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RoverTheMonster t1_j6ape2w wrote


Fattom23 t1_j6aqnhm wrote

That's a ton of brands for one ghost kitchen (if you weren't exaggerating), but it's probably just a tiny kitchen with a bunch of ingredients.


sarahpullin8 OP t1_j6bl1db wrote

I was exaggerating, but it’s insane. It feels like half the Grubhub listings in my neighborhood are at that address. 19 a counting. Maybe Grubhub needs to have a cap.


ThaddyG t1_j6j5069 wrote

I did door dash for a little while and there's places like that all over. Was constantly picking up food from one just off Girard near Broad St and another one in Mantua


cuberhino t1_j6ayxua wrote

mr. kim's southview pizza... good dollar slices in person, wouldn't really recommend anything else.

"ghost kitchen" names they've added over the past year, its honestly getting kind of insane. i wonder how many there will eventually be:

pasta glory

burger paradise


betterthansalad pizza

spice36 grill indian restaurant(???)

burger mansion


killer wings

cluck university

burger guys

la pino's pizza

bitcoin pizza

burger addict

better burger

maks pasta and salad

snap back chicken tenders & mac

top mac

wing seazon

the italian connection


8_Foot_Vertical_Leap t1_j6ea3os wrote

>bitcoin pizza

I fucking hate that this actually probably got a few people to try it


pinkrosesmoses t1_j6atxjb wrote

It’s southview pizza, I think they made a bunch of fake names to get more customers. Good hustle I guess?


LFKhael t1_j6axnu0 wrote

Top Tomato is also like 20 businesses on UberEats. Seorabol is Korean Express, too.


[deleted] t1_j6cxt5c wrote



yugtahtmi t1_j6debco wrote

Top Tomato is a pretty good place though


8_Foot_Vertical_Leap t1_j6eahtq wrote

It may be, but I'd be suspicious of the quality coming out of a single kitchen trying to keep up with the demand of like a dozen grubhub listings.


yugtahtmi t1_j6eb96r wrote

They don't pull in that mich volume on those accounts. They also moved last year to a mich bigger location.


LFKhael t1_j6g36n9 wrote

In their defense, like 3-4 of those listens are burgers, 3-4 are for wings, and 3-4 are for pizza. It's not too hard of a menu to juggle.


LFKhael t1_j6d1eve wrote

I had an $10/mo Amex credit for ubereats and most of these places are close enough that delivery would be stupid. And that's how you end up looking at the map view on UE.


pianomanzano t1_j6azrg3 wrote

Do ghost kitchens have to follow health/sanitary requirements that other restaurants have to follow?


Dismal-Radish-7520 t1_j6i6m5v wrote

Yes and no. You only have to prove you have a ServSafe certificate to get a listing but whether or not the person making the food is adhering to that is a different beast. You could easily run a ghost kitchen out of your house with six pets and three kids making microwave meals. People have done it before.


owlsper t1_j6e0vwf wrote

I always google the address of a new place I'm ordering from on those apps just to verify. Avoid the ghosts!


Steevotion t1_j6aynzx wrote

I was wondering the same thing


JennItalia269 t1_j6grst5 wrote

3300 Fairmount Ave has about 25 registered there including wingstop.