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pm_your_masterpiece t1_j6gjinj wrote

Reid can go to hell now that he has won a super bowl. He was good for Philly, but he didn't coach well. What he learned in Philly informs how he coaches now. I hope we win 42-0


BellsCantor t1_j6ihu4q wrote

I have confidence it will be close until the 4th quarter when Andy will screw up the clock management and we put it away.


KFCConspiracy t1_j6iaatu wrote

We had some great times with Andy, he was a great coach for the birds. I have nothing but respect for him. I know this is going to be a good game. The chiefs have been my AFC team ever since Andy went down there. But I hope we stomp the chiefs. Until the end of the super bowl fuck Andy!


justme129 t1_j6ily96 wrote

I was happy when Andy won the SB with the Chiefs. It felt good somehow to have that closure for him. *sheds a tear*

Butttttt....I'm an Eagles fan through and through, not an Andy Reid's fan. Go Birdddsssss!!

I want a damn parade!


DrJawn t1_j6icyzk wrote

Big Charlie's gonna be lit af


markskull OP t1_j6gdbqn wrote

EDIT: Forgot Andy won a ring in 2019, so apologies for the error. GO BIRDS!

LOVE MY EAGLES, but I'm honestly thrilled for Andy Reid! He got us there once, was our coach for 14 years, and built this time to our first Super Bowl in forever.

I think it's safe to say that, no matter what, Philly is going to be happy with the Super Bowl, no matter the outcome. But I think it's also safe to say Andy knows what its like to have to wait a little bit longer. ;)


ReturnedFromExile t1_j6ggwhh wrote

no, you are wrong. The city will not be happy with a loss ……… at all. Andy Reid won a Super Bowl in 2019. he is the enemy.


markskull OP t1_j6gh8j8 wrote

>Andy Reid won a Super Bowl in 2019

LOL, I totally forgot about that.

Well, I'm still happy for Andy, but yeah... Fly, Eagles, Fly!


skip_tracer t1_j6gzogd wrote

Know your audience cuz and don't come in here happy for the fucking enemy smh


psuedonymously t1_j6i84ba wrote

> I think it's safe to say that, no matter what, Philly is going to be happy with the Super Bowl, no matter the outcome.

I think that's actually a very dangerous thing to say. Literally, if the Eagles lose and you say it out loud in a local sports bar.


markskull OP t1_j6i8q5u wrote

Oh, in that case you would have a death-wish.

This is, like, the one time I'm trying to be positive. But, as someone else pointed out, Andy already won a ring in 2019. I totally forgot about that.