9q3n wrote

There's good pizza in this city, please treat yourself better


lardbiscuits t1_j2kn47j wrote

It’s really not Philly’s strength. For a great food city our pizza is meh.


a_pale_horse t1_j2ko67y wrote

Sure, but there are good pizza places - though many of them are also from nyc. But there is some good local stuff too - pizzata, dough head, pizza plus, pizzeria bedia, etc. You're not gonna get a pizza for $12 but at that point I'd probably just get Domino's.


alittlemouth t1_j2koxre wrote

Recently tried DoughHead and was really pleasantly surprised. They make a solid pie.


MoreShenanigans t1_j2kse3y wrote

Never even had Blaze pizza, but just from the picture, it looks better than Dominoes. Too many toppings for me, but the crust looks solid.


PrissySobotka t1_j2lbt6t wrote

The spicy tomato sauce is tasty, and the ingredients are visibly of pretty high quality.


lardbiscuits t1_j2koqjp wrote

Eh those places are really just alright. Once you travel or live in other cities you realize Philly is pretty behind on pizza. There is just no culture for it here.


Zujaz t1_j2l9n9n wrote

Do you not like Shackamaxon?


Xjjediace t1_j2ta2zx wrote

They burn the shit outta their pies. Wood Street is probably my favorite "normal" pizza place in Philly.


Zujaz t1_j2tf715 wrote

I like it crisp. To each their own.


PointB1ank t1_j2ktsfo wrote

There are a few good specialty pies at certain places, but I've yet to find a good plain cheese pie that actually impressed me.


thescarwar t1_j2l6ej7 wrote

The only one that actually did it for me was OG Pizza up in fishtown. Still far as hell from us down south though so it feels like a unicorn


PointB1ank t1_j2lg7k3 wrote

I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in that area


d4b3ss t1_j2nuir8 wrote

Every pizza on the same block as the Blaze Pizza in this city is better than Blaze Pizza, and probably cheaper too. I'm truly not sure what you're even going for here.


Odd-Emergency5839 t1_j2kd213 wrote

Life’s too short to eat at chain restaurants


respondstostupidity t1_j2klki3 wrote

This. We have so many good pizza places and you wanna waste your time on this garbage.


chillout87 t1_j2kurnd wrote

Seriously! If this is the one at Temple, there’s 3 solid pizza places that are leagues better than Blaze: Philly Style, Maxi’s, and Diamond Pizza.

All local places that blow Blaze outta the water

Eta: forgot to add Down North Pizza (detroit style)


blodreina_kumWonkru t1_j2l86l4 wrote

I feel like this should be true, but I've lived in philly for over 10 years and I can't find a good one that delivers to fishtown. I don't order pizza like ever, but always disappointed when I do.



actlikeiknowstuff t1_j2l9s7o wrote

Center city is a pizza desert. I will gladly die on this hill.

Fancy pizza doesn’t count btw.


catfish-jawn t1_j2mxbwq wrote

Giovanni's at 15th and Chestnut or Zio's at 13th and Sansom, both excellent options in CC


DFWPunk t1_j2n0if7 wrote

I'll have to check Giovanni's out. They're really close.


actlikeiknowstuff t1_j2nog6b wrote

I’ll check out zios. Giovanni’s was a bit of a letdown.


catfish-jawn t1_j2oek3p wrote

I mean they're both just regular pizza joints that make a pretty good pie I wouldn't go in with crazy expectations or anything it's not gonna blow your mind


kyleguck t1_j2nbyyw wrote

Came here to say Zio’s. They’re next to my office and great.


pookypocky t1_j2rsdl0 wrote

Joe's on 16th near Sansom is good. I mean nothing special but solid everyday pizza. Also is Dolce Carini still around? They were always good but I don't get into center city as much as I used to anymore, so I don't know if they still are.


respondstostupidity t1_j2l8m0q wrote

What style are you looking for?

You might have to pay a premium but Slice will allow you to order from places slightly further.


Final_Candidate_7603 t1_j2n48gb wrote

It’s been a few years since my son lived in that area, but we liked Pizza Brain. It was close enough to his place that we could walk, and the Pizza Museum that’s housed within the shop is an interesting way to pass the time while you wait for your pizza (but they do deliver, since that’s what you asked). Then we’d head next door for some Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

Like I said, it’s been a while since I’ve been there, so I can’t say if they’re still good, but it might be worth checking it out.

RIP Little Baby’s Ice Cream.


Chaz_Beer t1_j2k9ofp wrote

Looks like someone that didn't know anything about pizza ordered a pizza.


17657Fuck t1_j2kcuiz wrote

Bone apple teeth bro , good luck


sailbag36 t1_j2kb0bf wrote

This thing looks sopping wet. I’d be so mad if this was served to me. Kinda like when my hoagie busts out the bottom of the hoagie roll. So infuriating.


No_Wolf3071 t1_j2kca9p wrote

Doesn’t look good at all.


Philodemus1984 t1_j2k6w0h wrote

&pizzas got those cupped pepperonis though


RealValuez t1_j2kn8ix wrote

I swear that & those sausages they got make the pizza so fuckin good


JIMMYJAWN t1_j2kjsb3 wrote

This reminds me of when I used to wash dishes and would have to periodically scoop vegetable debris out if the basket strainer while I was going through the salad bar pans.


whitekat29 t1_j2kut1h wrote

I hate broccoli on pizza. This looks disgusting and like it would all fall right off.


afdc92 t1_j2kcu0z wrote

Blaze is fine when you want something quick and there aren’t any by the slice places nearby but overall so many better pizza places in the city


manwithavandotcom t1_j2kbmfk wrote

Looks like if you pick up a slice it will droop and everything will fall off. Still, I want one.


katecrime t1_j2kchg5 wrote

That pizza is covered with toppings within an inch of it’s life.


defmain t1_j2koh8n wrote

Blaze Pizza is the only pizza place that consistently serves cold pizza.


DanHassler0 t1_j2kqwlh wrote

What? You can literally watch it come out of the oven.


defmain t1_j2kt9dy wrote

I've ordered from the Drexel location 4 times. The last two times I watched the guy put the pizza in the pickup area and it was barely lukewarm by the time I ate it (5 minutes later).

I actually didn't mind it at first but got tired of paying for pizza I had to reheat when I got home.


Section_80 t1_j2kowmo wrote

I go to my local joint Giovanni's Grill, $6 for 2 slices of cheese.

I don't need much else.


whitekat29 t1_j2kwftg wrote

The one in CC on 15 & Chestnut? There are several but that place is my jam


Section_80 t1_j2kz2ak wrote

Yeah, low key good place for an eagles game, they're open until 2am and even though the kitchen is closed, pizza is always available.

I live half a block away, when we had a snow storm last winter I just walked over for a few beers and pizza.

Pretty cheap place, great food overall.


whitekat29 t1_j2kznip wrote

My best friend used to live on that block and we were regulars for years. It’s like a hidden gem!! Love the chicken bacon ranch pizza but even the plain cheese is always on point. And they have hookah! And tacos!! Now I wanna go! Lol


JoeMarini t1_j2kwpg5 wrote

looks disgusting and a crime against pizza


NewUser579169 t1_j2kl5cw wrote

As a California transplant, this is totally a SF Bay Area type of pizza. I went through an adjustment period when I came out here and most pizzas were one or two toppings max. I love piling on 4 or 5 things when I make pizza at home, and I would totally eat this in a heartbeat.


Disarray215 t1_j2kwvto wrote

Too much stuff for me. More simple.


MacKelvey t1_j2lspj7 wrote

There’s way too much going on on that pizza.


methodin t1_j2krtne wrote

When a yes man orders a pizza


Skeeter-Pee t1_j2kfsft wrote

That’s a fantastic looking pizza b/c the toppings come to the edge. I hate artisan pizzas where there’s a good 2 1/2 inches around of crust and then everything in the middle.


YoungHeartOldSoul t1_j2kinxv wrote

Try Pete's, probably my favorite since Ive moved here


YerBlues69 t1_j2knhjb wrote

Blaze pizza you say? Were you high upon ordering?


TrueKing t1_j2kzj3q wrote

That does look very cooked...


PhillyPete12 t1_j2l3um6 wrote

Send it back - looks like a vegetarian puked all over your pizza


d4b3ss t1_j2las9i wrote

both suck, what are we doing here?


Lazerpop t1_j2k6xk1 wrote

They both good but i agree blaze is superior


AbleAmazing t1_j2kt9g5 wrote

Too many toppings for me. Looks like a good pie though.


MUT_is_Butt t1_j2nme62 wrote

Why not just buy a damn salad?


thatboul1000 t1_j2nmhyb wrote

I live around the corner is it worth?


Rhepsi t1_j2o5gfx wrote

That looks like a heart burn


SomeOtherOrder t1_j2owbnd wrote

looks like shit bro. I don’t think I’d even eat this stoned.


filladellfea t1_j2p6h05 wrote

that honestly looks fucking terrible


cracker707 t1_j2kklgh wrote

&pizza is absolute garbage so that’s not saying much


washismycopilot t1_j2klb3d wrote

Yo this pizza looks amazing don’t listen to the haters ✊