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TreeMac12 OP t1_j5v7ta1 wrote

More from the Inquirer:

"The group, mostly teens, wielded guns openly on social media and in music videos of rap songs in which they bragged about killing their rivals and terrorizing their neighborhoods..."

"...Mason, Terrell’s mother, repeatedly attempted to prevent police from serving search warrants at her home, the affidavit said. At one point, she texted her other son, Purnell, to remove stolen guns from their home before detectives arrived."

"The fourth suspect, Hall, was arrested after she used one of the stolen guns from Founding Fathers to shoot at her brother during an argument outside their home, according to the affidavit."

Both articles say only two adults were charged, but then list three people over the age of 18:

"Two adults and 11 eleven juveniles were charged in the investigation, but only four were named in the affidavit: Angel Mason, 40, Elijah Terrell, 16, Donte Purnell, 22, and Liv Hall, 18. "


CroatianSensation79 t1_j5vhd1i wrote

Wow she’s a shitty parent. Fucking awful.


TreeMac12 OP t1_j5vk6kd wrote

I wish the Inquirer would provide links to said videos.


CroatianSensation79 t1_j5vle5z wrote

Same but I’m blocked by their paywall since I don’t subscribe so I only get a few free articles


MizterMazer t1_j5w23oc wrote

News articles like that should be free. Not saying the whole website has to be free but when crime and safety is a major concern then the public has a right to know free of charge.


Little_Noodles t1_j5vbthl wrote

I’m reading it as “the group that showed up to steal the guns was mostly teens, with two adults” but additional adults were named in the affidavit that are associated with the group, and may have provided assistance before or after the burglaries.

For example, “Angel Mason, 40, faces charges connected to thefts of firearms from Pennsylvania gun stores.”

It is an awkward section though, and does require interpretation


TreeMac12 OP t1_j5vd5bj wrote

The Inquirer also misspelled the word "bragged," but I corrected the typo in the cut and paste.


jlknap1147 t1_j5w098r wrote

The worst part of this is, they most likely did and will contribute to deaths by firearm in their own community.


Spoons_N t1_j5w7s74 wrote

Jfc when are parents going to be charged